Keith Harper, Kitsap Court Judge: you want a fair venue – try the moon or Mars

UPDATE: Constitution v Legal Establishment

Judge Keith Harper
Attached is an audio snippet from a motion hearing “Scheidler v Executive Director, Commission on Judicial Conduct and Associate Director, WSBA, et. al.” at which I objected to a WA lawyer, under RCW 2.28.030 from acting as judge when the judge is ‘directly interested’ in the subject matter of the case. Also noted in my pleading is the ‘ethical requirement’ that states judges shall disqualify themselves under the Code of Judicial conduct CJC 2.11, when a judges ‘family’ is interested in the subject matter of the case. In this case the Judge’s son is a lawyer.

Clearly, a judge has a VITAL interest at stake, as the Commission on Judicial Conduct has the absolute power to remove the judge from his bench without consequence in the way the CJC achieves the judges removal. (See RCW 2.64.080 privilege from suit). Additionally, in this case, Judge Keith Harper’s son is a lawyer… hence his son’s interest is involved in that the WSBA is a party and the judge’s son is susceptible to the same retribution if the judge rules against the WSBA.

Please listen to how Judge Keith Harper addresses me and tells me to go find a venue on the moon or MARS when I try to discuss these conflicts judges have in matters concerning the judicial system and by law he must disqualify.

Needless to say, anyone who recognizes how the “legal establishment” has commandeered our ‘justice system’ and uses this ‘complete power’ to make ANY decision they want solely for their own enrichment — PLEASE GET INVOLVED! PLEASE PASS THIS SITE TO ALL YOU KNOW! PLEASE CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND VOICE YOUR CONCERN.

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  1. It truly shows the confidence of their arrogance, that they would come right out and make a statement like this. They know they really don’t have much to fear in the way of repercussions. They have the WSBA, and other agencies behind them to cover their asses.

  2. Great work Bill…this is happening all over the Country and needs to be “out there”….this type of theft can, and is, happening to so many people who believe the Probate Court is a necessary intervention in order to protect the deceased’s assets. Unfortunately, this is proving to be quite the contrary. There is no more prime target than a dead man’s legacy….even with a Will!! Time to Expose.

    Thank you.
    Ann Masotti

  3. See also 28 USC 455 on mandatory recusal of all “magistrates, judges and justices” in any case in which there is even the appearance of conflict of interest that may compromise the standing and perception of the judiciary as impartial. Note in the case of the Supremes and Bush v Gore: Scalia had a son working for the law firm litigating the case in Florida and stood to gain, and did , with the selection of Bush; O’Connor was witnessed by six people at a cocktail party, before the election results were in, that she hoped Gore did not win because she wanted to retire and did not want Gore appointing here replacement; Thomas’ wife was working at vetting candidates for the Bush transition and full-time teams and of course stood to gain and did gain with the selection of Bush by the Supremes 5 to 4. A Judicial coup d’etat no more legal and Constitutional than the coup in Ukraine.

    In little Vantucky there is a sub-rosa cult of people who fancy themselves “Pioneer Stock” or “Settler Stock”. they include former judges like John Wulle, they include owners of local enterprises, they include elements from the Columbian, they are generally Calvinist in theological orientation (Calvinism preaches predestination of the elect and that attained wealth and power are proof of being in God’s favor) and elements on the City Council, elements in the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Vancouver Police, elements in Battle Ground and Amboy, and they basically see themselves as “Antheria” a metaphor for male (they are very patriarchal) reproductive organs on some plants that produce anti-bodies to “invasive species” that threaten the “genetic purity” of the garden with “hybridization”. By invasive species they mean non-whites, immigrants, Jews, counter-culture types, non-English-speaking, non-“Christian” (their type), gays, etc. They not only fix jobs and embellish their meager resumes with meaningless and incestuous awards and tittles, and in private-sector employment not necessarily a crime, but in public-sector employment, nepotism, cronyism, political patronage, job fixing are all crimes as well as torts. Jobs in public employment belong to the people and are not tradable resources for private use and patronage.

    Like the vampires they are, they fear sunlight, transparency, accountability and discovery of their real nature and intentions.

  4. Bill, I have’nt been in contact with you due to the fact that I personally believe that the vindetta the Judiciary has against me could be hindering you and the rest. Just here as of late I recieved a letter from the Washington State Dept. of Revenue now assaulting me fraudulently and threatening me with a phony tax warrent for $15,204.00 unless I pay this extortion amount. This is all based upon my income I reported tot he corrupt Bankrtuptcy Court that the State is clearly working in collusion with. Income I reported that I recieved separate from my little on line sales business that I have only had one in State sale with the grand total of my wopping 66 ebay sales. Which of course I paid the Dept. of Rev. immediately for right at the time of that $250.00 sale. They are threatening me now trying to take what little I have left that the Judiciary hasn’t alreadey stolen, which as you know is not much is left after the fraudulent retaliatory theft by the Judiciary & attorneys involved, the fraudulent illegal conversion of title to my home, my commercial property, commercial construction development , my beach house, and my personal residence of the last 32 years including all contents of my home, office building and mechanical and paint shop. Now they are apparently going after my few vehicles and the two boats I was illegally forced to pay extortion ransom for that they stole off of my private property via known Null & Void Orders that they fraudulently obtained by violating my due process to law, an unbiased proceeding and violated Washington State Statute that demands a Jury trial for all Real Estate Cases, viiolated my filed Jury demand and blatantly stole my money I paid for the 6 person Jury . The same jury and receipt I offered for us to use over in Kitsap Superior Court for our cause that they were not interested in taking me up on my generous offer. THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING AND THERE IS NO POINT OF GUTTER LOWNESS THAT THEY WILL NOT STUPE BELOW TO RETALIATE AND OBSTRUCT JUSTICE TO AVERT DISCLOSURE TO THE PUBLIC AND ESCAPE ACCOUNTABILITY AND CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. Just like you told me a long time ago Bill, they will continue to fraudulently start one fire after another to escape the 100% liability that even a panel of Judges that consisted of Larry , Moe and Curly could not find a reason fit for them to rerasonably and even simi legally escape on . I am trying my best down at the Ninth Circuit whereas I have presented them with Statute that null & voids each and every proceeding I have had, including the illegal eviction from my home , office and shop, whereas they had no jurisdiction what so ever . Yours in Truth
    Bruce Gambill

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