WA legislative staffer, Alexander Bohler, JD, says Legislature doesn’t obey Constitution.

On January 19th we reported about Traci Eccles’ claim that the Clark County Prosecutor, Anthony Golik, “INVENTED” a crime out of thin air to convict John Garrett Smith. See story here We also noted that judges have declared that “even if the prosecutor is accused of knowingly using perjured testimony.” Id. Even a conspiracy between a judge and prosecutor would not open them up to suit. Id. (citing Ashelman v. Pope, 793 F.2d 1072, 1078 (9th Cir.1986) (en banc)).” Now we have confirmation, by legislative staffer Alexander Bohler JD, that our Washington State Government has betrayed our constitution. He states,

I probably agree with you on the concept of “judicial tyranny” more than you know …Elected legislative officials are not allowed to intercede or intervene in judicial cases—under any circumstances … The Judicial Branch—for better or worse—is governed by the legal profession itself (through the state bar association and the state supreme court)

Mr. Bohler says the “system actually works” not the way “you believe it should.” While Mr. Bohler doesn’t say who changed our constitution or who demands that our system operate contrary to our constitution the fact that he confirms what we all suspect about our corrupt government — that at the core of our rotten government is a lawyer — is clearly validated.

Asking for clarification we sent the following email to Mr. Bohler, JD and legislators, Jan Angel, Jesse Young, Matt Shea (a lawyer at the core of our corrupt government), among other “representatives” (“representatives” … is a sad joke on us)

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