Washington citizen, Jimi O’Hagan, involved in Oregon standoff at Burns.

Jimi O’Hagan, a cranberry farmer from Grayland, WA and past candidate for WA State legislature, stands-up for the Hammonds’ rights. He has become directly involved as a quasi-mediator between the Hammonds, the Country and those who have prosecuted the Hammonds for simply “earning a living.” Not to mention the murder of LaVoy Finicum by FBI/Oregon police. LaVoy was a spokesperson for the group.

O’Hagan says he will remain in Burns until a Grand Jury investigates the ‘facts’ that led up to the arrest of the Hammonds, which O’Hagan claims were lies and omissions by the prosecutor. He writes the following…

Burns High School, Board members, Teachers and Students

Harney County Public, Harney County Committee of Safety

Senator Cliff Bentz

Judge Grassey

Sheriff David Ward

Dear Sirs,

I attended the January 11th 2016 “Bundy” meeting at the Highlanders High School. I would like to introduce my self to you I am James J. (Jimi) O’Hagan I am a 4th generation cranberry grower from Grayland Washington. I would like to be at home working on my farm with my children instead of being here. Cranberries are wetland plants that grow in wetlands of which are the highest regulated areas in the United States. I had to continually defend myself from wetland regulations from environmentalists who implied we were bad stewards of our land. We grow the same cranberries on the same ground that they were cultivated on before Washington became a state. The only thing that is different now days, is that lawyers are making a living on attempting to prevent me from making a living. Imagine that.

When the environmentalist came to my area to create the Elk River Natural Preservation I fought back with tooth and nails. They wanted to make the Elk river area (my family’s hunting grounds) into an area where all humans were prevented from entering, so they could see what an area would be like without human intervention. These environmentalists actually believe that humans should not be considered part of our environment, uh oh. Instead of allowing them to turn Elk River into this perverted state I stood in their way and together we locals created the Elk River Conservation Area. It is now completely controlled buy our local schools for our children to use as a tool to teach them the best management practices of logging, commercial fishing, tourism including hunting and fishing and allow them to experiment with other sustainable resource developments.

Several school land section 16s were originally placed into the Elk River Area which, as they planned it left the schools economic program which would’ve increased our property taxes, instead its timber is now being logged in a sustainable way, the kids have increased wildlife in the area and are directly involved in hatching salmon and inducing them into the river systems which has increased commercial and sport salmon seasons in our area considerably which has in turn also help fund our schools. Instead of being a tax burden it has become a tax relief. The children in our local schools are learning from their experiences and the amount they have yet to learn is immense. The people of Harney County should decide what they want done with the Malheur it is not my business it is your business but if I were you I would simply tell the federal government that you are not bad people and you think you can take care of it yourselves for your children. For what it is worth I suggest you use it to best benefit your children, and tell them to go home. The local people who work on it will still need to but they should be directly involved in teaching your children how to sustain ably manage it and make it productive to the best of its ability. Don’t just go on field trips to the Malheur hold classes on it and get your children involved in it. I think you hold a sustainable tax relief competition between the children in the various schools surrounding the Malheur, and reward them for their contribution to your society. As you can see by now I am very proud of my personal involvement in preventing the Elk River Natural Area Preserve from being established, but it is not what I came here for.

I came here specifically to get the Hammonds out of jail as I do not believe in human suffering. I completely understand and adamantly oppose governmental oppression as I and my children are victims of governmental oppression also. Instead of bringing a gun with me here to fight the government oppression that incarcerated the Hammons I brought my pen. My beautiful children are extremely afraid for me being here, and want me home as soon as possible.

Instead of helping me to go home Senator Cliff Bentz and Judge Grassey are directly involved in the reason I am here in the first place. Senator Cliff Bentz and Judge Grassey I am ashamed of both of you. Both of you implied about laws the “Bundy’s” are breaking yet both of you omitted to mention to the people the laws that you have been and are breaking, it is what is wrong with our entire country. Omission of the crimes that were used to incarcerate the Hammonds is a criminal act. Neither of you are fooling me with your art of deceit and deception.

