Scheidler continues in the battle to protect the “people” from corrupt government servants

Every day government is encroaching upon individual rights and freedoms. And at the center of governments attack upon us, as in an attack on WE the PEOPLE, are lawyers. The sad fact is “lawyers”, through the Washington State Bar Association, have commandeered our judicial branch of government. By taking over our ‘judicial branch’ they obtain all the power to provide all the protection these lawyers need to commit crimes against the people. THIS MUST COME TO AN END! Families are being ripped apart under the guise of “child protective services” or “guardianship”; estates are being fleeced under the guise of “legal services” and lives are being ruined under prosecutorial misconduct and phony charges raised by phantom witnesses. It is a long list of abuses that are only recently coming to light.

To help bring these ‘abuses to light’ I have filed my motion opposing “governments” motion to dismiss my complaint against a county assessor, James Avery, for defrauding retired and disabled individuals of their constitutional property tax adjustment. The complaint is also against WA State’s chairperson for the Board of Tax Appeals, Kay Slonim, for helping conceal James Avery’s fraud. And the complaint is against the “lawyers” who betray their duty to protect and maintain individual rights by helping James Avery and Kay Slonim ‘avoid’ legal accountability at the expense of ‘individual rights’.

But what should be painfully apparent … regardless of what I may say, or how valid my arguments, it will be decided by a WA State Bar lawyer who is a judge. There is NO escaping the WA State Bar’s control of our judicial branch.

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