– At the forefront in the fight against the governmental ‘kidnapping of our children for money.” – Taking Corruption to a whole new level.


Certified ADAAA advocate and reporter at, Courtney has been fighting for families, children, the disabled victimized by corrupt court appointed guardians and the state agencies such as DCF, CPS, DCYS, DCYF, DCFS Children and Family Services…. Of course these despicable people are operating in such a blatantly criminal fashion because they are “shielded” by lawyers and judges who serve the “state” and not “citizens”. Of course the motive in all of this is MONEY — Not for the children or the disabled but for the court appointed guardians and the lawyers involved; and most likely the money does ‘trickle to the judges’ at least in salaries and benefits.

Courtney’s work, with the help of Rob Gouin, is beginning to get broader publicity as local news organizations are picking up on this “racketeering enterprise” and the connection to the “legal profession.”

Courtney and Rob are doing all of this, on their own time and dime, no vacation, holidays off, 24/7. They have no sponsors, but a lot of ‘victims’ who they try to help in any way they can.

Please visit, read all that they do and all the help they provide …. and if possible gift them a few bucks via PayPal [] to help them maintain their web site and pay the bills so they can continue to be “OUR” voice against a government that grows more and more corrupt with each passing day.

It takes very special people who are willing to place their life on hold, to leave the comfort of their living-room to visit victims for their stories, to attend court proceedings on behalf of victims and to spend hours every day consulting victims and individuals who are all alone in a cesspool of corruption.

Thank you Courtney for what you do! We love you!

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