Initiative 651 – Giving us back our “justice system”

We are proud to be the sponsor of Initiative 651, which, if adopted by the legislature or makes it onto the next Ballot, will pave the way for citizens to take back our “justice system” from the “legal establishment” of lawyers, Bar Associations, and other offices of government instituted by lawyers for lawyers.

To read the full measure filed with the Secretary of State visit this link “FULL TEXT of INITIATIVE 651”


Bill Scheidler
chief activist at


  1. Because I served in combat in Vietnam, Washington State judges have seen to it that I could not get a job for the last 15 years. The judge who dismissed my discrimination lawsuit without a jury trial, Judge Richard Strophy of the Thurston County Superior Court, bragged about his National Guard service, which at the time was the way young Americans from influential families dodged the draft. He suggested on the record that veterans constituted only 59% of the minimum number of employees prescribed by the Washington Department of Personnel for the Washington Department of Ecology because veterans would be less likely than non-veterans to qualify for a job with that agency. In all, Washington State spent more than $55,000 in legal fees just to make sure that I would never be able to work for a state agency. In ten such lawsuits filed by other veterans, the Attorney General spent more than half a million dollars. Meanwhile, the governor was collecting about $4 million per year from the Department of Labor to provide special employment services for veterans.

    • Thank you for your service! And, thank you for your story that adds another example of how the “Robe” appears to mean to he or she who wears it that they are now “KING” .

      While you have already sacrificed for our country, I’ve made it my mission to insure one person, like Judge Richard Strophy, doesn’t betray all that you, and those others, have sacrificed for the ideals embodied in our constitution and to which YOU pledged your oath to defend.

      Isn’t this a compelling example of how you honored your oath to the constitution in the war you were asked to fight, but this state’s “judicial officers” find it so easy to betray their oath to the constitution by a piece of clothing they wear! How is it one person can betray all that you have fought for.

      It makes me want to puke.

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