How the “legal establishment” works a ‘fraud upon citizens.’

The “legal establishment” has created an insolvable riddle that traps all citizens in their quest for justice. This “design” by the legal establishment gives them “absolute” control over citizens. Said another way, the “constitutions of the United States and the constitution here in WA State” means what the “legal establishment” wants it to mean.  Citizens have NO legal recourse — except by “permission or by revolt.” Basically it works as illustrated below — A JUDGE makes any ruling, decision, factual finding, etc., that serves his own interests – either personal interests or professional interests. What typically occurs next is how citizens are trapped by such “absolute” power commandeered by the legal establishment.

Those who are following the legal proceedings in my case against Felice Congalton, Associate Director WA Bar Association, and J. Reiko Callner, Executive Director, Commission on Judicial Conduct will appreciate this TRAP from which there is no escape.

To summarize my case… a lawyer, Scott Ellerby, lied. A grievance was filed and dismissed. A lawsuit was filed and dismissed. A grievance against the judge was filed and dismissed. An appeal to the Court of Appeals was made.  Justice Joel Penoyar lied in his “rendition” of my appeal so as to protect all the lying lawyers and judges. A grievance against Penoyar for lying was made to the CJC. It was dismissed. A motion to ‘vacate’ the judgement for “fraud upon the court” due to the misconduct of these attorneys and judges. The motion was denied … you get the idea.

All grievances against all attorneys and judges for their blatant violation of law, let alone violations of their oath and code of conduct are almost always dismissed by the WA State Bar and the Commission on Judicial Conduct — WITHOUT investigation.  These “regulatory agencies” are completely within the “judicial br” — NO INDEPENDENT regulatory agency… NOT EVEN Citizens under their “inherent” power embodied in Article 1, Section 1, have “inherent power.”  

SECTION 1 POLITICAL POWER. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

Well… here we go again.  Another ‘grievance against Judge Keith Harper [the judge who said try the “moon or Mars” if you want a fair venue] has been filed with the Commission on Judicial Conduct for his violation of law — Harper failed to “disqualify” himself due to the inherent “conflict” that is illustrated above….  any guess as to what the commission on judicial conduct will do with this grievance?

Complaint against Judge Keith Harper

complaint cjc 1

complaint cjc 2


  1. Who exactly are the members of the CJC? Or is that secret? And how many of them are still active in the field of law, and how many are retired and no longer have any connection with the field other than possibly using the CJC as platform to ensure themselves “immunity” from the law ?

    • Member Current Term Ends

      Sherry Appleton 6/16/17
      Joseph G. Bell 6/16/15
      Larry D. Goldberg 6/16/17
      Judge John A. McCarthy
      Connie Michener 6/16/17
      Kathleen O’Sullivan, Attorney Member 6/16/15
      Judge George Fearing 6/16/15
      Michael J. Pontarolo, Attorney Member 6/16/16
      Judge Margaret Vail Ross 6/16/13
      Bonnie White 6/16/14
      Betsy Wilkerson 6/16/16

      Alternate Members

      Member Current Term Ends
      Robert Alsdorf, Attorney Member
      -Alternate for Michael J. Pontarolo 6/16/16
      Frances Bessermin
      -Alternate for Joe Bell 6/16/15
      Neal Blacker
      -Alternate for Sherry Appleton 6/16/17
      Richard Carlson
      -Alternate for Bonnie White 6/16/14
      Judge John Erlick
      -Alternate for Judge John A. McCarthy 6/16/14

  2. And which CJC members consider themselves to be personal friends and acquaintances of the various defendants in the set of underlying lawsuits and complaints in turn forming the basis for this complaint. These folks do not all live in the same town, and it would be relevant to know who has spent how many nights in whose homes over the past ten years as well as the extent of any private social get-togethers so that the strengths and natures of the various interrelationships can be fully disclosed. The risk in the opposite event could be a failure to disclose highly relevant biases.

    • When you look at the structure of our ‘third branch’ and how they only answer to themselves, the inbreeding is institutionalized.

      Board for Court Education (BCE)
      Board for Judicial Administration (BJA)
      Best Practices Committee
      Court Security Committee
      Justice in Jeopardy
      Long-Range Planning Committee
      Public Trust & Confidence Committee
      Trial Court Coordination Councils
      Certified Professional Guardian Board (CPGB)
      Commission on Children in Foster Care
      National Adoption Day
      Commission on Judicial Conduct
      Gender and Justice Commission
      Interpreter Commission
      Minority and Justice Commission
      Sentencing Guidelines Commission
      Washington State Jury Commission
      Bench-Bar-Press Committee
      Ethics Advisory Committee
      Ethics Opinions
      Judicial Information System
      JIS Committee
      Data Management Steering Committee
      JIS Codes Committee
      JIS Data Dissemination Committee
      Time-for-Trial Final Report
      Time-for-Trial Statistical Table
      District and Municipal Court Judges’ Association
      Washington State Bar Association
      Court Interpreters
      Courthouse Facilitators
      Drug Courts and Other Problem Solving Courts
      Guardian ad Litem
      Judicial Education
      Limited Practice Officers
      Office of Public Guardianship
      Professional Guardian Certification Program
      Washington State Center For Court Research


  3. No. 45478 -5

    Ederi Haggenmiller, Pro Se Appellant,
    The Honorable Keith Harper, Judge

    OPENING BRIEF OF APPELLANT…a public record of the court.

    That the Court adjudges and decrees that defendants
    have engaged in the conduct complained of herein RCW
    42. 20. 040- “fraud on the court”

    • Ederi, could you provide your opening brief…. As you are aware, the “judicial branch” is under attack by use and they are now on the “defensive” and will “protect their turf” to the last judge. If you find “justice denied” please consider joining us in a our ‘class claim’ that will document how the WA State Bar, by the association of members, have violated the law for their own benefit – regardless of the Bar members office or duties. Wa State’s lawyers are a RICO, who happen to occupy significant government positions… this is going to be a fight of significant proportions and we need all those who have been violated by these corrupt judges (Keith Harper for sure) to join this cause.

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