Dr Mario A. Jimenez Jerez, M.D., B.S.E.E.|Because I believe in the Constitution and the inalienable rights it provides, I have sworn to defend it, and that’s why I am running for the Florida State Senate.

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Mario A. Jimenez Jerez, candidate for Florida State Representative, concerning the issues we both find most critical, but lacking, for a civilized society to survive – the separation of powers and the ‘checks and balances’ the separation of powers was intended to provide — in fact, the intended “checks and balances” was to ASSURE no one government entity becomes more powerful than the other or, god forbid, more powerful than the “people” who created these governments!

Dr. Jimenez, like I, have studied case after case where children are “kidnapped” under the guise of government “protective services” and how the estates of the elderly are stolen under the guise of court ordered “guardianship”, and how families are destroyed, property taken, lives ruined by corrupt prosecutors who crave power and fame and are willing to ‘invent charges’ so as to “extort plead bargains” from their victims to satisfy their greed.

And from the ranks of lawyers we elect judges. We have no choice but to put a lawyer in a position of judge. By doing so we have assured lawyers will get away with their crimes as they sit as “judges” to protect their colleagues and their criminal enterprise. They are the “safety net” that protects corrupt lawyers and the crimes they commit. But the horror doesn’t end with judges… lawyers are running for and winning legislative seats and governorships.

We no longer have ‘separation of powers’. We citizens have become the “play-toys” of lawyers and there is no one we can plead our “grievance to” who isn’t part of this racketeering enterprise devised, organized, managed and controlled by lawyers.

Dr Jimenez has illustrated how this corrupt enterprise — the legal establishment — operates within the family courts as shown below.

I illustrate how the Washington State Bar has commandeered our government by the following illustrations:

It wasn’t until the Internet and the capabilities we now have to communicate, instantly, with people all across the United State have we leanrned that the horror stories of judicial corruption are NOT isolated unfortunate events, but likely evidence of a racketeering enterprise where absolute power has corrupted absolutely. And this is no farther removed than our “legal system” which allows “lawyers to regulate lawyers” — it is absolute power and the corruption is nearly absolute.

Please support Dr. Mario A. Jimenez in his quest for legislative seat. We need non-lawyers as legislators so at least we have ONE Branch of Government NOT filled with lawyers.

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