Impeach the Justices of the WA Supreme Court — for the sake of God’s children!

About a year ago I wrote a “tongue-n-cheek” article on our “Washington Supreme Court — Domestic terrorists“. Well a year has passed and I’m not sure that what was intended to be a satirical piece isn’t too far from reality. Over the past year I’ve learned about elder abuse by court appointed guardians [see Marti Oakely], children taken from families by judges who conspire with other government employees [see Luis Ewing], lawyers who get disbarred when they report government or judicial corruption [see Bob Grundstein and Anne Block] and dozens of other stories that merit publication but I’ve not had the time ….

You decide … Is it TIME for our ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES to exercise their power to impeach these corrupt justices who turn a blind-eye to the horrors committed by their colleagues and friends?


Chief Justice Madsen

Chief Justerrorist Barbara Madsen, along with 8 chosen generals are engaged in subversive activities to overthrow and enslave the Citizens of WA State.  This group of nine works through localized terrorist cells [local judges and their courts] with each local cell responsible for initiating the process of confiscating the property [children and elderly] of the local populous.

The modus operandi of the WA State Supreme terrorist organization is modeled upon other terrorists groups such as el Qaeda …. assimilate into the local culture, co-opt the language, [employ euphemisms such as “abuse of discretion” in place of “judicial misconduct” or “abuse of power”] and create the very issues that open the door for them to enter and execute their plan to acquire power and wealth by taking it from unsuspecting citizens.SupremeCourtJustices2013

While the WA State Supreme Court Terrorists operate nearly exclusively in WA, they have terrorists cells in every state in which they operate training camps such as the  WA State Bar Association or the American Bar. The WA State terrorist group comprises some 25,000 solders who call themselves lawyers and they are gaining  total control over citizens.  The “insidious” way in which these terrorists finance their subversive activities is by creating internal conflicts among citizens, which then are used as pathways to extort and defraud citizens of their property under the guise of providing “legal representation”.

Any unfortunate citizen who has been cheated by their terrorist lawyers, and who dares challenge the conduct of these domestic lawyer-terrorists are quickly crucified, jailed, or blatantly robbed of all their possessions by one of the colonels of the local terrorists cell … all high-ranking terrorists officers wear black robes and sit on thrones.

One such example how the WA Supreme Court Terrorist 9 deal with anyone within their organization who breaks ranks and speaks as to the subversive activities is Lawyer Doug Schafer.  After exposing the subversive activities perpetrated upon citizens  Doug Schafer was dragged through the streets to rub him raw for “exposing” how this Terrorists organization operates…  Doug Schafer’s horrific story in how he was punished because he EXPOSED one high ranking terrorist — can be read by following this link

Another such example is how Scott Ellerby and Larry Mills, who are both high ranking solders within the WA State Bar — the training arm of the Supreme Terrorists Nine — used the courts to defraud and steal from the very person Scott Ellerby led his ‘client’ to believe they were helping. It is a scam that is perpetrated, in broad daylight, upon citizen after citizen within this state and occurs as a matter of routine throughout the country.  Over 3000 incidences of lawyer misconduct are raised each year by those who have been scammed by these terrorist lawyers — there are no happy endings for the victims of these terrorists-lawyers misconduct — the WA State Bar dismisses nearly all — after all — the conduct being complained about is the very conduct that is the modus operandi  of this terrorist organization, which is precisely to be perpetrated upon citizens.

There IS NO KNOWN way to eradicate this insidious terrorists network as the ‘point of no return’ has passed. These terrorists lawyers have assimilated themselves into and kidnapped our once respectable legislature, and inhabit the Executive Br.

Beware, this terrorist group …. it is now focused in working a fraud and using disinformation to have reason to “arrest” “confiscate” “fine” and otherwise punish citizens who resist the Obama healthcare dictum — which is simply a “Trojan horse” for these terrorists to enrich their subversive activities.  Look also at Pelosi’s “2nd amendment” attack so as to disarm citizens so when citizens finally realize they have become servants of this terrorist regime they will have no defense….. Obama and Pelosi are both high ranking solders in the Terrorist Organization of Lawyers.

This, in-the-full-light-of-day, terrorism perpetrated upon our citizens shows just how a naive populous can be manipulated by these scoundrels.  High ranking terrorists lawyers have already established the “Patriot Act” —- are we that mentally numb as a society that we allow constitutional “due process” become a “right” by permission? And worse,  ‘permission’ is in the hands of the very terrorist who have taken “due process” away!   Just read the language of the ACT… it describes the VERY tactics of the terrorist lawyers themselves who have been trained by the terrorists Bar Associations…. The telling truth is that his “ACT” doesn’t apply to them….  THEY– the TERRORISTS— DECIDE TO WHOM IT APPLIES.

