Scheidler vows: I’ll defend our constitution from attack by Tina Robinson, Kitsap Prosecutor

With every lawsuit there is a growing danger that WA State Bar members, in whatever capacity they serve – judge, prosecutor, quasi-judicial officer…, will use it as an opportunity to chip away at our constitution without consequence. Now, Tina Robinson, Kitsap Prosecutor, wants her Bar colleague who serves as judge, to “penalize” citizens for filing a RECALL petition against Judge Stephen Holman – a right of RECALL is guaranteed by WA Constitution Article 1, Section 33. If this is allowed to happen it could set the stage by which we not only lose our constitutional right of RECALL, but we can be ‘criminalized’ if we make use of these rights.

One by one we have lost the power of our constitution — first our right to a jury trial in civil cases — a “judge” can deny a jury trial under their “summary judgment” court rule authority. There went Article 1, Section 21!

Of course “court rules” are made by the courts and the courts do not provide the constitutionally required ‘safeguards’ against arbitrary or unlawful application of self-created court rules. Said another way, judges have granted themselves powers that no one can challenge — at least challenge by a fair, impartial and speedy process. There went Article 1, Sections 1 and 10! And many other constitutional provisions have been declared dead too.

Now Tina Robinson whats judges to penalize citizens if they file a Recall petition under Article 1, Section 33 — this is a three-for-one attack on our “Right of Petition – Article 1, Section 4”; “Right of Free Speech – Article 1, Section 5”; and right of Recall. My question to Tina is, what do the words of the “oath” mean when she swears to “uphold the constitutions of the US and WA”?

Well I’m fighting back! I will be filing a Special motion to strike Tina Robinson’s claim for sanctions. This motion is based in the anti-SLAPP act codified by RCW 4.24.525 I’m also taking on Tina’s “VERSION” of our rights in filing a Reply and Counterclaim to the Memorandum of Stephen J. Holman Sufficiency of Recall Petition.

Any last minute advice — free speech or legal advice, before we lose those rights, send to


  1. They control the game and know it. The Kitsap County Prosecutors office is a can of worms that should have been cleaned out years ago. If our federal government wasn’t so corrupt and run by attorneys/bar associations there would have been investigations years ago. There is only one way to take back out country and its not pretty. Its past time for the people of America (and Kitsap County, the most corrupt county in America) to do their “Duty” like the Declaration of Independence says. I fought in the corrupt courts in Kitsap County and faced 17 different attorneys. Superior Court Judge Leonard Costello retired because I caught him in corruption and Holman got back at me in court. Holman is a low life scumbag in black robes.
    The Kitsap County Sheriffs tried to have me killed twice and I caught them stealing 12 vintage firearms from me and the FBI/BATF wouldn’t do anything about it as they are fellow cops.

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