National Liberty Alliance’s ‘Common Law Grand Jury’ movement at crisis stage.

logoJohn Darash has been an advocate for justice for most of his life. Through the organization he founded, National Liberty Alliance, he is spearheading the push to establish ‘common law grand juries [CLGJ].’ These CLGJs, according to Darash, are in contrast to the grand jury system currently operational across the United States, which John Darash claims are controlled by the legal establishment and not the people as intended in their creation.

Darash has built a tremendous following for his CLGJ concept. According to information from the National Liberty Alliance web site, common law grand juries have been established in every county across the United States. That means every person in this country has a CLGJ in their county — 3133 counties with a CLGJ! That speaks to the level of distress we the people have with our corrupt public servants and the status quo.

But now what?

It seems the legal establishment – lawyers and the judges they spawn, is pushing back – aggressively. Why would they not? The unregulated power lawyers/judges have over citizens is something they do not want to lose, nor can they afford to lose. We citizens are the play-toys for, and we are the piggy bank to rob, the benefit of the legal enterprise. For example, see our draft RICO complaint or how the WA Supreme Court covers up crimes by the lawyers under their regulation.

If you recall, we reported back on September 20, how Florida officials (state lawyers) obstructed a “traditional grand jury foreman,” Terry Trussell, from presenting evidence of legal corruption to the ‘traditional grand jury’. This, according to Terry Trussell, is the very obligation he is to perform as required by the jurist oath he was required to take. Trussell, in being “prevented” from his duty, called upon the CLGJ as an alternative to the ‘traditional grand jury’ so as to present the evidence he had. In going to the CLGJ because he was prevented from presenting evidence to the traditional grand jury Terry Trussell was promptly arrested. Now Terry Trussell, a 70-year old man, is in jail for trying to do what his oath required of him.

This “tactic” by the legal establishment — creating the very environment that ‘incites’ people to take ‘alternative measures’ for the sake of their moral and ethical conscience AND LAWFUL DUTY, illustrates just how corrupt the legal establishment has become. Furthermore this ‘conduct by the legal enterprise’ that speaks for itself, justifies an alternative to the status quo. But who is listening?

One group that isn’t listening is the enforcement folks – police, sheriffs, state patrol, FBI, DOJ … These agencies don’t recognize the ‘common law grand juries’ or the principles by which they operate. These enforcement agencies only hear and obey the voice of the ‘traditional’, but corrupt, establishment. This is clearly evident why Terry Trussell is in jail and not those that obstructed his desire to report evidence of criminal conduct to the ‘traditional grand jury.’ The “criminals” are in charge and they are using tactics to ‘criminalize’ ethical and moral and even lawful behavior.

Now John Darash, and his National Liberty Alliance team are in the fight to rescue Terry Trussell.

But who will listen?

Despite the message implied by Darash’s success in establishing CLGJs in every county across america, not one enforcement agency hears the plea of all these people to reform our ‘justice system.’ I cannot help but conclude our “enforcement folks” also have their hand in the cookie jar.

While I have criticized John Darash’s strategy (its arcane and poorly marketed), I admire his committment to our fundamental principles of truth and honor. And I fully support any and all efforts, his and others, to reform our corrupt judicial system and those that permit such corruption to run through our government.

I hope people recognize who are the criminals and who are being forced, at great peril, to find alternatives to a failed system. Until more people, WE THE PEOPLE, demand accountability of the legal enterprise of Bar Associations, Lawyers, Judges and their ilk, we will lose honorable folks like Terry Trussell and overlook potential public servants in heroes like Dr. Charles Heckman, due to the good-ol-boy club and the powers they use – unjustly.


  1. if this is REPEAT ,of course DELETE-
    how do WE get Mr Trussel outta jail and THEN exonerated ?
    and yes, I believe very strongly the 1st step IS getting him home
    thank u

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