Senator Cliff Bentz you are personally violating the separation of powers whereas you are a member of the judiciary that is holding office in our legislative branch. In your violation of the separation of powers you are there to create laws to attack our domestic tranquility and make immunity laws for your fellow state and federal lawyers. You promote and enhance a judicial industry that has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with enhancing the lives of predators, your fellow lawyers that prey on the lives, liberties and property of economically vulnerable individuals. I get it. I know lawyers make money off of instigating arguments among men. I know attorneys make money from each and every time a public official or employee makes a malicious or bad faith decision towards a working individual. I know lawyers violations to the separations of powers is instigating and encouraging bad faith decisions of public officials. How perverted is this and how bad does this attack all of our domestic tranquility. If anyone cares to look up domestic tranquility they can find it in the preamble of our constitution, and the individuals involved in attacking it are engaging in subversive attacks on our constitution which is a class B felony. I personally know that you should be incarcerated for violating the separation of powers and enhancing a perverted predatory industry that preys off of stealing the lives, liberties and properties of economically handicapped individuals. Does anyone not understand how criminal and perverted this is.

No wonder you want me to go home and you will not allow me to speak freely. No wonder you want to attack the domestic tranquility and blame the “Bundys” to shift the focus from the crimes you have done and are personally engaging in. The message I want to send back to D.C. with you is, they should arrest you for violating the separation of powers and put an end to the perverted predatory judicial industry that has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with preying on the lives, liberties and properties of economically vulnerable individuals such as the Hammonds. You do what lawyers do you deceive people, and are an expert at shifting the focus of problems which is why you have personally rallied your troops up to surround the town of Burns and the Burns School.

I am equally ashamed of you Judge Grassey, as you to are hiding behind the criminal act of omission of felony and are also directly involved in rallying your law enforcement troops to assist in your acts of deceit, deception and corruption. You could do the right thing if you wanted to and start a process that would get the Hammonds out of jail tomorrow, but instead you engage in the act of omission and are aiding and abetting in the criminal activity that incarcerated the Hammonds. As such you are an accomplice in the corruption involved. You Judge Grassey could call forth a Grand Jury investigation to investigate the malicious prosecution and incarceration of the Hammonds and end their human suffering, but you are more interested in covering up your criminal acts and the criminal acts of your fellow judicial industry members. You are personally supporting a predatory judicial industry that has absolute nothing to do with justice and everything to do with stealing the lives liberties and properties of vulnerable individuals such as the Hammonds.

I want the Highland High School faculty, student body and the people of Harney County to know the role you play in keeping the Hammonds locked up, and how criminal it is. The definition of a Grand Jury is; “ Grand Jury” means those twelve persons impaneled by a superior court to hear examine, and investigate evidence concerning criminal activity and corruption. I have studied the Hammonds situation and they are guilty of only being ranchers who ranch next to a wildlife preserve and nothing more. The conspiracy of individuals who conspired together to maliciously prosecute and incarcerate the Hammonds are guilty of interfering with the Hammonds ability to engage in commerce like the rest of us. Interference with commerce is described in the United States criminal code in 18 USC section 1951. I have attached a copy of it here. I can assure all of you the Hammond jury was never provided a copy of 18 USC section 1951 when they were involved in accessing the truths, for it is 20 years to life in prison for individuals who interfere with another mans ability to earn a living, and none of them would’ve had any part in it. Deceit, deception, fraud, malice, complicity, culpability all criminal acts.

In Washington State we have RCW 9.05.060 Criminal Sabotage which is our state law addressing individuals who interfere with another mans ability to earn a living. I also attached a copy of Criminal Sabotage to this document. The language in Criminal Sabotage is plan and simple do not interfere with another mans ability to earn a living or face going to prison from a jury verdict of a finding of fact that you engaged in Criminal Sabotage. In Washington State we also have RCW 9.05.030 Assemblages of Saboteurs which address the fact that in most places where individuals ability to earn a living is interfered with, it involves many public officials, including individuals like you Judge Grassy. My question to you is how many individuals who are just trying to earn a living have you and your lawyer accomplices interfered with, with your judicial industry that has absolutely nothing to do with justice and everything to do with stealing the lives liberties and property of economically vulnerable individuals.