  802 of the USA PATRIOT Act (Pub. L. No. 107-52) expanded the definition of terrorism to cover “”domestic,”” as opposed to international, terrorism.   A person engages in domestic terrorism if they do an act “”dangerous to human life”” that is a violation of the criminal laws of a state or the United States, if the act appears to be intended to:  (i) intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping.  Additionally, the acts have to occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States and if they do not, may be regarded as international terrorism.  …all assets, foreign or domestic (i) of any individual, entity, or organization engaged in planning or perpetrating any act of domestic or international terrorism against the United States, or their property, and all assets, foreign or domestic, affording any person a source of influence over any such entity or organization or (ii) acquired or maintained by any person with the intent and for the purpose of supporting, planning, conducting, or concealing an act of domestic or international terrorism against the United States, citizens or residents of the United States or their property or (iii) derived from, involved in, or used or intended to be used to commit any act of domestic or international terrorism against the United States, citizens or residents of the United States, or their property.    Source



  1. I might have posted this before, but it is worthy of doing it again. That being, when the WSBA Disc. Board and its Lawyers Fund for Client protection both Conspired to Defraud me of filing a Grievance against attorney Gregory E. Grahn for which he had been disbarred for committing far less Rule violations than he had done to me plus it being a fact on both the Supreme Court Record, the WSBA record regarding both his Suspension from Practice of Law situations. Also confirmed by the Superior Court Records of the dates of his continued to practice Law now Unlicensed but still allowed to do so multiple times during my divorce proceedings .

    Combined with how the Superior Court had allowed Grahn and Attorney Cross to commit fraud, grand theft/embezzlement of my money from their trust fund they controlled, and had done so after 3 separate filed with the Clerk notices of these currently ongoing felony crimes. Aiding & Abetting , accessories during and after the fact to serious Felony crimes and had also allowed these attorneys to illegally strip from my innocent children their Rights to receive child support from their own birth mother violating State & Federal Child support Statutes.

    The WSBA totally ignored these facts, and the fact that they had already disbarred Grahn for far less than what he had illegally done to me and my children. So this encrusted in FRAUD WSBA goes ahead and dismisses the entire grievance!! Because if they would have adhered to the facts of record, their Lawyers Fund would not have been able to lie, cheat, falsify the facts contained within the record of my app lication to their fund as they fraudulently did by stating that I had lost my home years before and I had not agreed to pay for my deed release being provided to me as is clearly a 180 degree lie to the real facts that were contained within my grievance and substantiated by Records at the Superior Court and the County Anex .

    Blatant FRAUD on their own letterhead withg their signatures on it!

    Then the CJC does the same thing with their own records in front of their faces clearly substantiating what I filed my complaint about as being the undeniable factual truth.

    I contact the AGO, they tell me they do not have authority or and jurisdiction to Stop the undeniable Felony Fraud being committed clearly validated by my documented signed proof with their own names signed on it and further backed up by the WSBA and Supreme Ct & Superior Ct. own records. So the AGO tells me to contact the Supreme Court to report this Felony FRAUD by the EXECUTIVE OFFICIALS of the WSBA.

    I contact our Supreme Court Clerk Ron Carpenter who is also a Judge, and the TASK Force Agent for the WSBA. I also Contact our Chief Justice Barbara Madsen and notify them both of this undeniable documented Felony Fraud being committed by the Superior Court, the Executive Officials of the WSBA and the CJC.

    They Respond back to me that they are not concerned with the daily decision making of the Executive Officials of the WSBA or their Conduct.

    That any further communication from me will not be replied to.

    So our Chief Justice and our Supreme Court Clerk openly willfully maliciously aid & Abet serious Felony Crimes to the innocent victims in the Public and actively War upon the innocent public.

    So point being those are both Felony crimes that according to law should be all that is needed to not only give them both the king size boot, but also press criminal charges against them both. Imprisoning severe Felony Organized Crime and Felony Corruption. Which it is more than just a given that there are several people that are currently locked into one of our prisons for committing crimes that are far less serious and damaging to the innocent public.

    But since we have no Rights, no Judicial System, no Senators or Congressmen who will do anything for us, only to us by them also aiding & abetting Organized Crime, Felony Corruption and imprisoning both even after being provided factual recorded documents of undeniable evidence and proof.

    The people of the State of Washington and the United States have such severe emergency problems that must be addressed immediately . Far greater threats to our safety, well being and security than any foreign terrorist or some missing people in Africa or spending a few hundred billion more over in Afghanistan.

    Our lives, our children’s lives are being destroyed by our own judicial system that is no longer our own. Our homes and everything we own are being stolen by these Organized Crime Mobsters in control of our Judicial and Political Government, as they openly War upon us, our Constitution and our Country that they have taken control of and away from us.



  2. i thought this was a site that included a petition to impeach these bastards unbelievable that the state I live in could be responsible for thwarting our presidents executive order im disgusted horrified and outraged these people are evil and they do not care about washington residents or americans they need to be removed from their positions of power asap

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