Senator Steve O’Ban and Representative Matt Shea are mingling! Naughty, naughty.

downloadBoth Senator Steve O’Ban and Representative Matt Shea are just two of many judicial branch lawyers who have invaded our legislature. This “mingling” of judicial branch ‘agents’ with legislative and executive branch obligations is, in my opinion, DANGEROUS.

While I don’t know either lawyer, O’Ban or Shea, or have knowledge of their character, of the lawyers I do know the ratio of those who are honorable to those who are blatantly criminal is frightening. The Gallup Poll, which ranks “honest and ethics” in professions, ranks lawyers near the bottom of the “trust scale” at a 21% level. This is actually up from last year and does show an improving trend. Perhaps public outcry is having a beneficial effect?

[Of those lawyers who I have a great deal of respect for and believe they are among the courageous are: Paul Simmerly, Anne Block, Bob Grundstein, John Scannell and Doug Shaffer — the proof of their moral and ethical backbone is in the fact that they all have been either disbarred or sanctioned for their challenging of the WA State Bar’s criminal ways]

We will measure how Senator Steve O’Ban and Representative Matt Shea rate in “honesty and ethics” depending on which side of the coin they place their allegiance — with citizens or with their colleagues who are defrauding us everyday.

Yesterday, allegations made to lawyers/legislators O’Ban and Shea that Assistant State Attorney General, Cam Comfort, WSBA #15188, along with Assistant State Attorney General Zachary Mosner, WSBA #9566, with Dept of Revenue head, Harold Smith, are behind the State’s scheme to defraud retired/disabled/low-income/widowed applicants from their constitutional rights. We also believe the Office of Risk Management has a large part in this scheme — to help hide it and obstruct efforts to correct it by using judges and law firms as their henchmen.

Dear Senator O’Ban and Representative Shea,

Cam Comfort and Zachary Mosner of the WA State Attorney General’s office are at the vortex of a fraud and cover-up that is designed to protect and punish anyone who tries to remedy the State’s fraud upon Retired/disabled/low income/widowed citizens.

When I discovered the scheme county assessors concocted to defraud retired/disabled citizens, circa 1998, it began my ordeal with “those in high places” who don’t want this fraud upon retired/disabled discovered… of course you know it has resulted in ME being SANCTIONED $120,000 as every lawsuit that I filed to ‘remedy the fraud’ has been ‘dismissed’ with sanctions applied.

I believe I know who is at the center of this well orchestrated fraud; and has the power to influence lawyers and judges — it is Cam Comfort of the WA State Attorney General’s office.

Attached document show the “fraud” via the counties scheme and how the DOR supports the counties scheme. Also part of these exhibits is how the lawyer, who I hired [Scott Ellerby, WSBA# 16277] to expose and prosecute this fraud, withdrew at the last minute, under fraudulent reasons of his own, so as to protect this fraud. Interestingly a Bar complaint that I filed against my lawyer who lied to me so as to withdraw, was “investigated” by Zachary Mosner, OF THE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE. Bottom line these AG lawyers are at the center of the rotten onion and are doing all they can to cover-up WA State’s fraud upon the retired/disabled and punish anyone who comes close to exposing this scheme.

Also attached, is a House Joint Resolution(3)’draft joint resolution’ seeking the legislature’s vote to remove Judge Kevin Hull from the Bench. This ‘draft’ should be read together with the Evidence linking Cam Comfort and Zachary Mosner as these WA State Bar Associates are all involved. It will show how Judge Kevin Hull, and COA II Clerk David Ponzoha work to “censor” and “punish” me in trying to ‘remedy this fraud’ and hold accountable those who aid and abet in the fraud.

Bill Scheidler
chief activist at

Evidence re RevenueAG in kitsap fraud


  1. If you go to and look up Brian Bennett (Burien, Wa) you’ll see that Bob Ferguson (Atty General) is his friend. I believe when you say that inside the Attorney General Office is corruption too.
    It would not suprise me.
    When you go to Bob Ferguson (Facebook) and look up his friends you will see alot of people that I have written about on Bob has connections to Tracy Knutson (Oppfelt). Remember when I said that Chris Oppfelt works for the same office as Eric Lacitis Wife. Real Estate. (Seattle Times Reporter). His Daughter Ansley Lacitis works in Wash, DC. She is also on of their friends.

    Their friends are all listed on Facebook such as Robert Walllace. Dan Satterberg, Rueven Carlyle, Kevin Wallace, Dunn and the list goes on and on all the way to Olympia.

    Lauren Selig is one of Bob Fergusons Friends too.

    Scott Ellerby sits in an Office Building and Property Taxes are paid by 1000 2nd Avenue #1800, Seattle, WA 98104
    This is the Selig Real Estate Company.

    Scotts Office is in #3000.

    Please also note the different Law offices of their Friends that they work for.
    Facebook tells a big story.

  2. Scott Ellerby Profile

    Professional and Community Activities
    King County Bar Association
    KCBA Bankruptcy Law Section
    KCBA Real Property, Probate & Trust Section (Chair, 2001)
    Washington State Bar Association
    WSBA Disciplinary Board Hearing Officer
    WSBA Legislation Committee
    WSBA Rules of Professional Conduct Committee
    Bainbridge Island Cub Scout Pack 496, Cubmaster
    Bethany Lutheran Church, Council Vice President
    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Parliamentarian, Mediator, and Attorney
    Foss Home and Village, Board of Trustees
    Martha & Mary Health Services, President
    Martha & Mary Lutheran Services, Board of Trustees
    Port Madison Lutheran Church, Council President
    Poulsbo Boy Scout Troop 1571, Assistant Scoutmaster
    WSBA Credit Union, Board of Directors
    Publications and Speaking Engagements

    Martha and Mary Health Service President? Wsba credit union Directors? WSBA disciplinary officer?

    Now I know why my claim against Strichartz to the WSBA was totally dismissed by the disciplinary council. I got my letter yesterday. Its like I pointed out, they are friends of friends.
    One person can not do so much damage, it takes a group.

    Of course if they rip us off, they will also rip of the elderly. For them “they don’t discriminate” who you are.

    • The elderly and disabled are their prime targets … easy money, no opposition, and a pathway to establishing case precedent for when they go after bigger fish. These people are DANGEROUS and citizens better start taking notice or we’ll be back to feudalism


    For years, Mr. Silver has earned a lucrative income outside government, asserting that he was a simple personal injury lawyer who represented ordinary people. But federal prosecutors said his purported law practice was a fiction, one he created to mask about $4 million in payoffs that he carefully and stealthily engineered for over a decade.

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