The WA State Bar — the Criminal Enterprise through the eyes of Rosemary Kamb, Esq. | Corrupt Washington

Court Appointed Guardians, abusing the elderly, WA State Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel, WA State Bar’s Board of Governors, half-truths, lies, fabricated evidence …. It is the same story of how lawyers and judges have ruined our “judicial system” … and this story is told by a lawyer, Rosemary Kamb.

Lawyers don’t like to be wrong. Neither do Judges or those with the authority of Judges, like Commissioners.

I have found that honestly pointing out these things to some in authority causes you great harm. This I do not believe should be happening in our courts. Honest, hardworking people should be able to get to the truth without our elected officials egos getting involved. Without their perceptions, rather than the facts, being the reason for their actions or inaction. As officers of the Court we are to rise above the pettiness, but when big egos get bruised they tend to retaliate in ways that they find available. Often that is at another’s expense. Retaliation at my expense has been very far reaching. Thinking that by bringing someone else down they will regain what they perceive they have lost, or at least puff them up again has no place in our Courts and needs to be rooted out by voters. It is my hope that the voters of Skagit County heed the call.

To read Rosemany’s account of the WA State Bar’s criminal enterprise please click the link below.

The WA State Bar — the Criminal Enterprise through the eyes of Rosemary Kamb. | Corrupt Washington.

Just to note, Rosemary Kamb isn’t the only lawyer who speaks out about the Racketeering Enterprise that is the WA State Bar. There is a long list of courageous lawyers who have risen up against the Bar. But sadly, because the Bar’s power comes from and is protected by the WA State Supreme Court, those lawyers have been punished by the Bar for speaking about the Bar’s corrupt enterprise… to name a few, Doug Schafer, Bob Grundstein, Anne Block, John Scannell

While I’m no lawyer, I have been targeted for punishment for speaking out about attorney corruption. Specifically, I’ve been “punished” in the form of a $120,000 ‘sanction’ for bringing a lawsuit against a corrupt WA State Bar hearing official, Scott Ellerby. This case against Ellerby has all the same characteristics as found in the way the Bar punishes Kamb, Grundstein, Schafer, Scannell, Block …. for their courage in going up against this corrupt organization – the WA State Bar

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