Breaking: Ninth Circuit Suggests Perjury Charges For Lying Prosecutors | Observer

At long last, judges seem willing to hold prosecutors accountable for lying and so-called ‘cooperation’ deals

Source: Breaking: Ninth Circuit Suggests Perjury Charges For Lying Prosecutors | Observer

The Court is considering “Perjury charges for lying prosecutors” ????? Com’mon, why in the United States of America has this question become a debate? If there is no more evidence that our judicial system has been commandeered by lawyers, it is in lawyers deciding if lawyers should or shouldn’t be allowed to use “perjured” testimony in the conviction of a person for a crime.

At least the Ninth Circuit is breaking with their colleagues and thinking about changing their prior stance with respect to prosecutors — which they previously AND publicly stated in Ashelman v Pope, 793 F.2d 1072, 1078 (9th Cir. 1986)

We therefore hold that a conspiracy between judge and prosecutor to predetermine the outcome of a judicial proceeding, while clearly improper, nevertheless does not pierce the immunity extended to judges and prosecutors.

Is there anything more evident that our ‘judicial system’ is completely OUT OF TOUCH with the IDEALS of our founding principles?

Surely it must be public pressure that is the medicine treating the insanity afflicting judges and lawyers. The public must continue to put pressure on these judges to bring back the rule-of-law because the Bar Associations are ‘against’ holding lawyers to the law; also clearly stated by the 9th. Id., Ashelman v Pope

In Dykes, the Eleventh Circuit, sitting en banc, held that a judge who conspires to deny a party federal constitutional rights is immune from a damage action under section 1983. Dykes, 776 F.2d at 946.