Bob Grundstein’s battle against the WA State Bar may set the stage for broad legal reform.

Bob Grundstein, like many lawyers who expose legal misconduct, found out his good deed raised the ire of the WA State Bar(WSBA). The WSBA feels it is their ‘obligation’ to hide their dirty laundry so the “public” doesn’t become concerned with the “lack of integrity” within our judicial system. And the WSBA will stop at nothing to insure all lawyers keep their mouth shut about such things or face the WSBA’s wrath. Lawyers who “expose” corruption risk the loss of their license to practice law. See Doug Schafer’s story as added proof.

When Bob Grundstein, a lawyer from Vermont, wrote about a corrupt Ohio Judge and reported a WA State lawyer to the WSBA, the WSBA retaliated by disbarring Grundstein rather than deal with the corrupt judge and lawyer. A legal battle has ensued between Bob Grundstein and the WSBA over the Bar’s criminal tactics by which to accomplish its goals to silence critics of the legal establishment.

Now the Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary counsel finds itself in a bright and focused light. The Federal Second Circuit Court of Appeals in NY City has ordered oral argument on Robert Grundstein’s suit against ODC and its employees Linda Eide, Douglas Ende and Lisa Hammel. Grundstein sued in Vermont Federal Court after a WSBA disbarment proceeding which can only be described as criminal and seditious. WSBA removed all of Grundstein’s evidence from the record and amended its complaint at hearing to change the requested sanction from “Probation” to “Disbarment. Setting oral argument is very rare. The Second Circuit is in NY city only orders Oral Argument when it sees a serious defect or issue.

Grundstein is in the process of exposing the corrupt procedural and substantive practices of ODC. A victory in the Second Circuit and remand to the Vermont District Court will make a victory against the bar accessible. Grundstein has a convincing case, the Vermont Supreme Court recently examined Grundstein’s WSBA disbarment….then allowed him to take its state bar exam. Statistically, an almost impossible event.


  1. Bravo for Bob!! Given the climate in New York right now, with the intense focus on State Corruption, led by a tenacious U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Mr. Grundstein has a better than even chance. If this were even only a year ago, he wouldn’t have had a prayer, of this I am sure.
    Good article and will share with all my NY cohorts.

    Thanks Bill.

    Ann Masotti

  2. I tried to talk Doug Schafer into running for the Pierce Country Superior Court Judge seat held by Corrupt Judge Frank Cuthbertson ( Franks is a convicted criminal with an outstanding arrest warrant and was arrested for “Dangerous Weapons” while a member of the Communist Party.) Doug and I had been emailing back and forth for a while and when I asked him to run for the seat he clamed up and stopped communicating. The WSBA sure got to Doug.
    The WSBA made sure no one ran against Cuthbertson and has been hiding him in plain sight. He lied to attend Seattle U law school, lied to take the bar exam and lied to the governor to become a judge. He also, as an attorney represented a member of the violent George Jackson Brigade (birds of a feather?) What a can-of-worms the WSBA is.

    Cuthbertson in court on and off the record screamed at me and the people watching couldn’t believe it. He also called in a Nazi-style-black uniformed armed county sheriff to stand behind me in court, and me a 67 year old senior citizen.

    I had a case in federal court and the WSBA was mad at me because I made corrupt Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Leonard Costello retire two years into a four year term. You are suppose to get a judge by rotation, but the WSBA brought in a retired federal judge to dismiss my case. I filed a complaint with the 9th circuit court of appeals. I got a reply that said, “we are dismissing your complaint against the judge as he is dead!” The WSBA had a retired federal judge brought in that was dying of cancer and was stoned out of his mind on drugs and pain killers. (They probably held his hand to help him sign the dismissal.)

    Its past time for the America people to do as the Declaration of Independence says and do our “Duty.” Lets start with the WSBA den of thieves.

      • Find someone else if you can. Read “Red Tide Rising in the Carolinas” Cuthbertson was a member of the Communist Workers Party and was arrested for trying to sneak guns into Greensboro NC. If you want to disqualify him I have a copy of his arrest record you can show in court. (I need an email address.) Holman is a low down snake and Cuthbertson is just a bad and probably buddies.

        I contacted the city attorney for Greensboro, NC and asked him how long an arrest warrant was good for and he said: “until served.” Cuthbertson escaped to Washington State to attend Seattle U law school.

  3. Doug went through hell & back & he is trying to move on with his life, he has a web page up with all of the info on it, it is LONG but worth the read & he allows anyone to republish it & use it. He doesn’t strike me as anyone’s patsy judging the fight he put up & I wouldn’t be surprised if he popped up on a ballot somewhere, I would be disappointed if he didn’t.

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