We have a problem whereas a Harney County Grand Jury would indict each and every one of the individuals who interfered with the Hammonds ability to earn a living, and that would involve many of the individuals who has Judge Grassy’s back in his involvement in the perverted judicial industry, and quite possibly himself, which is why he is very reluctant to call forth a Grand Jury investigation to see if the Hammonds where maliciously prosecuted. I can personally guarantee all of you that if a Grand Jury was called up to see if the Hammonds were maliciously prosecuted and some of their neighbors I have been talking to were called to testify before the Grand Jury the Hammonds would be out of Jail before the Grand Jury rendered its finding of fact verdict. I know this for a reason because I was directly involved in getting three individuals out off jail, who were incarcerated for just trying to earn a living and nothing more. It has happened numerous times from where I come from and I can assure all of you that it has happened here more than once. The only way any of them can get away with it is to conceal the laws and the truths.

As I said I came here to do what I could to get the Hammonds out of jail and nothing more. I want to go home please help me go home, the moment either a Grand Jury or an Inquest jury is called up to investigate the malicious prosecution and incarceration of the Hammonds I will go home. I will not need to stay to wait for the finding of facts of the jury because I am confident in the honest people of Harney County Oregon, and the Hammonds will be released before the jury arrives at their finding of facts.

Like the people of Harney County I have never felt more threatened in my life as I felt last night in the Highland High school gymnasium. The individuals who were bringing the threats where the individuals committing the highest crimes, Senator Cliff Bentz and Judge Grassey, whereas they were directly harassing, threatening and intimidating victims (of their criminal activity), witnesses and informants of the corruption involved in maliciously prosecuting the Hammonds. Harassing, threatening and intimidating victims, witnesses and informants is described in the United States criminal codes in 18 USC sections 1512 &1513. I am asking they refrain from their threatening activity as described in 18 USC section 1514. I also attached these laws.

Since the likelihood of Judge Grassey calling up a Grand Jury to investigate the malicious prosecution of the Hammonds is next to nonexistent. I am placing my hope in the fact that Sherriff David Ward will step up to the plate and at least take a swing at trying to diffuse the situation by announcing publicly that if the Grand jury is not called up he will personally call up an Inquest jury to investigate the malicious prosecution of the Hammonds, as he is authorized to do. Sheriff David Ward has already publicly spoken out how he believed the Hammonds were lawfully mistreated. It will not be easy for sheriff David Ward to do this and it will take a lot of courage for him to do this. If sheriff David Ward has the courage to call forth the inquest jury the truth will make him the biggest hero in the United States, if he fails to do this and someone gets hurt he could be our nations goat. Like Judge Grassey, Sheriff Ward has the power to bring forth the truth to resolve this situation in a civil manner but I am afraid that he does not understand how to do it and the individuals with the know how, are afraid to educate him on how to call forth an inquest jury, because of their questionable involvement.

I say this because I was directly involved in bringing forth the first inquest jury in Washington state since 1928 to investigate Ronda Reynolds murder. In Ronda Reynolds case the former county corner ruled her death a suicide, and the inquest jury determined she was murdered. It is documented in the Killing Fields by Ann Rand. It was not easy for us to force the inquest jury investigation as the powers that were involved in the cover-up were positioned to prevent it. I am sorry but I am proud of my contribution of exposing the corruption involved in attempting to cover-up Ronda Reynolds’s murder and if Sheriff David Ward needs me to help him with showing him how to call forth an inquest jury to investigate the malicious prosecution of the Hammonds, I will personally do that and do every thing that is in my power to make sure the inquest jury runs smoothly, quickly and efficiently. I have considerable experience with jury trials, and an inquest jury and my only motive here is to expose the truth, as I still believe the truth matters. I want everyone to know that my offer to diffuse this situation and educate individuals on how to call up a Grand Jury or Inquest Jury investigation extends to each and every Harney county resident including the Harney County Committee of Safety.

As I said the moment either a Grand Jury or an Inquest Jury is called up to investigate the malicious prosecution of the Hammonds I will go home to my children. I want to go home to my children please help me go home. I truly believe with all of my heart the moment either the Grand Jury investigation or an Inquest Jury investigation is called up, the Hammonds will be released from prison, as the assembly of saboteurs who attacked the Hammonds ability to earn a living know how criminal they are. Please pray for our children the Hammonds and justice.

January 12, 2016.

By __________________________

James J. O’Hagan All Rights Reserved

2298 cranberry Rd.

Grayland WA 98547.

(360) 581-7261



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