John “Zamboni” Scannell, ESQ(?), for WA State Supreme Court.

Will it be Debra Stevens and a continuation of the WA Supreme Court’s racketeering enterprise in the WA State Bar, OR, John Scannell, who clearly understands the dangers of a judiciary out of control? We, at endorse John Scannell for WA State Supreme Court.

John Scannell has been one of the few attorneys in the State that has actively been supporting the American Bar Associations long standing criticism of the Washington attorney disciplinary system. He has filed a federal RICO lawsuit citing the problems the Washington State Bar Association has created by administering the system. The Washington State Supreme Court is in charge of the system, but the court has come under sharp criticism for 40 years for its practice of delegating its responsibility to the Washington State Bar Association. The ABA rightly likens this to the practice of putting the fox in charge of the hen-house, with Washington being one of the few states that still continue this practice. The practice of putting a politically elected bar leadership in charge of attorney discipline has resulted in low charging rates, discipline directed at attorneys who represent unpopular clients, as well as discipline directed at minority attorneys in disproportionate numbers. John Scannell appears to be the only candidate that advocates taking the bar association out of the disciplinary process. Scannell will protect the rights of Washington citizens with decisions that are intelligent, just and ethical.

John Scannell is also a person who enters his own ‘skin’ in the game. John has filed a lawsuit claiming the WA State Bar is a Racketeering enterprise for profit and is likely to add his name to another lawsuit to be filed in the same vein by Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block. John Scannell tells Gold Bar’s Anne Block how he can run for WA State Supreme Court when that Court has disbarred him. He says.

In March of this year, I filed for the position of Washington State Supreme Court Justice. Shortly thereafter, the Tacoma News Tribune picked up on the story, pointing out that a supposedly disbarred attorney was running for the position of judge, and investigated how that could possibly be legal. A routine check with a few legal experts confirmed that it wasn’t, and that if somehow I was elected, Governor Inslee would be forced to appoint a replacement. The paper interviewed my opponent, (she wrote the decision that allegedly disbarred me), who stated that while her campaign would not file a challenge, there were reports that other attorneys might.

Those challenges so far have failed to materialize.

If elected, I will serve.


  1. Well why not? Why shouldn’t he run? Let’s look at thiose already there? The Public Servant has retreated to Private Club irrelevance, funded by the taxpayer. The climate in the State of Washington, and every other State in the Union, is simmering to the boiling point. It’s time for new and savvy representation…I say go for it and Bravo!

  2. To make positive change, a systematic effort should be employed, whereby, the surety bonds of these public officials should be hit with claims for their crimes against humanity. The bonds are held with insurance companies, and the bar associations have surplus funds that their members pay into. This method could put many of these freaks out of business.

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