Anne Block|City of Duvall engaged in RICO activities

Investigative Reporter Anne Block,, has filed a Claim for Damages against the city of Duvall in the amount of $1M dollars for threats made by Duvall employee and police officer Lori Batoit to Block’s investigators and for violations of Block’s civil rights.

Anne Block has been investigating Snohomish County Director of Emergency Management, John Pennington, and his role in the Oso mudslide that killed 44 people. That investigation, by Block, turned up disturbing information about Pennington’s past and his qualifications for the job most responsible for the Oso tragedy.

Block summarizes her investigation of Pennington and Lori Batoit in an article recently published in the

Block claims that her investigation of Pennington uncovers

“the largest corruption scandal in Washington State’s history” and uncovered “John Pennington’s criminal conduct, specially his crimes against women and children.”
“Over the last six years, John Pennington has been illegally using Snohomish County resources and time to run his private FEMA EMI contracts company, JOHN E. PENNINGTON, teaching classes for FEMA EMI. A company he has evaded paying a single cent of Washington State business tax on,” says Block.

When Block learned that Pennington had an acting role in a Duvall community theater play, Block questioned Duvall’s leadership in having Pennington participate in the event due to his ‘criminal background’ and the proximity to children. From that point, Block says,

Duvall police officer “Lori Batoit recently committed RICO violations against Gold Bar Reporter activist Anne Block…. Lori Batoit and John E. Pennington are directly connected through FEMA EMI. Further police records document that when John Pennington’s ex-wife filed a criminal complaint Lori Batoit ran interference in the criminal prosecution of John Pennington. Strangely Lori Batoit was charged with DUI and those charges existed for 5 years while she was an officer.”

Block has filed a RICO Statement (1)against Snohomish County and its officers and plans to add Lori Batoit for her role in the racketeering enterprise.


  1. Bill thanks for reporting! I have been investigating John Pennington for six years (2008) after he sent me the nastiest email that I’ve recieve from a sitting public official in my life. After I began investigating him, I learned that he had a purchased his online diploma from California Coastal an online school the Government Accountability Office called fraud. This of course begged the question as to why he was hired. What I learned can best be described as a political favor by our former Executive who I convinced to resign via Recall Petitions.

    In 2012 I hired private investigators PSI (Marysville) to investigate his past 30 years on this planet. from this I learned about his crimes against women and children.

    Duvall’s involvement is simply described again as a personal friend, officer Lori Batoit, doing a personal friend a favor. Unfortunately for the City of Duvall’s taxpayers, Ms Batoit’s desire to do a friend a favor by trying to trump up criminal charges on as a result of my First Amendment protected activity will be costly. Yes indeed I filed a $1,000,000.00 upon the City of Duvall for the crimes that Lori Batoit perpetrated upon me simply because she was doing a friend as favor.

    The day I allow anyone to spit on my Constitutional rights without facing a financial penalty is the day I take my last breath. Government officers must learn that they are accountable to “we the people” so I encourage everyone to utilize every legal and peaceful tool you have to hold these bastards accountable for their crimes against our civil rights.

    • Anne, from what I’ve been able to piece together, the reason people with a history of corrupt behavior, like Pennington, are hired for government positions is because the corruption within our government depends upon people who are corruptible to help conceal and protect the “network of corruption.”

      It is my wish that citizens look to people like you, who are fighting for THEIR rights — our constitution, and begin to rise up and demand accountability. We are at the stage where we cannot rely upon our ‘justice system’ because this branch of government is just as corrupt as the administrative.

      Thanks for what you do Anne and thanks for doing it for all of us.

      • Pennington was selected by Jennifer Dunn. No wonder there is corruption. Yesterday, Seattle Times…Property is being bought up by Bothel Mayor. He got his corrupt nose in a conflict of interest. All real estate all the time.

        BTW Bill….I love love love this new site, God job.

        • Thanks Vera, I appreciate hearing about the good and bad aspects of my site. AND, you are right on the mark… real estate “links” all these people together. The problem is they hide their involvement through limited partnerships and associations. BUT that, real estate, is the ‘common’ denominator from what I’ve been learning.

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