WA State Bar declares WAR on WA State Citizens

Kristen Schimpff, WSBA #31299, Assistant General Counsel for the WA State Bar claims that “The lawyer discipline system exists for the protection of the public…” and Scheidler’s RICO complaint against the WA State Bar for the Bar’s failure to “discipline corrupt lawyers” must be dismissed claiming that he “has no legally cognizable right to a particular outcome, and the dismissal of a grievance cannot give rise to a cause of action by the grievant”. Ms. Schimpff continues to claim “the WSBA defendants (Felice Congalton, Zachary Mosner), who perform their roles in the lawyer discipline system under the authority of the Washington Supreme Court, are immune from claims for monetary damages, such as requested by Mr. Scheidler here”.

schimpfkClearly Ms. Schimpff has amply explained why our legal system is so corrupt… lawyers have a ‘protection racket’ under the WA State Supreme Court. Ms Schimpff has just stated that we citizens are the play-toys of the WA State Bar and the corrupt lawyers who devise schemes by which citizens pockets are picked, estates are raped, families destroy, and lives ruined …. Ms. Schimpff arrogantly claims if we don’t like being screwed over by the lawyers she, Ms. Congalton and Zachary Mosner regulate, that is just tough SH=T!

Kristen Schimpff has declared WAR on WA State Citizens and on WA State’s Constitution. Article 1, Section 1, says ‘governments just powers come from the consent of the governed’ and ‘governments are established to protect and maintain individual rights’. The WA State Bar is a state agency that has somehow abandoned their duty, escaped accountability and acts contrary to its purpose. We the PEOPLE decide the Bar’s powers… NOT Ms. Schimpff, NOR the WA State Supreme Court.

WE MUST FIGHT BACK against the arrogance of this profession! I will fight Back! Ms. Schimpff belongs in jail along with the WA State Supreme Court judges who have established this “protection racket” for the greed and power they now claim over us!

You all MUST be OUTRAGED by the arrogance of Ms. Schimpff, along with her ilk, in boldly professing the Bar’s RICO association is completely “unaccountable” for its crimes and the harms that corrupt lawyers inflict upon our society. She is a traitor to the constitution and has declared WAR on the PEOPLE… pure and simple!


  1. Spot on Bill, and this is happening in every State in the Union..so.in other words, The Grievance Committtee exists to protect as long as the Grievance can be easily dismissed. That’s a familiar tactic in New York. For Example: The Committee skirts the subjects you might pose with language such as: we cannot interfere with a pending case, or that is not our role to “whatever” so one can never really figure out what the role of The Grievance Committee really does do. They are lawyers positioned to judge other lawyers….that’s not going to work if any citizen is seeking justice. The Wagons circle and a victimized client is left without an avenue for impartiality. Attorneys are not untouchable, and no one gets a pass if corrupt. I would like to see an independant, civilian review board established to study Grievance denials, in order to keep the scales balanced. Also, the protection afforded corrupt Judges must end Who are they not to be accountable for a biased decision? Why can’t they be sued? A biased decision can ruin lives forever, from criminal to surrogates, and no one held accountable? No..enough!! Last but not least…WHY can’t the dismissal of a grievance give rise to a cause of action…. If one wants to take action against a decision, in a legal court of law, who is this woman to say you CANNOT?

    Keep fighting Bill…there are lots of us with you!!

    ann dorian masotti

  2. English has a word: Sophistry. It means an argument intended to deceive the listener. The sophistry appears logical on the surface but containing hidden flaws that lead to an illogical conclusion. Sophistry has become the coin of the realm among American lawyers, and Kristen Schimpff is a practitioner.

    The declaration that , “The lawyer discipline system exists for the protection of the public…” clearly establishes the WSBA discipline system in a position of responsibility for lawyer conduct. That position is consolidated by two very important features of the WSBA:

    1. The WSBA’s Rules of Professional Conduct put most lawyer abuses out of reach of the courts. “Violation of a Rule should not itself give rise to a cause of action against a lawyer nor should it create any presumption in such a case that a legal duty has been breached. In addition, violation of a Rule does not necessarily warrant any other nondisciplinary remedy, such as disqualification of a lawyer in pending litigation.” (RPC Preamble & Scope. Thus WSBA asserts the exclusive right to act on misconduct issues.
    2. WSBA conducts an internal trial, and operates as both prosecutor and judge when contemplating lawyer misconduct.
    3. WSBA has put the bar of proof extremely high, while forbidding the complainant to participate in the prosecution of the accused.
    4. Even when lawyers do not deny the accusations (effectively confessing to them), WSBA will not meet its own standard of proof.

    In short, WSBA plays the dog in the manger: It will not reign in lawyer misbehavior, and it will not permit anyone else to act. These things, taken together with the abysmal record of lawyer conduct in Washington, put WSBA clearly in the position of liability for the harm it causes. Because we, as the public, are the intended beneficiaries of the WSBA disciplinary committee, we have standing to file a claim for damages — where we have been damaged.

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