Bruce Broussard, host of public access TV, and Bill Scheidler, activist with, discuss public corruption.

Next Sunday, September 14, 2014, at 5PM, TV host and activist, Bruce Broussard invites Bill Scheidler for a discussion on the root causes of public corruption. Mr. Broussard is a political figure and TV host of Oregan Voter’s Digest. He is also a great humanitarian in his effort to help senior citizens.

For Sunday’s show, the Topics expected to be discussed are these….


Government Corruption — It is all about managing risk.

Premise: we, at, are of the opinion that a great deal of the “corruption within government” that citizens recognize and experience particularly within the courts in violations of due process violations, has its genesis in the state’s management of risk.

WA State, circa 1977-1989, brought about a lot of legislation that focused on granting immunity to certain state officials, RCW 2.64.080, and created the “office of risk management” RCW 43.19.766 – which is tasked in understanding and managing risk.

At that time, it became clear that as government grew larger, and more was demanded of government, costs were getting out of hand and “liability” for all that governments were expected to do, but were screwing up, became an issue that threatened the whole enchilada — “unlimited risk” associated with being the “provider and protector for more and more people” is a prescription for disaster.

Hence the Office of Risk Management was created. This agency, which you can equate to the state’s version of the CIA, employed “outside” contractors, who specialize in risk management. For example of such a firm is, Marsh and McLennan. These firms are the tools by which the dirty work is done — the planning, scheming and organizing all the players. This is where “money” buys influence. These outside entities bribe and manipulate ‘public servants’ yet work outside of government and the prying eyes of the public so their acts are well hidden. These ‘risk management firms’ have their hooks into politics and candidates, liability insurers, law firms AND the MEDIA, among others.

The Goal:

Manage risk by “frustrating/obstructing” any effort to hold accountable “public servants”. In other words, gain CONTROL of the government process within the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Br and the Executive Branch; and manipulate the people.

Some of these Tactics:

1) Establish “procedural rules.” Once a governing body establishes “rules of conduct” these rules can be utilized to “control that body.” This tactic is effective in setting priorities or even preventing “good ideas” from getting considered. The courts and its officers, judges/lawyers, despite their “oath” to the constitution and law, are required to follow the “court established rules”.

The legislature has its rules of procedure that it must follow. This way “legislative rules” can be used to “control” or subvert important issues and debates. For example: A breach in a procedural rule provides the excuse why legislators are frustrated in bring up bills to address corruption, why lawsuits against public servants are dismissed or sent on years of litigation and appeals — “procedural rules” are to “frustrate” the return to “truth and honor”.

2) Use the legal establishment, i.e., the Judicial Branch and the WA State Bar. By having lawyers in all branches of government (and in the fact that the “judicial branch determines THE LAW) is the coupe de grais in gaining full control.

Lawyers are regulated by the WA State Bar and it is in the Bar’s leverage on lawyers in which these schemes are carried out. Said another way, the Bar has its boot on a lawyer’s way of making a living, which is used to manipulate them to carryout their role in the ‘management of risk’ whether or not the individual lawyers know what is actually happening. And Lawyers have their boot on our legislators and “we the people” because they occupy the “judicial branch.”

3) Create an environment that helps shield this strategy or helps justify it… for example… use events such as occupy wall street or the Auroa and high school shootings as ways to justify additional government control. The more control we voluntarily give government in their control over us the less obvious will be the “unauthorized controls” that are already in place they use in order to “control risk and liability suits” by controlling us.

  • Government employee unions offer the best “diversion” and “cover” for this overall control scheme.

One example in how “crises are created to control the government function” is show by the WA State Supreme Court’s ruling in the Mcleary case. Here the WA Supreme Court Justices (i.e., lawyers of the WA State Bar acting as judges), in a suit brought by the teachers union, are holding the WA State Legislature in contempt!!! It is a perfect example of this “CONTROL” of the government functions by the “legal establishment”, which is controlled by the Office of Risk Management.

4) render impotent any challenger by having lawyers and judges literally destroy any person that ‘gets too close’ — Pro Se’s are nearly always defeated and subject to “sanctions” for bringing cases against government. And any honest and ethical lawyer who speaks out against government corruption is quickly disbarred.

