Scheidler [Candidate for 26 Legislative District]: life prepares you, but it is up to you to fulfill life’s purpose.

It is still a few weeks before an “official” declaration of candidacy is required, but I need to begin right now. I want to be the next Representative for the 26 District.

A public servant is just that a “servant” to the public. With that obligation to serve the public is a corresponding obligation to let the public know what motivates and qualifies a person who seeks such a position of ‘service’.

Because I’m applying for a job as a public servant you, the employer, need to know every motivation I have that either qualifies me or doesn’t for the job.

Snapshot_20140411_2-1The irony is I don’t want the job! Not because of the obligations that come with being a “public servant”, but because of the contempt I have for those in ‘service’ who engage in double dealing, deceit, lies, power grabs and other conduct that I view as contemptible and repugnant to the very notion of “service” to the public that characterizes our present reality. I want nothing to do with such an “institutionalized” fraud that is absolutely intent on maintaining their power as master rather than as servant. For me to enter such an institutionalized arena of corruption would be like Daniel being fed to the lions.

Said another way, any person who enters public service with good intentions is immediately indoctrinated and corrupted by the either “play ball” or “here’s the door or else” establishment.

If this “culture” of dishonesty isn’t enough to discourage honest people from public service, there are the medical reasons specific to me that make ANY effort to do ANYTHING a daily struggle.

However in all my life, and in my life-long battle with these medical issues, I’ve done what needed to be done and nothing that I did was done out of greed or power, for lucre or malice, or for selfish reasons or done in a halfhearted manner.

So while these are reasons I don’t want the job, these are the very reasons why I should be given the job – a deep-seated dislike for what passes as ‘service’ that we must be forced to endure.

If, despite the medical challenges, I’ve earned recognition as a young person, achieved levels of professional responsibility and continue to invest my time and health in fighting for legal and judicial reform…. It must be because I believe a life must have purpose and each and every of life’s challenges is to prepare you for that purpose that is specifically mine.

This proves, in my mind, the level of dedication I have for doing what matters, regardless of the physical, emotional, and economic costs to me.

Make no mistake, I am NOT the image of a politician – I am not a social animal – just the opposite, I’m a recluse. I am not eloquent in speech; and the meds I take make speaking more difficult. I won’t be rubbing elbows with corporate big shots… rather I’ll be working to reform the legal establishment through legislation and investigations. And then studying the concerns brought to my attention. And if I must make a public appearance or a speech, it will be short and to the point. Nothing like we have today – long-winded excuses. And the most important of all, when I raise my hand to support the Constitutions of the US and WA, I will mean it!

Bill Scheidler
Chief activist at


  1. Hi Bill…sent your wonderful news out on Twitter, Linkdin and Google…..I wish you well and know when your District gets to know you, they will whole-heartedly endorse you.

    Ann Masotti

  2. Your strength is character and your means to project it is words.
    Truth is still and always respected even in a society of con men
    who work to deceive.

    In the privacy of voting, emotions have had the upper hand too long. Truth, maturity and wisdom are our only refuge from the madness of mobs and the current valueless chaos.

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