The state of WA State: by the numbers.

A statistical argument why our WA State Constitution is dead!


The Population growth of the State of WA is represented by the chart below.


Looking at the growth in WA State’s population does anyone believe that WA State’s preeminent duty is to protect and maintain individual rights, which is the very first article of our constitution? A million more people are a million more people who think they have “individual rights”! This is simply pie-in-the-sky thinking.

Next is the pie-in-the-sky belief that every citizen who thinks his or her individual rights have been violated thinks he or she has a right to a jury trial of their peers. When the population increases, so does the number of lawsuits filed…. since we are looking at population increases in the “millions of people” we cannot build courthouses fast enough to handle ‘jury trials.’

And finally, look at the image below. All of those people who live in all of those tall buildings depend 100% upon someone else for their food, water, heat, security (i.e., individual rights) … While I depend upon others for most of my subsistence, I do have a yard to grow some veggies and a barrel to collect some rain water, maybe a goat, a fence …. but when the shelves go bare or the toilet doesn’t flush I’m sure “PANIC” will creep in. But the city folks … that is a whole different level of PANIC. That is a whole different level of “individual rights.” And their “rights” mean more than my rights for the obvious reasons.


We have outgrown, over developed, over industrialized, over populated ourselves out of our constitution and into socialism and that is why we went from the chart on the left, to the chart on the right!
WA State Government Structure PREWA State Gov chart

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