Scheidler files to intervene in Anne Block’s case against the WSBA

Bill Scheidler, a potential candidate for Washington State Representative, 26 District, has filed a motion to intervene in Anne Block’s case against the Washington State Bar.

Anne Block is an investigative reporter,, who was the first to expose corruption within Snohomish County Government’s office of emergency management. The GoldBarReporter found John Pennington, Director of Emergency Management, lacked the qualifications for the job and may be responsible for the 43 deaths resulting from the Oso mudslide.

Ever since Anne Block’s investigation into Snohomish County corruption she has been the target for retaliation …. especially from the Washington State Bar. As more and more facts become known it seems friends and colleagues of John Pennington have influence with WSBA’s disciplinary officials. Anne is (was) a licensed lawyer and the WSBA has used her law license as leverage to “shut her up.”

Anne has since filed a lawsuit against the WSBA for their criminal conduct and racketeering activities.

Scheidler, who has direct experience with the WSBA’s racketeering activies, has filed his Motion to Intervene in Anne’s case because this issue is of substantial public importance.

Think of it this way… if those who report government corruption become the target for retaliation by government, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! This is exactly what is happening to Anne Block and Scheidler believes it is his duty to become involved as our State constitution, Article 1, Section 4, provides.

However the problem is Judge Ronald B. Leighton, who is a WSBA associate, is blocking Anne’s lawsuit from going to a jury. Here too WE HAVE A PROBLEM. First, Judge Leighton has a conflict of interest in being a WSBA associate when the WSBA is a defendant. Secondly. under Washington’s Constitution Article 1, section 21, a “JURY TRIAL IS AN INVIOLATE RIGHT”. Judge Leighton is unlawfully using his powers to deny Washington State citizens their constitutional rights.



and you all need to understand how big a problem we have when WSBA associates have commandeered our government to the extent that they can deny constitutional rights and retaliate against citizens for exposing government corruption.


  1. Hello Corrupt WA.

    I am Jill Fleck. I live in Spokane WA. I know from personal experience just how bad and deep the corruption is in WA state along with the state agencies responsible for oversight of these corrupt individuals it can best be described as hell on earth! It’s truly heartbreaking! The problem is that the public is kept in the dark about what is really going on in our courts and exactly what kind of justice is being administered in our courts. The public has this misconception that the courts follow rules and decide cases according to the law which is not even close to how it really is. What I have discovered in Spokane is members of the media are to scared to report any kind of corruption in our courts for fear they will be retaliated against and sued by these powerful corrupt Attorneys and Judges so the public only learns of this issue when they become victims of the court corruption. What I learned is money is the name of the game $$ and you only get as much justice as you can afford. Needless to say I couldn’t afford very much justice. I want you to know how much I appreciate all your efforts to spread awareness reporting corruption to the public the work you do along with Ms. Block Gold Bar Reporter (a hero in my book) is so important and incredibly brave! I fully support all your efforts!

    • Absolutely right Jill!! Most of them are afraid of the retaliation so they turn a blind eye and/or take a bribe! This is outrageous what they have and are doing to the public citizens they took a solemn oath to serve and protect. By the way has anyone had any success in retrieving these court criminal’s oaths of office? What about bonds?? These are to be surrendered upon request. However, these crooks have their people everywhere and set in place to deny access to the people of such a right to their freedom of information request. Ms. Block, any suggestions. Will faxing the request to the secretary of state be a good way to obtain the information? Thank you.

  2. Anne
    I left a message for you in another site. I definitely can help you with what I hold. It will be very embarrassing for the WSBA once I reveal what I have. Screw them time is up. What will be fun is watching them squirm in a orange jump suit. One word Trump will have a field day with them. I hope WSBA are following this letter. Pay backs are coming

    • I have so many letters from the WSBA with evidence of fraud from the attorneys the court house,employees from the court house.Judges moving on just so they wouldn’t have to take my case. Emails from Everett court refusing to put me back on the dockets.Attorneys making deals with the court house..( they forgot to take me out of the Cc emails lol idiots. ive been waiting for the right time and here it is..Best part is the bar knew NCO a 150 attorneys were defrauding the IRS and did nothing about it. Dismissed my case after a year and a half of letters. What the bar was doing is collecting evidence to help the courts and attorneys instead of me

      • Hi Susan, ty for sharing, although I get physically I’ll when I think about all the abuse they and their corrupt lawyers and court commissioner have done to me and others, I find it a good thing when someone figures out who they are and are able to expose them for the sick and inhumane individuals they are!! We must come together as a team that we all assist one another as they do. No one person has much of a chance standing alone against such coldblooded criminals, nor should they. We must all stand up for the common good not just ourselves as this corruption is not perpetrated upon you or I exclusively. It is the disease of GREED, WEALTH, that is being used to figuratively speaking.. murder the unsuspecting. So a most sincere thank you for helping to expose these criminals who’ve betrayed our trust and stolen our lives. Every person has a right to their own money, property, children, etc. No one has the right to forcably or use their special powers or position to rob that person of any of those that which belong to him.

  3. Anne,
    I really would like to speak to you. I am fighting for the constitutional rights of HOA/COA homeowners in WA state and have found a very corrupt judicial system. I have currently turned the Attorney General in to the WSBA for ethics violations, but I’m very concerned that it won’t matter. When they all plan a seminar with a “Call to Action” doesn’t seem impartial to me.

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