WA State’s public servants declare WAR on citizens and the WA Constitution!

By: Chief Activist

WA State Government, under the control of “public servants”, have declared themselves the NEW GOVERNMENT of WA. And in this NEW GOVERNMENT of WA, we “THE PEOPLE” are these public servants’ play-toys.

This is exactly the argument the WA State’s Attorney General (AGO) (representing public servant Kay Slonim), the Kitsap County Prosecutor (representing public servants Ione George, Karylnn Haberly, Alan Miles, and James Avery) and the WA State Bar Association (representing public servants Felice Congalton and Zachary Mosner) are making to the US Federal District Court for the Western District of WA, Judge Ronald B. Leighton.

The lawyers, who are demanding the Federal Court disregard WA State’s present constitution in favor of the NEW CONSTITUTION that makes citizens the play-toys of WA State’s public servants, are …

  • for Kitsap County public servants are lawyers Christine M. Palmer cmpalmer@co.kitsap.wa.us, bfredsti@co.kitsap.wa.us, lhughes@co.kitsap.wa.us, thamilto@co.kitsap.wa.us, tosbourn@co.kitsap.wa.us Ione S George igeorge@co.kitsap.wa.us, cbruce@co.kitsap.wa.us;
  • For the WA State Bar Association lawyers is WSBA Lawyer Kirsten M. Schimpff kirstens@wsba.org
  • For WA State public servants, are lawyers Nathan L Kortokrax torolyef@atg.wa.gov, CynthiaM4@atg.wa.gov, DebbieS@atg.wa.gov, NathanK@atg.wa.gov
  • NOTE: What is clearly obvious are the number of WA State Bar lawyers who are coming to the rescue of citizens and the constitution — NONE! In fact, the WA State Bar “disbars” lawyers who take cases against public servants and corrupt government action. That is why citizens stand alone when public servants have ‘tax-paid’ legal help.

Once the judge grants these lawyers what they want, if the takeover isn’t already a fait accompli, it means WA State Public Servants have taken control of WA State Government. That will end the notion that

“All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights,

as originally established by the founders of WA State’s Constitution. It is NO LONGER in effect. Now, all political power resides with these public servants and they derive their powers from themselves.

Once, if not already, WA State Public Servants have taken control of WA State Government, the notion that

“No law shall be passed granting to any citizen, class of citizens, or corporation other than municipal, privileges or immunities which upon the same terms shall not equally belong to all citizens, or corporations,”

as originally established by the founders of WA State’s constitution. It is NO LONGER in effect. Now, privileges and immunities are freely granted by public servants to public servants. There are judicial immunities, prosecutorial immunities, quasi-judicial immunities, quasi-prosecutorial immunities … as well as privileges from arrest, privileges from misconduct, privileges from law suits.

Now that WA State Public Servants have taken control of WA State Government, the notion that no law shall be passed that

“Legalizes the unauthorized or invalid act of any officer”,

or imposes

“limits upon civil or criminal actions”,

as originally established by the founders of WA State’s constitution, is simply declared null and void.

And the changes to WA State’s constitution and Laws, that these “Lawyers” are demanding, are endless. But the ultimate result is the complete takeover of WA government by the ‘once’ public servants of WA State.

And this “takeover” will be executed with a “pen” because the police (who are public servants), the sheriff (a public servant), our ‘elected’ public servants — like Jan Angel, Michelle Caldier, Jesse Young, Matt Shea, and the rest of WA State’s senators and representatives, and judges, will now become MASTERS and we the people their SERVANTS.

There is NO incentive for any public servant to oppose the demise of WA State’s present constitution in favor of the NEW CONSTITUTION that is being drawn up by these lawyers.

However there are courageous “citizens” who are fighting back … Anne Block, John Scannell, James O’Hagan and me. Each of us recognize the racketeering enterprise that is giving rise to the takeover and are doing all that we can to stop it. Each of us have filed RICO complaints or State RICO-type complaints trying to save us from them. But we are alone as no other citizen cares to protect WA State’s PRESENT Constitution.

So be warned… the rights of WA State CITIZENS will NEVER be the same after Judge RONALD B LEIGHTON grants the demands of WA State’s public servants who are represented by WA State Bar Lawyers who are demanding the Judge replaces WA’s present constitution with a NEW CONSTITUTION where CITIZENS are SERVANTS and Public Servants their MASTERS.

THINK ABOUT IT… ONE CITIZEN doing battle against WA State’s public servants who are being represented by nine WA State Bar lawyers, who are public servants, who are asking ONE judge (who is a WA State Bar lawyer himself and a public servant), to use his PEN, and declare the people of WA are on their way, if not a fait accompli, to becoming the play-toys of public servants.

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