Scott Ellerby, WSBA # 16277, has fleeced taxpayers of millions of dollars.

Lawyer Scott Ellerby - extorted from representing Scheidly by the Kitsap Prosecutor

When I decided to become a candidate for Washington State Representative, my platform was based in a simple message … at the core of our rotten government you will find a lawyer. And this statement is backed by first-hand experience with corrupt lawyers, corrupt judges, and a corrupt Washington State Bar Association that is to blame for the sad state of Washington State’s judicial system.

To refresh readers … in 1998, I hired Scott Ellerby, who agreed with me that Kitsap County’s Assessor, James Avery, was defrauding retired/disabled citizens of their Washington State Constitutional rights guaranteed by Article 7, Section 10 – the Retired Citizens property tax exemption.

Although Ellerby agreed that the application James Avery forced retired/disabled citizens to complete was a fraud, Ellerby withdrew from the case on the very night before a formal hearing before an administrative board that was to address this fraud. The excuse Ellerby told me for his last minute withdrawal was that Kitsap’s prosecutor, Cassandra Noble, WSBA# 12390, demanded Ellerby withdraw from my case or Cassandra Noble would file a WSBA grievance against Ellerby if he remained on the case. Under this threat from Noble, Ellerby withdrew and left me without representation for the Administrative hearing.

When I demanded Ellerby refund the over $2000 that I paid him to prepare for the very hearing he never attended, he refused. Not only did he refuse but he claimed that Cassandra Noble NEVER asked him to withdraw — and he submitted sworn affidavits he was never asked to withdraw from my case. (See these Exhibits that PROVE ELLERBY is a lier.) When my own WSBA grievance against Ellerby was dismissed, I was forced into a nearly decade-long legal action to prove Ellerby lied and he owed me the over $2000 he was paid to attend a hearing he never attended.

Let me say this in another way… Ellerby refused to refund around $2000 for withdrawing from my case under a “bogus excuse”. This required a lawsuit because the WSBA refused to hold Ellerby to his oath and ethical obligations. This lawsuit is costing taxpayers $100,000’s to litigate and is STILL UNDERWAY. As it turns out the Bar Association is a “protection racket” and serves to foster profits for its members by “dismissing grievance” and leaving the grievant the task of prosecuting the corrupt lawyer. Of course, by law, only Bar Associates can become a judge in Washington State, so these associates of the Bar aid in the racketeering enterprise by their own misconduct … which propagate the whole cycle of corruption to drive up costs to taxpayers and victims for the benefit of lawyers. Slide1

The QUESTION needs to be asked… Should TAXPAYERS pay when lawyers violate their OATH to “TELL THE TRUTH”, and the Bar Association refuses to “regulate” the legal profession and hold lawyers to the law? Think about it this way, the “annual budget” to fund the “Washington State judicial functions” runs about 3/4 of a billion dollars per year. If “lawyers” would tell the truth or the WSBA would hold lawyers accountable and not “protect corrupt lawyers”, taxpayers could save about half a billion dollars per year that is a consequence of lawyer misconduct!


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