Kitsap Prosecutor, Ione George, invents a “straw man” to commit criminal conduct.

When is “WestNET” a government agency liable under the “Open Public Meetings Act”, which is State Law, RCW 42.30, and obligated to full disclosure by the Washington State Public Records Act, RCW 42.56? Or, when is “WestNET” a NON ENTITY that isn’t subject to any Washington State law?

It seems Kitsap County’s Prosecutor, Ione George, claims WestNet is both an agency and a non-entity. In a lawsuit between John Worthington v WestNet for ‘WestNET’s” violation of state law, George claims WestNet is NOT a government agency and is exempt from law because it “doesn’t exist”. But then, according records obtained by John Worthington, it appears that WestNET “is a government agency” when it comes to receiving money, disbursing money, cashing checks and filing records with the Auditors Office and Treasure’s office.

“WestNET” is an acronym for the “West Sound Narcotics Enforcement Team”, which comprises the Sheriffs offices of Kitsap, Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, Mason County, the National Guard Counter Drug Task Force. Naval Criminal Investigative Services and Port Orchard, Poulsbo, Shelton, and Washington State Patrol.

When “WestNet” raided the home of a drug suspect and confiscated this suspect’s property, which included 1500 marijuana plants, they alleged they talked to an informant who stated a guy named Big John was the suspect’s partner. WestNET determined Big John was the 5-5 John Worthington and allegedly called in the DEA to go raid “Big John Worthington.”

At that time John Worthington was an advocate for medical marijuana as he was awaiting hip replacement for his badly damage hips. Mr. Worthington advocate marijana was an effective agent to moderate his pain. In his role as an advocate for the medical use of marijuana, John received emails from 1000’s of people who also felt marijuana was a suitable alternative to prescription pharmaceuticals for controlling chronic pain that didn’t carry many of the undesirable side affects of the harsher prescription drugs.

This distinction between a “drug abuser” and an “advocate for medical marijuana” wasn’t of concern when WestNet faked that phony DEA raid. They simply invaded John Worthington’s home and confiscated his property under color of a phony federal drug raid. Before Mr. Worthington was given any chance to discover the truth, the “WestNet” agency/non-entity sold Johns personal property and kept the money, and that is why they played a 7 year public records shell game.

They simply invaded John Worthington’s home and confiscated his property. Before Mr. Worthington was given any chance to explain how wrong this “drug task force” invasion into his private affairs, the “WestNet” agency/non-entity sold Johns possessions and kept the money.

According to Mr. Worthington,

The background is they went to Steve Sarichs’ house.. found 1500 marijuana plants there and then called the DEA to go to my house…Where the “DEA ‘ CONDUCTED A RAID” on me. Two and a half years later I found out the DEA refused the case and asked WestNET to conduct the raid and take pictures for future prosecutorial consideration. I then filed the PRA requests with WestNET. WestNET gave some documents but withheld others. I made two more requests and they withheld stuff from those requests and refused to take out some redactions. No 15 day notice and no charges.. they said it was the DEA that took the stuff but it was westNET that took the stuff. I filed suit.

This is where Ione George, Kitsap’s prosecutor enters the picture. Rather than admit there was no DEA raid and that WestNET actually raided him, George quarterbacked the effort to hide the truth so that the statute of limitations could expire on future legal claims by Worthington. This leaves Mr. Worthington with trying to find out who it was that decided to use WestNET to conduct a phony DEA raid well after the statute of limitations has expired.

So Mr. Worthington, in trying to find out who ordered the phony DEA raid, filed “public records requests” to see which of the “entities of this NON entity” were involve . Ione George argued that Mr. Worthington’s public records request must be dismissed as it is directed to “WestNet” which is a “non-entity” and not subject to the laws.

Mr. Worthington appealed to the Washington State Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of Mr. Worthington and against this “shell game” being played by Ione George.

But that hasn’t stopped Ione George from her despicable legal tactics in preventing Mr. Worthington from obtaining his property or rightful compensation for his property being illegal sold — BY WestNET!

Mr. Worthington is now asking the court, via a declaratory judgment action, to determine if WestNet is a government agency or a NON-Entity.

This presents a particular problem for Ione George for two reasons… If WestNet is a government agency, then Ione Georges “defense” in claiming Mr. Worhtington sued the “wrong party” in trying to get is personal property back was a lie… a “fraud upon the court”. And if the Court rules that WestNet is a NON-ENTITY, Ione George needs to explain how a “non-entity” can invoice, receive money, cash checks, file reports, without being a physical “thing” — these “monetary transactions” by “a fictitious” entity is called “money laundering” and is a felony.

Bottom line… sooner or later, I hope, Ione George is going to jail for her “fraud upon the court” or “money laundering”. Clearly, if I’m ever elected to public office Ione George and her self-determined powers will be a focus for investigation.


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