We the PEOPLE are reclaiming our government!

Every day I awake knowing that “justice will prevail” because, as Americans, we DEMAND justice. While the task to reclaim our government from those who betray our trust is not easy or quick, challenges are what we Americans thrive on. Name any adversity and it is usually an American who comes to the rescue. The unfortunate “adversity” we face today is the way our “judicial public servants” have turned traitor to the very principles we have entrusted to them. But their tenure is near its end. Judges like Kevin Hull, Joel Penoyar, King’s Kings, and lawyers like Scott Ellerby, Jeffrey Downer, Kristen Schimpff … are only temporary blemishes upon our society and whether they understand it or not they will have “justice” as a pursuer for the rest of their life…. and they will be held accountable!

As evidence that we, Americans, are reclaiming our government and returning to a society based upon the due process of law, Florida has taken the first step to address Guardian Abuse — a consequence of legal corruption. HT Politics reports that a Guardianship bill clears panel and is on its way to becoming law.

The legislative action follows a December series in the Herald-Tribune — “The Kindness of Strangers: Inside Elder Guardianship in Florida” — that detailed cases of people who believe they were denied due process in court and afterward.

The series highlighted the potential for conflicts of interest among judges, attorneys, guardians, health care providers and other business people who work closely within the system. Because wards’ cases are confidential, there is often little opportunity for oversight…..Among the new provisions in the bill is a requirement that families receive at least a 24-hour notice before an emergency guardian is appointed — although the bill does provide for that requirement to be waived in some cases.

The bill also would prohibit the emergency guardians — in most cases — from becoming the permanent guardians. Passidomo said that provision is aimed at ending the practice of “trolling,” in which would-be guardians seek an emergency appointment that they then can convert into a permanent guardianship.

Another problem cited by advocates are “stay-away orders” that prevent family members from having any contact with the ward — based on the claim that family members could be harmful to the ward.


  1. As always Bill, “on the money”….and up to the moment. We in New York are only getting the news about Florida now. It’s a wonderful step in the right direction, and as you have always maintained, Justice is out there awaiting emergence once again into our beautiful Democratic System. These evil people who prey on elderly, disabled, and all the vulnerable of our Society are as low as human nature can descend. This isn’t what our Society is about…..thanks once again for the Expose…we continue to need the information.

    Best regards,

    Ann M

  2. Its past time for Americans to do their “Duty” as stated in the Declaration of Independence. The voting on judges is rigged as the WSBA and other Bar Associations makes sure no one runs against him/her. For example look at Pierce County Superior Court Judge Frank Cuthbertson. Judge Frank is a convicted criminal with an outstanding arrest warrant and was arrested for “Dangerous Weapons” while a member of the Communist Party. The WSBA has been covering for him even though he lied to take the Bar exam. As an attorney Frank represented a member of the radical/violent George Jackson Brigade. (Birds of a feather?) Frank recently ran unopposed. Amazingly he won.

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