John Scannell – Zamboni driver, lawyer, disbarred lawyer – Supreme Court Justice???

John Scannell is a colorful individual who has an equally colorful past. But in every step leading to the present he has been the champion of the underdog in his adherence to high moral and ethical tenets.

John Scannell, also know as “Zamboni John” was the Zamboni driver at Seattle hockey games. His notoriety spawned from a tradition of disgruntled fans throwing a dead fish on the ice. John would have the duty to gather up the dead fish so the game could continue. During one such incident in which the fans felt the need … a fish was thrown on the ice and John in avid support of the fans made it look like he bit the head off the raw dead fish. Hence “Zamboni John.”

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John Scannell, the lawyer, displayed equal zeal in “biting the heads off” corrupt lawyers and judges in support of his ‘underdog clients’. However this didn’t suit well with the WA State Bar (Like I’m surprised) when Scannell went after Christine Gregoire and the Bar made it their mission to have him disbarred.

At the time, Scannell told The Seattle Times that the Supreme Court’s disbarment of him was an “absolute travesty” and said he was the target of a conspiracy stemming from his filing a 2002 bar complaint against then-Attorney General Christ Gregoire. He contended that the AG failed to supervise her office closely enough, so that a deadline in a lawsuit was missed at a cost to the state of $19 million.

The Supreme Court said his conduct “undermines the self-governing nature of the practice of law,” adding: “If all lawyers accused of misconduct were as intentionally uncooperative as Scannell has been, self regulation would be impossible.”

In speaking with John about his ordeal with the WA State Bar, that spanned 3-years, I heard about all the same tactics others experience from a profession that only answers to itself. Judges lie about the facts and disregard the law in making their rulings and other despicable behavior. One such judge was Supreme Court Justice Debra Stephens, who wrote for a 6-2 court majority in the Scannell disbarment matter that Scannell “engaged in a deliberate attempt to stonewall, prolong and ultimately defeat the disciplinary proceedings against him.”

Long story short, while the WA State Bar ultimately succeeded in disbarring Zamboni John, an opposite ruling by the Federal Court System refused to disbar him from practicing in Federal Courts.

Now John Scannell, a WA State disbarred lawyer who isn’t disbarred in the eyes of the Feds, is running for Supreme Court Judge and his opponent is non other than Justice Debra Stephens.

I love IT!


  1. I sued the state of Washington (with a Harvard trained attorney) for hearing loss because they refuse to install hearing protection in 120db area. I caught the judge in secret (exparte) meetings with then Attorney General Gregoire. We would have won hands down, but the judge killed our case because he was offered in return the support of every leading Democrat in Washington state in his bid for the state Supreme Court. I went to every union in the state and told them what he did to a union brother and he lost by 100,000 votes. I then emailed him what I did. BTW/ He is no longer a judge. That’s two judges including Corrupt Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Leonard Costello that are no longer judges because of what they did to me in courts. Now if we could only unseat Corrupt Pierce Country Superior Court Judge Frank Cuthbertson who is a convicted criminal with an outstanding arrest warrant and was arrested/convicted of Dangerous Weapons while a member of the Communist party (and is protected by the WSBA).

  2. You just can’t make this stuff up, as the saying goes!!….Great article and I sincerely hope Mr. Scannell succeeds in his quest to the Supreme Court.

    Thanks Bill.


    • Hi Ann, as you see there are a lot of folks who have been fighting corruption … but they have been alone. Today is a new day; we have world-wide communication via the internet. We now can gather the “numbers” of people to move the effort taken by these people who bravely fought alone and come together to demand accountability.

      And Ann, thank you for doing the same with your

      • I appreciate all you do in the State of Washington, and the support you give us at…we are fledgling yet, but the more I investigate the past and present, my eyes are opened to the incredible dishonesty which has taken hold of our State officials….the inmates are really running the ward, and it’s a pleasure for me to write about it and appeal to readers to think and get involved….as you say.

        Be well and as always, The Best,

        Ann M

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