5) Another tactic that clearly suggest “our government is controlled in what they do and how they do it” is in the make-up of “ethic boards”. Rather than having these “ethic boards” come under citizen control, which would be a disaster for corrupt public servants, the boards are all ‘hand-picked’ by the very entity the board is to regulate – “judges and lawyers are handpicked for the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the WA State Bar. Legislative members are handpicked for the ‘legislative ethics board’ and so to for the ‘executive ethics board’. To say this another way … the “ethic boards” are at the root of government corruption because these boards determine what level of dishonesty we citizens must accept from our public servants.

These are just some of the tactics

All of this is a “structural” design to avoid liability. This is why I’ve been so aggressive in getting “lawyers out of our legislature” and active in getting “ethics boards” under citizen control and going after those lawyers who allow all this to happen.

But the sad fact is, our government public servants have enjoyed having us, the people, as their play toys and a source for their wealth, and the “structural” mechanisms to “protect government” are firmly in place. Any effort to return government back to the people and restore “truth and honor” is a difficult task. “We the people” need to make it happen. And shows as yours will get the word out by exposing just how blatantly corrupt and dishonest our public servants have become – by design.


    • Done! and thanks, James, for all that you do. As more of us engage these corrupt “public servants” as you are doing, the odds of success increase. If we can help you in all that you do … if only to get the word out… let me know.

  1. Bill, don’t forget the widely used excuse, method of rational used by the corrupt and their groupies, the old cliché’ of “the sacrifice of one, to service the needs of many and a far greater cause” which of course is nothing short of total BS. But for the longest period of time, those of who that had access to the inner circle of opinion by these by predators, this was the method of rational used to attempt to justify their gross intentional infractions to statute and our guaranteed Rights to Due Process, unbiased non corrupt justice and truth. Whether spoken as frequently as it use to be employed as corruption within the judiciary became more and more frequent, this now appears to just be a given, widely accepted amongst those of who within our legislative branch are now expected to accept to calm down any inclinations of assisting victims of this criminal felony corruption. But as it was clearly overused with such high mileage being placed on this rational, those of who did not buy it any more and attempted to purge these corrupt predators from our government, then learned first hand all about Judicial RETALIATION. AND AS TO JUST HOW LONG THE ARM OF JUDICIAL RETALIATION WAS CAPABLE OF REACHING. The current method of rational for these legislators to accept this flagrant corruption taking place right in front of every ones faces . Now not necessary to be BS’ed by the public and legislators, just outright fear of judicial retaliation for attempting to hold any of them accountable. Which of course demonstrates just how out of control infested with organized crime RICO the entire Judicial System has become, which is now a given in itself.. ps Nice going on making it to the air, hopefully what I am working on with wiki will have the desired impact . Whereas wiki with Snowden and others still does not appear to be under the almighty thumb of control yet.

  2. I have incurred another par for the course development today, having Senator Becker’s Office tell me that they just do not know what they could do (once again) to help me with this corrupt Judiciary and a Sheriff’s Dept. that is equally corrupt . A Sheriff’s Dept. who knowingly committed felony crimes of forcibly & illegally evicting me from my home and property on no jurisdiction, no legal right or grounds, based on known to be fraudulently obtained Null& Void Orders . Orders that were produced from intentional malicious improper Venue so as to commit Felony fraudulent conversion via Organized Crime RICO criminal Felony Judicial Corruption to service the needs of Judicial retaliation, Obstruction of Justice and to avert criminal prosecution & public disclosure of the truth. Now having the Pierce County Sheriff’s Dept. refuse 3 times to take a theft report from me concerning the theft of my home, property and all prized personal possessions, vehicles etc. Complete with pictures on site and clearly missing from the Boush moving and storage inventory lists. Having the P.C. Sheriff’s Dept. blatently commit fraud by refusing to honor their Core principals and published intent and function of their Dept. by refusing to uphold the Law and my Rights by refusing to take a theft report from me so at least I could receive some relief from my own home owners insurance policy. Clearly RICO all over again.

    I called the Tort Division of the AGO, they after me providing them with all the reference numbers to our claim and mine personally at risk management , who in turn told us to contact the Tort Div. of the A.G.O. , told me that they could not find any record of my claim at the their Office.

  3. With our Governor being a member of the WSBA and refusing to discuss this case of mine that has more legal holes in it than a block of Swiss Cheese, while he attends to more important things such as a public appearance at a little league golf tournament. I have been running into major road blocks with Senator Becker’s Office and Congressman Heck’s Office. All wanting to side step this case because they know once exposed it would expose everything and everyone, heads would roll right out the judicial door and at the WSBA too.. Needless to say the Pierce County Sheriffs Dept. is a total Corrupt Fraud that will perform any illegal grunt enforcer action for the Judiciary at the drop of a hat. I will attach some of my most recent correspondence to Senator Becker’s Office regarding them convincing the P.C. sheriff’s Dept. that they should uphold the Law and my Rights as they Fraudulently print as being their core Value and mission.


