Prelude Nevada: Citizens are growing more and more angry. Sooner or later…

Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev) and his lawyer son may be behind the BLM’s assault on a Nevada rancher, Clive Bundy, and the taking of his cattle. While the facts are still sketchy, Liberty News Online reports the following.

Back in 2012, the New American reported that Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid, was the chief representative for a Chinese energy firm planning to build a $5-billion solar plant on public land in Laughlin, Nevada. – See more at:

The BLM assult is shaping up to be a show of force that pits ‘citizens’ against ‘government’. The following video shows just how fast citizens will band together to ward off government oppression.

Militia Groups across this country are finding more justification in their “plan of action”; as published by Thomas Mick on his blog Restoring the Republic.

When people like Harry Reid, who himself is a lawbreaker, accuses someone else of breaking the law, such arrogance serves only to incite rebellion. We — this country — is very close to an armed rebellion due to the blatantly dishonest public servants and those “lawyers” who are behind them.

As of this time, FOX news reports the BLM has backed off of their aggression and returned the cattle back to Bundy. Story here.


  1. For Sure Bill, That is good to see, and nice work by the way, getting this clip & getting it on the site working excellent. The only problem is here, like the difference between the people on the east side of Washington with the farms and Ranches, where they do have a tendency to speak a little slower, be more genuine, and stick together with their fellow Ranchers and Farmers. I learnt this well during the years I owned the vineyard over in Sunnyside and the apple orchard up in Frenchman Hills above Martha’s Café in George Wa. Whereas over here in the west side, people I have told about what happened to you & me, told them that I was a victim of a cover up, that I didn’t even know about at the time, but as a result of me finding out, and wanting justice, relief from all the ever increasing with severity, illegal corrupt injuries I have and my family received from the Judicial System trying to destroy me & silence me. Injuries to Obstruct Justice and prevent an Official investigation resulting in the public disclosure of the truth about all of the illegal Felony Corrupt Acts carried out via the Abuse of Office and Authority by our well paid Greedy & Corrupt Judicial Officials. Using their crime grunts that mascaraed as the Rights upholding Pierce County Sheriffs Dept. to enforce their totally without legal grounds null & void Orders. Which just thrills those Juvenile delinquents with a gun and a badge to know that no matter how bad they screw up, or illegally screw some innocent victim over, that the corrupt judiciary will at a drop of the hat, distort, pervert, or ignore whatever fact, Right, or statute necessary for them to be protected and get away with being the street gang in uniform that they love to be so much. Doing whatever illegal move to prevent accountability, liability and desperately trying what ever illegal recklessly lose act they can to save their pathetic disgusting selves from themselves. Right on through to fraudulently via RICO and Organized Crime, Stealing an innocent victims home, office and shop, including everything I owned. What they did not bother to steal, that were actual titles to, they damaged or took pieces of and then held at secret locations for cash only ransom extortion for $11,000.00 Thinking that I would never have access to any more cash after everything they have subjected me to since this corrupt nightmare began. Figuring that not only did they steal the home, and every prized possession, family heirloom, that me being homeless, no place of business, and no tools or equipment to make money with, that they would soon have gotten away with stealing the remainder of my vehicles, now scratched dented and screwed up, my boats and trailers, right down to all of my clothing, household supplies, appliances, brief cases, both of my desks and contents, food and cooking utensils, right down to my tooth brush and razor. But I tell various twitter mind set, self absorbed people about this over here, and they say sure, they stole your home and everything you owned. They just cannot believe the current condition of the Judicial system compounded by the plain and simple fact that they could care less , unless it was all happening to them and theirs. Which as you know, the longer they remain like this with that type of head in the sand self absorbed mind set, it will end up being them and or theirs all that much sooner, and by then, it will most likely be too late to avoid a full scale revolution, massive loss and destruction.

    Oh by the way, in regards to the CJC and over in Kitsap County I don’t care try the Moon, Mars someplace but your not getting a fair unbiased proceeding here from this corrupt Judge. Then to watch this pile of a Judge kissing the lower posterior of Miss skin and bones, was so absolutely pathetic, but did do a very nice job of portraying what a phony corrupt heap with shoes on he actually truthfully is. I have been way busy with things for down south, and up here too for which I will speak with you about when we get a chance. It might very well assist your situation with more far reaching results what I have been putting together. Anyway point being, I was going to join the effort and file one my self down at the CJC, only expecting and basically this time requesting that they be their same old fraudulent cheating lying biased prejudiced selves and handle this complaint accordingly. Nothing like having the adversary load you with more ammunition for war. Later BG

    • Bruce… thanks and be assured I am not done with the CJC or the Bar. And BTW, I’ve read the 9th’s opinion, if you want to get another point of view about that matter, give me a call.

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