1. I want to join forces w/ you. I am starting a COURT WATCH chapter in Vancouver. I want to join your class action RICO suit.

    • Hi Becky,

      Thanks for finding us at corruptwash.com. We were originally corruptwa.com but that site got hacked and we decided to relocate to godaddy and start again. Most of the “subscribers” who were following us at corruptwa.com haven’t found our new location. this means a lot of the people who have experience in other areas of concern to us are not yet here to help with their ideas and services.

      With respect to my RICO suit … it has been filed and is presently at the “motion to dismiss” phase. Until that gets resolved joining in at this point may be wasted effort. On the other hand I’ll be meeting with others who have similar RICO lawsuits either filed, dismissed, or in the planning stages to explore a group strategy.

      If you can give me a short idea of your situation … who are you suing (or wanting to sue), what did they do, what law did they break…. The RICO statutes that may help you summarize your story is 18 USC 1961-1962 You can submit to billscheidler@outlook.com with RICO in subject line.

      We are working

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