How to remedy judicial/lawyer corruption — a Corruption TAX.

The virtues of a “Corruption Tax”

We all know that the legal establishment of judges and lawyers operates as a racketeering enterprise. That is why we are drafting a RICO complaint against the WA State Bar Association (WSBA). But such a lawsuit needs to be “litigated” in the very system that is controlled by the WSBA that we are suing. So the problem is in finding a solution that doesn’t take a constitutional convention to solve and isn’t fought in the courts that are controlled by the WSBA – the defendant.

It seems to me that the most efficient way to fracture the relationship between lawyers and judges is to get them fighting each other. And the easiest way to get them fighting each other is to attack their “pocket book” … Judges are paid with TAX dollars, Lawyers are paid with government jobs, contracts, both of which are funded by TAX dollars, and use government facilities (courthouse, clerks and court personnel) in their business for profit.

More importantly, EACH judge and EACH lawyer has an obligation to society under their respective codes of conduct to “self-regulate” to insure lawyers and judges obey the law and behave in a honorable manner. By finding a misappropriation of TAX $’s by any one lawyer/judge proves their failure to ‘self-regulate’ and implicates all WSBA associates in this failed system. See RCW 9A.08 — for example, 9A.08(1)(b) assigns liability when, “His or her conduct is expressly declared by law to establish his or her complicity.” When an association is self-regulated, they assume the legal liability to “self-regulate” for the benefit of society, not to rape society for their power and wealth.

[Since every judge is a bar associate they should be taxed at twice the rate — under each code of conduct]

If you penalize each WSBA associate for the collect failure of their association to self-regulate — i.e., refund TAX money misappropriated…. they may understand the consequence in turning a blind eye to judicial/lawyer misconduct committed by their colleagues.

Making a case for misappropriation of TAX dollars by this ‘judicial/lawyer’ orgy fest and hold each liable for the conduct of the other, one Esq. will start pointing fingers at the other Esq and the ‘system’ will function as intended.

Right now the state’s budget and school funding are 1 and 2 on the legislatures table…. get the legislature to look at finding money, as in restitution, fines, a “corruption tax” upon lawyers, usage fees in that the legal profession uses government facilities to earn money, whatever, to recover all the TAX money illegally taken, earned, or facilities used by the judicial/attorney syndicate. (Now is the best time to point the legislature in this direction because the WA Supreme Court is holding each legislator in contempt of the McCleary decision — legislator’s are pissed for one, and they need to find revenue, for two .. seems the solution is found in the very entity throwing stones – the judicial/lawyer entity).

For example of such a “corruption tax”…. it could be based on the total number of grievance filed against judges and lawyers in a year. Use the number of WSBA grievances filed in a year divided by the number of lawyers licensed in that year and that would be the percent tax assessed on each lawyer and law firm. Judges would be assessed based upon the number of CJC (commission on judicial conduct) complaints divided by number of judges and assessed a “corruption tax” based on that percentage PLUS the WSBA amount.

In holding WSBA associates – regardless in what role they occupy, to their oath and ethical duty by making them ‘each liable’, as the law provides, for the TAX money misappropriated, it will bring them into compliance without the need for a constitutional convention or revolution. It may even restore the ‘separation’ between the three branches of gov.

This problem requires a nimble “model” not some myopic approach … opportunities must be taken advantage of and all of our tools need to be utilized if judges and lawyers will be held to the law as we the people are held to the law.

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    IMCO General Construction has agreed to pay $200,000 but to admit no wrongdoing involving the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program

    OSO — Ferndale’s IMCO General Construction was awarded a $3.4 million contract to clear landslide debris off State Route 530 near Oso. IMCO was the lowest of nine bidders on the job and will follow a removal plan developed by the Washington State Department of Transportation and Snohomish County. The Federal Emergency Management Agency will…

    Read more here:

    Brian Roggenbuck, a logging contractor, said the process used by WSDOT for selecting a contractor to clear the corridor favored large companies and excluded capable local residents and companies.He wrote to Gov. Jay Inslee saying that those who “volunteered their time, equipment and energy in the search and recovery effort” should be hired now that paid jobs clearing the roadway are available.The contract award comes as a Darrington man has collected more than 700 signatures on a petition saying residents of the area that were most affected by the slide should have been considered for work on the clearing.Lisa Harper, a spokeswoman for Inslee, said the governor is aware of the issue and that his strong preference is to “source work locally” when possible. She said Inslee is relying on WSDOT to see how that can be done.

    Tyler Kimberly is President of Imco Construction. Formally worked for Frank Coluccio. Here we go again that they hire Friends of Friends. Some people that lived in Oso near the slide did not get the work. Didn’t we hear stories about Tunnel 99 and them not hiring minorities? So much for Wash. State and their corrupt business dealings.

    And this kind of shadiness will continue in this state. This is how the big corporations make themselves richer and the poor will fall to the curbside.

    A “corruption tax” should be in place for the construction companies that get awarded big contracts by federal agencies. These companies get so down and dirty by charging the public cost increases for their projects. They always say that the contract goes to the lowest bidder and I believe they know who the lowest bidder is.

    13 companies bid on a contract to remove sand bags in Kent. Who got the contract?…AGR of Monroe.Who was in charge? ….Reagan Dunn, Bob Fergusen (Attorney General) of the flood committee. Who are the friends of Dunn?

    AGR is Shane McDonald of Monroe WA. At one time he lived in a condo owned by Ted Schroth (Developer) Facebook.come friend of Robert,Kevin Wallace, Scott Evan Shapiro.(Developers)

    I don’t think I need to say more.

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