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The Problem

***Why WE are all at risk under the ‘status quo’***

by Bill Scheidler, Candidate for State Representative, 26th District, Position 1

It is simple. Our society depends upon the rule of law and the ‘fair and impartial’ adjudication of grievances. In practice, however, “the rule of law and a fair and impartial” system, when government misconduct is concerned, is manipulated by the legal establishment — including judges — and perverts the “true” values of our society.

Our early WA State Legislature, circa 1891, recognized the danger in judges using their power improperly to manipulate the law by the power they have. That is why the legislature enacted RCW 4.40.010, which still remains the law today and states,

“The common law, so far as it is not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States, or of the state of Washington nor incompatible with the institutions and condition of society in this state, shall be the rule of decision in all the courts of this state.”

This LAW, is suppose to keep the “PEOPLE” in control of how our society treats its citizens, especially when government conduct is at issue. The problem is our judges of today won’t let the common law (i.e., the will of the people envisioned by our legislature of 1891) take its natural course. Today the “manipulation” of the common law, by the legal establishment, is the practice to “tailor” or create ‘artifical’ common law to advance ‘special interest’ and NOT the interests of our society. In other words, lawyers and judges purposely prevent the evolution of the common law because it would shift power from the “legal establishment” to the people.

For example: Imagine an issue of State Oppression such as the oppression of a family by overly zealous employees of the Dept of Child Services (DSHS) – a child is improperly removed from its parents. EVERY attorney, by law, must come to the aid of this family if requested. Failure to do so is a failure to abide by the statutory oath, RCW 2.48.210, all lawyers take that mandates an attorney shall “NEVER REJECT THE CAUSE OF THE OPPRESSED”. However DSHS has their own lawyers and big law firms defending their every move – despite the “oppressive conduct” by DSHS. Lawyers’ duty is to “come to the rescue of the oppressed” NOT DEFEND the OPPRESSOR. A JUDGE is suppose to insure laws are followed, not rendered irrelevant. [Government labor unions play a big part in this upside-down conduct]

Unfortunately the legal establishment has a vested interest in “ignoring their duty” –it is all about MONEY, POWER and CONTROL. If the “legal establishment” actually followed the law, Government “oppression”, in any form, would be purged from the system and those who are at fault – FIRED! The number of “lawsuits” would be reduced too by ridding the government of corrupt or incompetent employees. But that isn’t in the best interest of lawyers — lawyers want more “unlawful conduct” and bigger government, not less, to insure the prosperity of the profession.

FOR THIS REASON ATTORNEYS MUST NOT SIT IN REVIEW OF THEIR OWN CONDUCT! The WA State Bar must be a “citizen oversight” agency of the legal profession and NOT under the judicial br.

As it is, attorneys make up the WA State Bar [WSBA] and have the sole power to decide for themselves the meaning of their oath, the ethics of the profession, and whether or not a lawyers conduct meets the standards set by that oath. The WSBA fails in its public duty to hold lawyers to their duty for the reasons noted above.

” They [WSBA] won’t prosecute attorneys from larger firms and target sole practitioners. They use illegal tactics to determine outcomes against those they choose to prosecute.” Bob Grundstein J.D.

Judge Keith Harper

And if you what evidence that judges violate the law…attached is an audio snippet from a motion hearing “Scheidler v Executive Director, Commission on Judicial Conduct and Associate Director, WSBA, et. al.” at which I objected to a WA lawyer Keith Harper, under RCW 2.28.030 from acting as judge when the judge is ‘directly interested’ in the subject matter of the case. Judicial conduct is the subject matter! Also noted in my pleading is the ‘ethical requirement’ that states judges shall disqualify themselves under the Code of Judicial conduct CJC 2.11, when a member of the judges ‘family’ is interested in the subject matter of the case. In this case the Judge’s son is a lawyer and the WA Bar is being sued – clearly the judges son has a vested interest in the Bar’s policies.  Here is the Judge’s response to my request he disqualify himself under the law – “try the moon or Mars.”

Consider this too …. as government gets bigger its legal liability gets proportionately larger as well. Said another way, as government gets bigger so will the number of lawsuits filed against the government for their increasing failure to do all that they promised to do and now must defend their misconduct or pay damages.

Common sense would lead anyone to ask, who is on the hook to pay for this increase in city, county, state – liability… these increasing lawsuits? As a matter of fact the ultimate liability will be born by insurance companies and/or taxpayers. For an insurance company there is no upside to insuring larger government, because larger government means more lawsuits. How does government protect itself from its self-created increasing liabilities…. ***it rigs the system*** — likely with the help of Judges, Insurance Companies and LARGE LAW FIRMS that are employed by cities, counties and insurance companies.

So who really PAYS in a rigged system … the person standing in front of the Judge who believes she/he is getting a “fair” trial…. if she/he even gets a trial. In other words, “JUSTICE” is sacrificed!

SURPRISED? … it is “moral inbreeding” at work! Unless you are happy with a rigged justice system, the status quo isn’t for you. If you recognize the damage to the very principles embodied in the definition of “justice”, please vote for me as 26th District State Representative, Position 1.

Thanks for reading,
Bill Scheidler

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  1. Well no not really, I’ve come to grips with the most startling ramification that Judicial Corruption has become what I can still, kind of relate to as being my life.

    Without Corruption sucking up what time or money I have available, to try and correct the most recent first class Judicial honing I received, I would very likely have to break down and rebuild some type of desirable life for myself. Further compounded by other directly related spin offs from that, like clustering my thought train up with things like investments, the market, where I wanted to go on vacation, attending business meetings, things of that nature.

    Whereas with corruption, I go to court once in awhile, then over to WalMart to get more printing paper, and ink cartridges, and then just go kick rocks as whatever Judge I received that fraudulent corrupt honing from, suggested, before they told me that they did not want to hear from me any more.

    So the more severe & totally off the hook corruption, the more deep rooted and wide spread it is spanning through State, Federal and Political, the more it really trims down a persons agenda.

    Before this severe Organized Crime RICO Corruption destroyed my credit ,my career, Stole my home, office shop and everything I owned, I was always having to go to the bank and make deposits, go to home depot and buy some type of weekend consuming maintenance product or upgrade. Busy all the time, plus having to make plans for the future on top of everything else.

    In fact, I was going to suggest to the WSBA and the CJC, that from now on the Judges and attorneys only communicate in Court via a secret code that no body else knows, so let that be the reason the threat to their monopoly on the Legal System be put to rest for a good long time. Whereas by the time the public figured out the code, they will have forgotten what the term pro se even means. And before they ever received a fair unbiased Due process honoring proceeding, we would see slaughter hogs replacing race horses at the Kentucky Derby!

    I got a hunch this will really be well received by both the Bar & the Commission. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I didn’t end up receiving some type of response letter from both the aforementioned executive officials thanking me over & over for reaching out to them, thinking of their security, bank accounts and secret vaults that hold the Gold, silver and diamonds that use to belong to us. Which there is another benefit from all the mafia style corruption, no need for that insurance policy any more, because all that stuff was stolen and now thanks to the corrupt Judiciary, not burdening you down now with having to keep it all insured!

    Some people just can’t seem to be able to locate the benefits from always looking at the bright side of things such as this Judicial Cancer Tumor that is destroying our Country, Society, economy, and our Future!

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