San Diego School of Law | Bar Association violates Sherman Anti-Trust Law

We have been claiming for years that the Washington State Bar is a racketeering entity whose members have invaded every branch of government; use the courts to commit crimes against children, the elderly, families, and businesses. We have been saying for years that the policy of “self-regulation” leads to corruption and is a threat to our society.

NOW others are taking note of what we have been saying for years. Consumers Union, policy and action from Consumers Report, whose members include law school professors are raising the issue with the CA Attorney General.

Political reformers are concerned about the surrender of the legislative and other elective elements of our democracy to special interest domination from campaign contribution to job interchange and lobbying domination. Indeed, there has been a marked evolution of political organization around peers and colleagues in virtually every trade, occupation, and economic grouping, such that the Congress and state legislatures increasingly function as passive mediators among the “stakeholders” so represented, and leaving diffuse and future interests unrepresented. These latter concerns, including our legacy to those who follow us, form a central value of individuals within our democracy – a value that ideally is not subjugated.

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  1. Also, see former superior court judge, Ana Von Reitz. She is literally, taking on the entire system. She is truly exemplary, and her methodes and process
    should be copied, without fear.

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