The most insidious TERROR GROUP operating within the United States – The lawyers’ Bar Association

This story isn’t new, nor untold. John Grisham, an American bestselling writer, attorney, politician, and activist, known for his popular legal thrillers, has told this story in his book “The Firm”. Of course the names were changed and the story told in allegorical fashion. But the plot (protecting criminals in exchange for money and power), the players (The mafia, law firms and lawyers of the firm) and the tactics (extortion, murder, retribution) are exactly what is occurring in real life with real law firms, real criminals, and real lawyers who will do anything for their wealthy clients – banks, government, insurance companies. “The Firm” is none other than the Bar Associations who are using the courts to protect criminals and commit crimes — The Bar Associations are simply racketeering enterprises.

In “The Firm”, John Grisham’s central character, Mitch McDeere is a young man about to graduate from Harvard Law School near the top of his class. He receives a generous job offer from Bendini, Lambert & Locke, a small, boutique firm in Memphis specializing in accounting and tax law. Mitch passes the bar exam and begins working for “the Firm” and soon learns that most of the Firm’s work involves helping wealthy clients hide large amounts of money in off-shore shell corporations and other dubious tax-avoidance schemes. Mitch is blackmailed, by “the firm” into keeping quiet about what he knows.

Mitch realizes he is now trapped, but after two associates of the firm die under mysterious circumstances, he is approached by FBI agents who inform him that while some of BL&L’s business is legitimate, their biggest client is the Morolto Mafia family from Chicago.

All you need to do to understand John Grisham’s allegory told by “The Firm” is to substitute the “Morolto mafia family” with ‘government, banks and insurance companies’; substitute the Bendini, Lambert & Locke law firm with “The American and State Bar Associations”; substitute the “two dead lawyers” with all those who have tried to expose the corrupt Bendini, Lamber and Locke firm; and substitute Mitch McDeere with the individuals who are presently trying to expose the corruption and bring to justice the criminals.

For Example:

In the Firm, “the two dead lawyers” can actually represent Doug Schafer and Bob Grundstein.

In Doug’s case, the Washington State Bar ‘killed that messenger’ when Doug exposed a corrupt judge. The Bar cannot allow the truth about the criminal conduct by their members to be exposed and must not go unpunished — such exposure would shake the confidence in the legal system. When Doug, as his duty requires, reported Pierce County Superior Court Judge Grant L. Anderson for corruption, the Bar, rather than prosecuting Judge Anderson for his criminal conduct, retaliated against Doug’s reporting of the corrupt judge. The Bar suspended his license to practice law as punishment — essentially killing Doug as his ability to earn a living was taken away. Doug’s story is at this link The facts concerning the criminal conduct by Pierce County Superior Court Judge Grant L. Anderson is at this link.

In Bob Grundstein’s case, he too was the victim of retaliation by the Washington State Bar when he too reported a corrupt Bar Associate and a corrupt judge. Bob’s story is itself a published book “Bad Minds, High Places“.

We can also name individuals whom “Mitch McDeere” represents:

1. Ronald,” ;

2. Torm,, United Civil Rights Councils of America;

3. Bill Scheidler, 360-769-8531,” ;

4. Greg,;

4. Artur, VeteranFathersRights.Org;

5. Ray,, (PACC) Parents Against Court Corruption;

6. John ,;

7. Gilbert;

8. Chris and Rustin, Divorce Corp, New York;

9. Kyle,;

10. Anne Block,

11. Mark and Carol DeCoursey,

All across the United States victims of this Terror Group, which is the State Bar Associations, are telling their stories how they have been robbed, lost their children, lost their parents, even lost their freedoms at the hands of Bar Associates who use our courts to commit crimes against them. This is exactly as John Grisham tells it by “The Firm” – it is a story of crime, retaliation and cover-up.

Now many of these individuals — the Mitch McDeere’s of real life — are coming together in a Nation-wide effort to expose and dismantle this TERROR ORGANIZATION – the Bar Associations, which threaten the very principles this country values – the RULE OF LAW!

At the Center of this effort to disbar the Bar Associations are lawyers and “disbarred lawyers” such as Bob Grundstein and Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq., together with ‘disciplined civil rights lawyer turned politician’ Andy Ostrowski, from Pennsylvania, and Dr. Mario Jimenez, of Florida.

Each of these individuals, by their own experience, came to the same realization that I have known since 1998, which is ‘at the core of our rotten government are the Bar Associations’ together with the judges the Bar spawns.

Keep checking back for news about this group and if you want to add your support you can tell your story in the ‘comments’ section below.


  1. Truth and Honesty has been replaced by lies and cover-up, and the truth can never win. The Thomas F. Bello saga will blow the lid off corruption and the ongoing abuse, waste and fraud that bilks and milks every taxpayer and student in this country—this story has plenty of documentation and testimony to back it all up. Even our judges and D.A. knew for years- and why the Department of Justice joined us as adversaries in Brooklyn Supreme Court even had us asking why the decided to step in and assist us. We won both cases (10/23/2013 and 04/10/2015) only to see the guilty still being rewarded and protected big time by the system, and our courts. The losers will be every taxpayer and student in this country. @bobystyles

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