Anne Block, investigative reporter, sues Washington State Bar for RICO

When Anne Block, who publishes, broke the story claiming John Pennington, Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management, was culpable in the 43 deaths resulting from the Ozo Mudslide, she has been targeted by County officials, police, and the Washington State Bar in an effort to either silence her or destroy her life!

Why? Because John Pennington, who lacks all the credentials necessary for the responsibilities entrusted to him, has POLITICAL CLOUT by being a George Bush appointee. penningtonzoo

In 2000, John Pennington was George Bush Jr’s campaign manager here in Washington State. Soon after George Bush Jr. was elected ( or stole the election with his brother’s assistance depending what you believe), George Jr. appointed John E Pennington and Michael Browne to positions inside FEMA. Sadly for America, not one FEMA Director was qualified for such positions.

After the Ozo mudslide that killed 43 people, Anne discovered the TRUE John Pennington … a diploma from a diploma mill, criminal records of child abuse, spousal abuse, and believe he is responsible for missing children in four different states, and have ample evidence to state John Pennington is the man responsbile for the rape of that five year old child from Colwitz County Washington.

Given Pennington’s problematic past, the Oso deaths, and the huge legal liabilities for Snohomish County in having all this exposed…. the wagons began to circle to protect the criminals and discredit Anne Block. This included the Washington State Bar, who used Anne’s law license as leverage to ‘shut her up’.

I know Anne Block. And Anne Block is no ordinary person! She is one of the best investigative reporters in Washington State, if not the United States, and she is of the highest moral and ethical character that is unequaled. Her courage is unmatched. And as a lawyer, Anne’s loyalty to the rule of law is heads and shoulders above what the legal profession accepts, today, as “truth and honor”.

Anne is fighting back and has filed a lawsuit that walks us through how these “public servants” abuse their office to hide their criminal conduct and the harm they inflict upon society. BRAVO Anne Block.

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  1. Bill, we all have a part to play in restoring the rule of law. As Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony said ” Not for ourselves alone.”

    Thanks for your kind words, and I feel exactly the same about you. Let the sunshine in and watch as the cockroaches scatter!

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