Snohomish County Corruption: Microcosm of WA State Corruption

As more and more people share their horror stories in how they have been defrauded by government officials, investigative reporters Anne Block and Brandia Taamu piece the pieces together to form a high resolution picture — and it is revealing how the legal establishment is the puppet master pulling the strings of their hand-picked cronies in governmental offices. For example: Brandia has delved deep into the Oso disaster, the mudslide that killed 43, and presents this short version of her investigation…

some of the questions as to Pennington’s responsibility of this entire Oso matter: Short version

JP (John Pennington) was not qualified for the job, he got into FEMA region 10 with a fake degree from a diploma mill, they found out after a report by the Seattle Times during the Hurricane Katrina scandal.

They (fema) were getting ready to give him the boot but Reardon needed a favor so he brought JP on as they had served in the state legislature together in previous years before.

When there was a chance for mitigation ~ a buyout of the land around Steelhead/Oso Pennington steps up & gives a report to Reardon to give to the council so that Reardon’s Builder friends could build in that area. Hey, if the county DEM said it was fine, it must’ve been fine.

Meanwhile DNR was striking deals with Grandy Timber with the county’s approval to clear cut on a slope with a history of instability, that I don’t have documentation for yet.

If anyone on this list goes through all of the Oso news clips available you will notice that no where in the first 36hrs will you see hide nor hair of JP, because he was off teaching classes at EMI in Maryland at the time of the slide.

Hence a) he was not qualified which endangered these people’s lives, b) there was no emergency plan in place for the catastrophe, c) he was out of town making money which he is not paying taxes on, d) being paid county wages & e) using county resources to run his business & further his false education. If he had any knowledge of what he was actually doing he could’ve atleast created a disaster plan that could’ve been put into action even if he was gone: There was no such plan.

It is a fascinating work of true investigative journalism; and every “citizen” needs to read “for comprehension” what is being uncovered. We all must recognize that the “officials” involved have power over government officials beyond Snohomish County. Said another way, Snohomish County corruption is a microcosm for all Washington corrupt activities.

Snohomish County Corruption .


  1. It’s all bad. The corruption is too deep and the technology too advanced….. Everything is set up for the global elites and embedded government agents to manipulate the masses through the mainstream media outlets too.

    I think the only hope people have IF THEY WANT TO STAY IN THE COUNTRY is to secede from the United States….. The more corrupt, sadistic, psychopathic, sociopathic and criminal you are, the higher you can move in government and corporations…. My advise is to leave the country now, while you still have time before they start rounding people up and their guns too……

    • I have become a part of the Oso slide documents as I am on the command centers daily log…March 24, 2014. It seems I called the command center and threatened to “come to Oso and take care of sheriff Lovick”. No one can explain this information.
      Just another way to create dangerous situation that places my life in jeopardy. Police told attorney Tom Cunning that if I am murdered they will drop a gun and plant my fingerprints on it. He then said if he spoke out that Mark Roe would “squash him like a bug.”
      Normal activities of our law enforcement in Snohomish County


    Former GOP Rep. Dunn, who was Bush’s 2000 campaign chairwoman in Washington, recalled that she called Pennington and asked him to fill out an application for the FEMA job. She was responsible for screening and making recommendations on all regional political appointments.

    Reardon = Friend of Kevin Wallace

    Wallace = Friend of Reagan Dunn

    Dunn = (mother Jennifer Dunn) ——> hired John Pennington.

    No wonder JP was hired for this position. Its all about one hand washing the other.

    Yesterday OSO was in the news again, People are suing.

  3. Every government employee, and most of the private citizens, in Snohomish County are morally bankrupt. Take a look at how many times they’ve had to pay settlements in the last decade alone. Look at how many people arkilled in the jail each year. Look at all the family court corruption. I’ve personally been blackmailed and retaliated against for blowing the whistle. This is just an eerily evil part of the earth for some reason. It makes sense why there’s been so many serial killers from this area…

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