Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club is in the Crosshairs of Kitsap County’s weapons

The Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club [KRRC] was formally organized on Armistice Day, November 11, 1926 “For Sport and National Defense“, and provides a controlled environment for individuals to responsibly exercise their God given right to keep and bear arms. KRRC offers a wide variety of activities for firearms enthusiasts/owners/users. The Club applied for and received incorporated status in 1984 as a 501 (c) 7 non-profit community service organization and is dedicated to utilizing and advancing the shooting sports as well as the necessary knowledge to safely and proficiently handle firearms in times of personal, community, state and national defense.

Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club owns 70+ acres of land located next to a Navy/Marine Corps training range that KRRC helped establish in 1929, Camp Wesley Harris, and Kitsap County Parks and Recreation land. Our facilities feature lighted, covered pistol lines and rifle lines, and a number of shooting bays, including a 360 degree range which can be configured for a variety of purposes.

Recently, Kitsap County, under pressure from a group of folks who call themselves CK Safe and Quiet, has targeted the KRRC for extermination. The County’s strong-arm use of the Prosecutors office to appease CK Safe and Quiet isn’t, in my opinion, about being ‘Safe nor Quiet’ but rather is about the 70+ acres the range owns and the potential “revenue” development of that land would bring to county coffers. CK Safe and Quiet is just the ‘straw man’ by which corrupt county officials are hiding behind in this land-grab.

The KRRC has been sued, by Kitsap County, for its “non-conforming use” of its facilities and the Court of Appeals affirmed that view in its opinion filed Oct, 2014. However the Appellate Court reversed the County’s effort to shut down the Club as excessive.

Now the County’s prosecutor with the approval of Kitsap County District Court Judge Jay B. Roof, has done just that – closed the range. Judge Roof ordered the Range to cease its shooting activities until the Club jumps through the terms and conditions the County has established in order for the Range to continue operation. These “terms and conditions” are new “ordinances” the County passed specifically designed to place the Range in immediate “breach”. In other words, the County established a set of requirements simply so the Club would be in violation of these new requirements.

This ‘one-upmanship’ in Kitsap County simply adding new regulations to keep the Club in constant breach is likely to run the Club out of existence under the constant need to comply with a never ending set of demands, or be shut down.

My suggestion to the Club is to fight back and begin gathering records under the “public records act” and institute RECALL petitions against the County’s Commissioners, Judge Jay Roof, and Prosecutor Tina Robinson. With NEW leadership, after the existing commissioners, judge and prosecutor are RECALLED, the nonsense inflicted upon the Club would stop and this “land-grab” will cease.

There is ONLY one voice that matters — Voters! To argue to the ‘criminals’ about their ‘criminal conduct’ is pointless. As an activist, who associates with other activists and learns from them and others, here is a proposed strategy.

1) Everyone, individually, needs to file “public records request” upon the county for all records that contain the words “Marcus Carter”, “Carter”, KRRC, Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club”. These request “require” statutory responses, which if violated, could subject Kitsap County to statutory fines of $100s/day for each violation. Here is a template I use which can be modified for your use.

2) Everyone, individually, needs to file a RECALL petition calling for the RECALL of each County Commissioner, Judge Jay Roof, and Prosecutor Tina Robinson. This too mandates the county respond and their response is VERY EXPENSIVE in time and money — the Prosecutor is required to perform a statutory duty. And in the RECALL of the Prosecutor… the Attorney General is tasked with that obligation. Here is a template I use for this purpose of RECALL.

These two tactics will be a substantial ‘shot across the bow’ and will be a hurdle that they, Kitsap County — ie, the prosecutor and records officialsm even the Attorney General, are made to jump through time and time again. ALL for an “ordinance” and the inflated egos of public servants.

I would be willing to brief the club if these tactics resonate with the membership. Bill Scheidler chief activist at

Whatever happens to the Club, we must be alert to the tactics the Kitsap County Commissioners and Prosecutor are using to make violations out of conduct that has been ‘accepted’ for the purpose to harass people and businesses and to confiscate property.


  1. Nothing new in Kitsap County, the most corrupt county in America. Why do you think that Kitsap County was named in the 2nd Walking Tall movie? The corruption starts at the courts and criminals in black robes, goes through the prosecutors office and into the fabric of all the Kitsap County government. Only one way to stop the corruption and that as the Declaration of Independence and our founding father wrote, and that is for all Americans to do our “Duty.”

  2. What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t these bastards understand? Perhaps it is way past time for a “demonstration”. There is nothing I hate more than a democrat, only equaled by a RINO LIAR.

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