    Aug 26 at 1:41 PM

    Tiffany, having not heard back from you , I was in need to know what Sheriff Pastor’s response was to be willing to honor their published Core Value mission of upholding my Rights and the Law? With it clear within the documents that I have provided your Office, the Governor’s Office, Congressman Heck’s Office, Congressman Reichert’s Office, The U.S. Attorney and the FBI, that the Law was clearly violated along with my Rights and my jury money just blatantly stolen. Combined with intentional malicious improper Venue all having to do with the conspired Null & Void Rit of Restitution hearing whereas the Organized Crime Fraudulent Conversion of title to my home & property illegally took place.

    Where just the improper Venue itself according to Statute Null & Voids the entire proceeding, giving the Court nor the Sheriffs Dept. no legal Right to do anything with my home and property. Making this an illegal Eviction. Then combined with the intentional disregard of Wash. State Statute that requires a jury Trial for all real estate cases of this nature, the intentional malicious ignoring of my filed jury demand and the theft of my money I prepaid for the Jury with, it most certainly would not require much of a Sheriff or a Staff Attorney to recognize these facts and command some legal action.

    So point being each and every day that is wasted not providing me honest legal services is holding up a half a million dollar claim to my insurance company and allowing criminal felons to retain possession of Stolen property.

    As to what portion of these basic facts eludes Senator Becker and fails to shout out to the Senator that this innocent victim needs her help immediately, for he has been illegally forced from his own home and property by Government corruption and organized Crime. Behooves me along with everyone else that are aware of the facts and the truth involved here. I know you told me that the Senator is not intimidated by fear of Judicial retaliation and would take action if she felt that action was warranted. All I can say to you and the Senator is, if you were illegally forced by a corrupt Sheriff’s Dept. on no authority, no legal right, based on fraudulently obtained Null& Void Orders from your own home and property, and then had everything you own Stolen, and what they did not bother to steal from you , illegally held for Ransom in hopes that you would not be able to pay this amount of approx. $11,000.00 to get back beat up, chipped up, rain damaged and broken items at practically the cost of purchasing it all over again new, would you feel that you were entitled to immediate assistance from your Representatives??? Of course you would just like everyone else would.

    I would appreciate a reply and the personal assistance I more than deserve from Senator Becker.

    Yours Truly

    Bruce E. Gambill Jr.

  4. I was wondering as to how our Governor Jay Inslee was able to legally run for Office being a member of the WSBA?

    It appears that if you have a valid situation that would require assistance from Senator Becker’s Office you are flat out of luck. Over the last 3 days of attempting to contact them, I have called once each day and have been unable to get them to answer their phone during normal business hours. I have sent them 2 separate emails that still have no reply.

    The Congressmen and Senators all insist that they are not intimidated by the fear of Judicial retaliation, but if it involves anything to do with the severe corruption within the Judiciary, the Organized Crime, they all put you on hold with some jive excuse why they must side step their Duty and place you on the slow walk in the fast lane to no where program. I will paste below my last email I sent to Congressman Heck’s Office which will demonstrate my point.

    To Denny Heck

    Aug 27 at 7:04 PM

    Dear Miss Minn

    As I sit at this desk looking at the green postal receipt dated received by the D.O.J. over a year ago that I myself provided them with all verifiable documents of substantiated by statute proof of Felony RICO, Fraud, Fraudulent conversion of title to my home and property, lists of all the stolen property, and never receiving so much as a reply from them regarding any positive action what so ever, that would be considered according to Law.

    So point being as to what is hoped to be gained by another month of my life being illegally wasted and on judicial hold behooves me. Many refer to this type of scenario as being slow walked in the fast lane to no where. Personally I am at a loss, within me providing documentation to Congressman Reichert’s Office, who personally told me that they were forwarding it all on to your Office, are the same verifiable documents of proof that I have notified you of criminal felony Organized crime Corruption within both the State and Federal Judiciaries operating in mirrored concert with each other to achieve servicing the needs of RICO, Organized Crime , criminal Felony Corruption. With an on Staff attorney , your office having the ability to recognize that everything I have told you is in fact according to Law, all of the Rights violations, all of the FRCP violations in Court after Court.

