Scheidler files motion to “INTERVENE” in CPS custody battle.

On June 12, 2014, Bill Scheidler filed his motion and claims to intervene in a custody battle between Child Protective Services and Luis Ewing. The claim alleges ‘misrepresentations’ during the course of the proceedings by Peter Kay, Esq., WSBA 24331, Office of the Attorney General.

Our judicial system demands lawyers adhere to the highest standards of ‘Truth and Honor’. When the conduct of a lawyer violates these principles, justice is obstructed. And when a family is on the verge of being separated by a government entity the level of harm that such dishonesty can cause is unimaginable. I chose to file to intervene because I feel it is my duty as a citizen to rise up when an injustice is occurring by the conduct of Pete Kay of the WA State Attorney General’s office.

Clickto read Scheidler’s Scheidler Motion to Intervene Luis Ewing-signed click to read CLAIMS in support intervention luis ewing-signed

At the center of the custody case is the following issue as presented by Luis Ewing, the father of the children. He says,

Pursuant to a plea bargain conducted by an Incompetent Kitsap County Public Defender, Navajo Indian Katherine West pled guilty to a charge without being fully informed of all her rights and the all the available options and was coerced into signing a CPS Safety Plan without being told that she was signing over Custody of her three (3) Native American Indian sons, unknowingly and without my consent as required by Indian Law.

The trial is in Kitsap Superior Court and Judge Kevin Hull is the presiding judge.


  1. I’m not an attorney, but does this fall under Federal Civil Rights laws…perhaps she can move the venue here to Federal Court? Bless you Bill for helping her. Too many rotten attorneys in this Country!! I’ve sent this onto the many links I use. Good Luck.


    • I’m not an attorney either, and I feel good about that and so should you! This case has just about every violation of WA law, federal law and treaties between tribes and government you can find. And Judge Hull is being fed ‘garbage’ by the lawyers involved because they know they are wrong and there is only one thing they can do… continue to feed Judge Hull garbage. Otherwise they would need to confess to perjury, misrepresentations, violations of law, treaties and all notions of honor.

      Our system of justice is a function of the moral and ethical inbreeding in having lawyers decide for themselves what “appropriate conduct by a lawyer” means. That must END for the sake of our country.

  2. You know Bill…I had another thought…there is a petition site called “”….very effective and free…would she/you be up to gathering some signatures….? Check it out when you have time.


  3. In regards to the Rouge Elements that have clearly taken captive control of our entire Judicial system. The superior self inflated egotistical outlooks they have of themselves in comparison to the 0 regard for the public, their families, their children, their credit, careers, their homes, their Constitutional rights, their lives. Viewing this through the window where this severe corruption resides, providing this delusionary superior aristocrat self image of themselves in relationship to the public and the Law itself, who and how many people do any of us know that will pay us quite handsomely for lying to them, cheating them, defrauding them and at times destroying their lives??

    Combined while doing so, insisting that they hold you in the highest regard, so high that they are directed to refer to you as “YOUR HONOR” Which of course in all honesty, it would be a safe bet to envision all of us answering this question with the words ” no body”. Whereas in comparison to these severely corrupt Judges, everyone is paying them, some significantly more than others at times, but still all contributing to their financial well being. So resulting in absolutely no comparison. Clearly being what primarily fuels this perverted self inflated & elevated above the Law and everyone else outlook retained by these corrupt controllers of our judicial system, our lives and futures in some cases.

    While doing so having even less regard for what we cherish, have guaranteed rights to, have worked our entire lives for, than they do for that bug stuck to the grill of their freshly washed new Mercedes. A severely sad state of affairs that we have allowed to evolve to the travesty of the deteriorated condition of our Judicial system right before our own eyes. With these corrupt Judges, Clerks, attorneys and Bar Assoc. all sticking together tight , guaranteed loyalty to each other, and able to count on the FBI, Local Sheriffs, DOJ, U.S. Attorney and our Senators and Congressmen to aid & abet their severely corrupt efforts and felony crimes.

    Doing this by lying to the public, refusing to do their jobs and adhere to the assigned Duty of their Office. With Law enforcement illegally warring upon any threat to this corruption and enforcing these illegal orders and felony crimes for this corrupt judiciary. Making the public fear the Law enforcement agencies and our own courts more than we do known criminals in the public sector.

    But while these corrupt rouge elements in our Judicial System cling together defending their right to violate all of ours, and our elected political arena helps them do it. The public continues to insist that they are allowed to do this by refusing to recognize without us sticking together and willing to help each other and each others individual causes, forming a public army in a sense, we will never defeat the corrupt army in control of our Judicial System that is destroying our lives and this entire Country.

    Its not really all that complex nor out of reach. Only our own self prioritized outlooks and disregard for the injustices received by our friends and neighbors, combined with self centered insecurity and jealousy prevents the public from accomplishing this and regaining control of our Judicial system and our lives. The answer does not lay within attending more of these corrupt Court proceedings only to be subjected to even more legal abuse, robbery, and deprivation of unbiased, non corrupt Due Process of Law. We must as a public body address the ones with the duty and authority to stop this corruption and purge from our judicial system these rouge elements that represent the reason why we are all on this site, stressed out, focusing on this life wrecking illegal BS instead of living the lives we were meant to and have a God given right to.

    • Until we can articulate the ‘EXACT’ way in which these judges, lawyers, clerks… exercise their ..

      “superior self inflated egotistical outlooks they have of themselves in comparison to the 0 regard for the public, their families, their children, their credit, careers, their homes, their Constitutional rights, their lives”

      …the public will simply hear grandiose speeches and criticisms without specifics. It is about, who, how, by what means, by what said, by who knew, what was known, when… in contrast to … this fact, this was known, by this law, by this fact, at this time, ….

      The standard is by preponderance of evidence, not by preponderance of words. We cannot compel them to play in our ballpark, we must defeat them in theirs. We must know their rules, their tactics, their lies and beat them at their own game!

      The bottom line… they are corrupt, we have the moral and ethical high ground… we cannot lose — even in their ballpark, But we must recognize that this is a game of FACTS and NOT WORDS. Present the facts and the facts will set you free.

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