Separation of Powers, class claim against WA State, to be Investigated by the AG

In response to the class claim against WA State, the Office of Risk Management has replied. The class claim will be investigated by the WA State Attorney General, Torts Division. If and when they conclude their investigation into our “judicial system” in which judges and lawyers lie to protect their power and greed, we will let you know.

Letter from Office of Risk Management


  1. While not all torts are crimes, some are especially in the context of public employment: see RCW 42.20 see also 18 USC 4 (Misprision of a Felony), 18 USC 73 (Obstruction of Justice), 18 USC Chapter 13 241 (Conspiracy Against Rights) and 242 (Conspiracy Under Color of Law) and see 28 USC 1361 (Action to Compel Federal Officer to Do Duty Under Law). Go Federal as well as State and Civil.

    Please remember that in the case of torts, where no others are involved, since a tort is an offense against persons and property by other named persons, then one has some property rights in the sense that one can take a settlement in lieu of litigation; one can simply forgive a tort. But in the case of a crime that one has knowledge or credible basis to believe that a crime has been committed, then one does not acquire property rights in the sense of being able to choose what to do with that knowledge–report or not, perhaps keep the knowledge as j Edgar Hoover used to do and use it for extortion or blackmail, perhaps a promotion at work etc. When a crime has been committed, an offense against all of society, victims are awaiting protection and justice, likely new victims await until the crime is reported and action taken. When law enforcement refuses to act, it sends a green light to the perps they are protected and can do more of the same.

    There is only rule of law or of the ruthless; there is nothing in-between; not really. But the law only works when the majority obey it because they see it morally right (that they should obey the same laws they demand for their own protection and that of their loved ones) and that it is also in their interest as the law will work for them not only against them. The law breaks down and chaos ensues then the people fear more and respect less, law enforcement and the courts than the criminals; it breaks down when citizens with knowledge of a crime do not go near law enforcement and courts because of negative views and bad past experiences with them and when law enforcement and the courts take cases not on the merits and urgency of the case but on the basis of who is in their favor or not that brings the case. The law breaks down when citizens do not follow through and testify to all they know truthfully and when they are not protected for doing so. The law breaks down when judges are selected or elected as political hacks, malignant narcissists, megalomaniacs, control freaks etc and when lawyers are sleazy “reasonable doubt” creators and merchants) and see their job as getting the client off (even if guilty) rather than ensuring full due process for the client so that if guilty, the verdict is clean and properly established.

  2. I recently filed a tort claim against King County, over a similar issue where Sandra Courtway, an investigator for the risk management office, but, supposedly represents the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s office, arbitrarily denied a tort claim against a judge and a prosecutor. Courtway has an office in the King County administrative building, she is not a member of the bar association, nor is she a member of the commission on judicial misconduct. So, Sandra Courtway, pursuant to risk management policy, RCW as well as, county code, has no lawful authority to render a decision with respect to a judge or an attorney. Despite all of this, the county claims that “Courtway had the “right” to deny the tort claim against the judge and attorney”. Now, if the
    law prohibits risk management from handling complaints against judges and lawyers, then, Sandra Courtway, is liable for her violations. Period. It is my intent to file a civil complaint against the county in US district court
    for Conspiracy Against Rights, because that is what this amounts to.

  3. Yes, the fox investigating the break in at the hen house. They are all members of the same corrupt private club, the Washington State Bar Association. If they weren’t corrupt they would have jailed Pierce County Superior Court Judge Frank Cuthbertson years ago. He is a convicted criminal with an outstanding arrest warrant, was arrested for dangerous weapons while a member of the communist party and lied to the bar association and the governor to become an attorney and judge, and they are now hiding him because he is of African-American decent. I don’t expect any justice from the state of Washington. Its past time to do as the Declaration of Independence states and do our “Duty.”

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