BREAKING NEWS: John Pennington TERMINATED from Snohomish County Dept of Emergency Management reports GOLD BAR REPORTER

BREAKING NEWS: TERMINATED from Snohomish County Dept of Emergency Management, an insider says – GOLD BAR REPORTER. The reports that John Pennington has been terminated as Director of Emergency Management..

The corrupt city of Gold Bar WA is a microcosm of the corruption in many WA State cities and counties. For the past 6-years Anne Block, investigative reporter for the has been investigating John Pennington, Gold Bar’s Director of Emergency Management (DEM). Block’s investigation of Pennington reveals massive corruption within the prosecutor’s office, the mayor and reaches to Duvall’s police department. Block reports Pennington was unqualified for the duties as Gold Bar’s DEM having nothing more than a “mail ordered diploma.” Documents uncovered by Block through public records request indicate Pemmington overlooked signs of the unstable terrain which eventually gave way in a massive landslide that killed 43 in Oso, WA about a year ago. Insiders tell Block that Pennington was concocting ways to retaliate against Block for exposing Pennington as a fraud, a wife beater, a child molester and one of two prime suspects in the murder of a 5-year old child. Block writes,

In 1992, a 5-year-old girl was kidnapped, raped, and then tossed along a Cowlitz County road like a piece of trash. According to Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office, John Pennington became one of two prime suspects for the following reasons: (1) Pennington operated a coffee delivery route within six blocks of where the child was dumped; (2) he drove the same car; (3) Pennington was in the area at the time of the child rape; (4) Pennington’s picture from 1992 is almost a complete match to the child and witness’s sketch drawing of the pedophile; and (5) Pennington relentlessly convinced his ex-wife to call the police attempting to divert attention away from himself and onto another man.

The list of those tied to Pennington is long and reaches right to the WA State Supreme Court and state Legislators — the roles these people play is a frightening expose on the state of WA State.

Well done ANNE BLOCK! She deserves the congratulations from every WA State Citizen for ACTUALLY INVESTIGATING CORRUPTION – WHERE and HOW FAR it goes — and WHO are involved.


  1. I ❤️ It! Good Job Anne Block you are a true AMERICAN! I idolize you! I know the challanges u faced in exposing these monsters but through it all you give so much hope to others who are forced to deal with corruption in there towns. Until I met u I started to give up hope everyone told me how I was never going to expose these greedy corrupt folks who serve themselves regardless of who pays the consequences for their corrupt ways which are the familes who were the unfourtante victims that had faith in our Justice System to protect them like I did! I CAN’T WAIT FOR U TO COME CLEAN UP THE CORRUPTION IN SPOKANE!!!!

    YOUR #1 FAN!

  2. Seattle Times awarded Pulitzer Prize for Oso landslide coverage (ST 4/21/15)

    Really? Where is the investigation on Pennington?

  3. Congratulations Anne on exposing John Pennington and the Snohomish County Government officials who are involved with him. Snohomish County was the last place I lived before moving to another state. I reported abuse of vulnerable women who were residing in the Monroe Gospel Mission (Snohomish County) and was immediately given notice to leave the mission.

    I did what I was required of me by law to do. As a social worker, I am mandated to report abuse of vulnerable adults. I also reported abuse of my mother, Wanda Mae Bell in 2010. how. Between 2010 and when my mother died in May of 2014, I was only able to see her three times due to the restrictions of a non-contact restraining order that was issued by Commissioner Eric Watness, King County Probate Court. Other attorneys involved in restricting me from contacting my mother are: Attorney John Palmer, Judge John Erlick, Attorney, Roger Kohn and Commissioner Carlos Velategui.

    Maureen McCaslin, MSW

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