WA State Senator Jan Angel middle-fingers 71 year-old woman.

WA State Senator Jan Angel displays her utter arrogance and or incompetence by her response to the plea of a 71 year-old women, Sharon Carter.

Mrs Carter, after reading of my experience with Senator Jan Angel, wrote an email telling Angel of all that she suffered at the hands of corrupt judges who conspire with their court appointed guardians and lawyers to steel from their clients. This scheming by corrupt lawyers and judges to abscond with the assets of their clients has left Mrs Carter living in a trailer as her home was taken from her.

In 1993, attorneys, a guardian and judges, totally ruined our little family’s life, (more importantly, our small innocent child’s life), with their deliberate deception, arrogance and corruption. It’s all about the almighty dollar and the evil corruption has only escalated and destroyed infinite more innocent lives since then. If you do not help the people now, their lives will continue to be utterly annihilated. Their lives are in your hands. I am requesting that you do your constituents, and the general public a life-saving favor by exposing these lawbreakers and holding them accountable for their ongoing crimes, forthwith.

Senator Angel replied, as she always does, with the — it’s not my problem, excuse. superthumb

Sharon if you are aware of criminal activity then please make sure this information gets to the state attorney general to be addressed. Senator Jan Angel

Sharon Carter isn’t the only WA State Citizen who contacted Senator Jan Angel urging her to do he job, which is to “GOVERN” “Investigate” and “Remove” those public servants who betray our trust. To each of those who wrote Jan, they got superthumb

Thank you Senator Jan Angel for giving us all the middle-finger.

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  1. Kevin Wallace (Bellevue city council}.
    Does not suprise me that Jan Angel is one of his friends (Facebook.com). She acts just like the rest of the corrupt group that they all associated with.

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