    If I appear impatient, just imagine being the innocent victim of the injustices and down right felony criminal acts by the Judiciary , since July 12th 2000, with constant injury after injury by this corrupt judicial systems illegal methods of retaliation and obstruction of Justice so as to prevent disclosure, accountability and criminal prosecution of the guilty parties responsible for all of this entire case/cases.. Then I hardly can imagine that I would appear impatient at all. Skeptical yes, but hardly impatient, especially given the severity of all of this and the catastrophic injuries to my children and mainly myself consistently by this corrupt Judiciary Organized Crime.

    I wrote a bit to the Congressman’s schedule manager Seth. Stating to him that basically I was at a loss as to just exactly what within this particular case does not demonstrate an Emergency situation within the Judiciary? Whereas currently, every level of the judiciary has proven themselves to be so corrupt , encrusted with RICO Organized Crime, demonstrating beyond mere legal abuse, or simply lack of discretion by miles. With the trained eye of the Congressman and your Staff Attorney, if in fact the particulars of this case were actually considered, why would it take a month down the road for the DOJ to tell you so, or continue to cover for the guilty parties as they have consistently done in the past?

    Why would it take an Agency back in the District of Columbia to tell you that there is a beyond severe problem here right in front of everyone’s faces?

    Yours Truly

    Bruce E. Gambill Jr.

  5. This case in the Sate Of Alaska was just brought to my attention this weekend..

    These reports generated by the government don’t add up to Todd Tix being the murderer , they appear to show a law enforcement cover up, of the first officers on the scene whom actually murderer the victim.

    Todd Tix had turned the victim into law enforcement for being a drug dealer.. and had multiple homes he used for such. From what I gathered speaking to Mr. Tix on the phone from prison, the victim was involved with some corrupt law enforcement group, and was paying them off.. when they seen him shot, they just finished what Mr. Tix had left .

    You see, the police reports show (and testimony) that the victim had 5 bullets in him. Mr. Tix fired 3 from his .45 into the victims waist area and left. The police reports show they found 2 different caliber bullets, .45 and 9mm .. The states expert witness testified that these 5 bullet holes in the victims body, occurred from three shots fried from Mr. Tix’s .45… completely covering up, the 9mm rounds they found.

    To top it off, they cremated the victim in the clothes he had on at the crime scene.. i.e. they put his clothes back on him after the medical examiner had done his report, i.e autopsy

    I myself have never seen such a frame up for murder so blatantly by our government at this level before.. and the judges went along with it… wink wink nod nod.. our drug money is safe now..

    These type of people should be brought to justice… and be held accountable.. they are the definition of true corruption and above the law.. text book. From top to bottom. In their own writing.

    With no one to stop them, why should they care… they just do what they did to Mr. Todd Tix..

    I wonder where the feds are on this type of corruption ? Part of it !!

  6. Great show today Bill 🙂

    It was a pleasure to finally meet you and your family ..

    Am a happy camper that you and Bruce found a common ground.

    Hope you do more shows in the future.

    The youtube video should be posted by Tuesday on Oregon Voters Digest for viral publication, at your leisure.

    James Sr.

    • Thanks James, and thanks for making it happen.

      Also, you have a lot of knowledge to share and I will be using some of your work as a template for additional ways to address corrupt public servants. Thanks for all that you and John and Arthur are doing too. What is your Facebook page again?

      • Your entirely welcome Chief.. glad to be of service. Bruce and his crew is actually the men and women whom made it happen.. I just facilitated it. My donation to the cause.

        My template is just a simple, Probability a misdemeanor/gross misdemeanor crime was committed .. and a judge empowered to commit persons to jail is the person empowered to hear the complaint. i.e. not a pro-tempe judge which is slang for a lawyer..

        We 3 amigos you thank, do not approve of public corruption, in any form.

        I do not have a facebook page.. not my thing.

        But, Cannabis Action Coalition Non Profit is on facebook though.. stop by and like us.. leave a comment. 🙂

        And If you can, donate to Bruce’ show, so he can continue to cover our interesting educational ways..

  7. Here is the website so as you can see it on Tuesday John . I generally see them uploaded by then.

    I did a show on 7/20/2014 about the education on cannabis.. after that, 2 studies came out in reference to what I covered. Likely reduction in Domestic Violence for those partners whom both use cannabis, and 25% reduction in opiate overdose deaths in states with medical uses of cannabis since 2010

    I want to see some studies done on what Bill is saying.. 🙂 and action done about it !!

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