The corrupt WA State Bar is under attack again, by Anne Block, ex-lawyer!

Anne Block is a lawyer AND an “investigator/journalist for the Gold Bar Reporter. When Anne Block reported on criminal conduct by government officials, specifically John Pennington, who was an appointee by former disgraced Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon, John Pennington filed a WA State Bar Grievance against Anne Block.

And as true to form, the WA State Bar has begun ‘disbarment proceedings’ against this noble lawyer/investigator/journalist, Anne Block. Is it RETRIBUTION by the WA State Bar against Anne Block for “outing” a corrupt government official?

Let me think a minute — ABSOLUTELY — it is retribution. There is no doubt in my mind! Not only is it retribution but the WA State Bar’s lawyer, Linda Eide, seems to take the view that honesty, and the rules of professional conduct don’t apply to her. I guess Eide is concerned with all the “lawyers” who have their reputations on the line for aiding, abetting, or in some other way shielding John Pennington from his “questionable” past?

Ms. Block writes of Eide,

Ms. Eide falsely certified that Block simply “objected” on Frist Amendment grounds. This is an intentionally false and misleading statement as defined in Bronston v. United States, 409 U.S. 352, 358 n.4 (1973) (fraudulent statements include “intentional creation of false impressions by a selection of literally true representations”) (citations omitted). Linda Eide’s false statement also violates RPC 3.3 mandate that all WSBA members be candid with a tribunal especially in ex-parte hearings. A true copy of the Block’s email letter objecting on Media Shields grounds as well is attached hereto as Exhibit 1.

For more information and to read the pleadings visit

  • The Gold Bar Reporter;
  • RE_ Re_ WSBA Complaint # 13-00907 (4);
  • WSBA’s motion to quash subpoena for John Pennington;
  • Block Subpoena 11-15-13 (2);
  • 2014 06 06 Block Motion Opp Quash CR 45
  • Note: Susan Forbes, a Gold Bar Reporter, and Anne Block filed suit in Thurston County seeking an anti-SLAPP and motion to quash the WSBA’s subpoena. Forbes is not a lawyer and has objected to the WSBA’s Subpoena. Calendar note is set for July 18,2014. Also Ms. Block intends filing a civil rights suit against the WSBA, Eide and O’Dell.

    Anne Block let her WSBA license lapse out of disgust once she learned that Eide was a friend to Gold Bar city attorney Michael Kenyon)

    BRAVO Anne and thank you for taking a stand against the corruption.

    Please support Anne Block for her sacrifices, and demand our legislators use their constitutional powers to hold the WA State Supreme Court Justices accountable for their blind-eye to what is occurring within WA State’s Justice System.


    1. See new decision of the Supremes Lane v Frank
      See also 18 USC 4 (Misprision of a Felony); 18 USC Chapter 73 (Obstruction of Justice); 18 USC 241 (Conspiracy Against Rights) and 242 (Under Color of Law). But you will likely be blown off by FBI, County Sheriffs, local police etc if you live in a place like Vantucky with a very in-bred, proudly white, “Settle-Pioneer Stock”, running the place like a pre-Civil War southern plantation, or a two-bit Army barracks like Ft Vancouver itself or perhaps like a feudal estate, then you have to take other means to get your word out. But these are not torts, they are crimes especially in the context of public employment where nepotism, cronyism, political patronage, reprisals under pretext against whistle-blowers are crimes not merely torts.

      This is a non-partisan matter as both parties are riddled with political patronage, cronyism, nepotism in public employment, grants, awards, no-bid contracts, reprisals under pretexts against whistle-blowers and many other forms of corruption

    2. Plato had it right long ago: “Those who SEEK power are invariably the least fit to hold and to wield it.” And as Lao-tze put it: “Power is something a good person will not seek and a bad person should never have.” Part of our problem is a citizenry and supporting “culture” that teaches and preaches “let someone else do it.” Put our “trust” in elected officials because after all, if we don’t like them we can vote them out.” And then many of them, the one’s who hate government in general, they are often the first ones out with their hands open for FEMA checks or Ag subsidies not to grow some commodity, or screaming for fire trucks and police with a wildfire around them in California etc.

      Another problem is that while the courage of a whistle-blower like Ann, or someone like Bill S trying to expose serious and serial corruption at risk of reprisals that can come in many forms and always dressed-up under pretexts, it is also true that courage exposes, indicts, calls-out cowardice; and this sets-up cognitive dissonance: “If you are so incensed about things why are you leaving them to others to risk their careers and even lives?” As in the military they would say: “Is there anyone here that is special and has a special hide to save while the others risk theirs?” So whistle-blowers also generate, not intentionally, but nonetheless, real confrontation for cowards just in the examples of courage they see and fail to support. Like all those “Good Germans” who knew and said that Hitler and his kind were malignant and evil forces but said nothing.

      But look all over the world what is happening. People with everything as well as nothing to lose are rising up fed up with corruption, war, famine all of which are human creations not of nature. What are we leaving our children?

      Here is a critical thinking problem I give my students: Suppose that someone you did not like and had even been an enemy for some time lived near you and you saw the arsonist and got his license number as he was fleeing your enemy’s house he just torched. What do you do and why?

      Some answer, “I would not call the cops, Karma can be a real b*tch and it finally caught up to him” etc. But I pose the question: Even if someone you hate suffers a crime, and you decide he deserved it perhaps for all the crimes he was never caught for, by not reporting it: a) this is vigilanteism; b) what about the next victim of the arsonist that was not caught and brought to accountability? What did they do to you?; c) What happens to social order, peace and reducing crime when people pick and choose which crimes they have knowledge of they will bother to report–or perhaps save for later to play as a card or bargaining chip?


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