RICO violations include WA State Bar employees Linda Eide, Lin O’ Dell, and Alison Sato, and Snohomish County public officials and one Court of Appeals Div. I Judge

A RICO and 42 USC 1983 complaint will be filed against the government officials above in US Fed Court . . . we are shooting for Monday as a filing date.

writes Gold Bar Reporter, Anne Block.

We here at www.CorruptWA.com have reported before on Anne’s efforts to expose and fight corrupt public servants who betray our trust. Anne says this about her sacrifices and personal involvement, taking direct action in fighting for citizens and their right to expect the best from public servants,

It’s a sad day in Washington State knowing that the government officials sworn in to uphold the laws are not only breaking them but also conspiring to harm Snohomish County citizens with the assistance of Snohomish County Courts, County Prosecutor’s Office and the WSBA for simply caring about making Snohomish County corruption free.

Anne Block sent a letter to Council Member Somers in which she says,

I write again today asking You (Mr. Somers) to order a full investigation DOJ into John Pennington, the WSBA and Snohomish County Prosecutor and Judges criminal activities. The over abudance of RICO complaints filed against these government officials should not go unchecked. As I stated before, my investigation will not end until a full investigation is conducted by an outside agency.

As we have noted before Anne Block is a courageous citizens, a true “investigative journalist” but also a person of high moral and ethical values. Please pass this story to all you know so Anne Block gets the support and people hear the way our “judges” and “prosecutors” turn a blind-eye to the criminal conduct that occurs right under their noses.

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