John Darash. The coming showdown: “We the PEOPLE” v “YOU — the Public Servants”!

Showdown! What, where and …. Who is moving this country to a showdown and why?

For a little perspective….. Clearly we at understand all too well the blatant and arrogant attitude the “legal establishment” of lawyers, judges, BAR associations, the judges’ associations, law professors and their colleagues have towards us people. We have reported how Scott Ellerby, a big shot attorney who has ties to the WA State Supreme Court, the WA State Bar, and even the WA State Legislature, is above the law. We reported how Jennifer Forbes, a newly elected Superior Court Judge is ill suited for the role she now has. We have reported how Justice Joel Penoyar of Division II, Court of Appeals, has lied and fabricated a ‘fiction’ in an “official filing” to support a ruling that favors SCOTT ELLERBY. We reported in how the Commission on Judicial Conduct dismisses grievance against judges and judges then dismiss lawsuits against the Commission on Judicial Conduct. The evidence is obvious in how the “legal establishment” functions for its own power and wealth and NOT to “protect and maintain individual rights” which is what the WA Constitution Article 1, Section 1, states in explicit and direct terms — government (including the Judicial Br and its agencies) is to ‘protect and maintain individual rights.’ Yet it is this “BRANCH” that is most corrupt and operates contrary to law.

And we at are actively engaged in trying to resolve the arrogant stranglehold the legal establishment has on our justice system, but is proving futile to date. The latest evidence is Judge Keith Harper’s crude comment that we need to go to the moon or Mars for a fair venue if we want an “impartial judge” to hear a case against his fellow lawyers and judges. Our case presently in the courts, is ample proof that the “legal establishment” has commandeered our “judicial br” and has NO inclination to relinquish their power, however obtained. And any lawful, peaceful, “constitutional” avenue is proving impossible. So what is the likely scenario?

Here comes John Darash. Perhaps our modern day Samuel Adams. Darash has cultivated a grassroots movement, the National Liberty Alliance (NLA), to re-establish common law grand juries across the United States. This movement is even gaining interest in the UK, Australia, Ireland and Canada. nlaHis mission is to re-constitute common law grand juries in every county of the United States and with this achievement it is hoped the “stranglehold” the “legal establishment” has on our “justice system” will END and PEOPLE will, as intended, rule over the courts and liberate the courts from the grip of the arrogant and blatantly corrupt “legal establishment”.

minutemanJohn Darash’s movement seems unstoppable … every few days the Nation Liberty Alliance announces the formation of a Grand Jury in another US county. And every few days the NLA sends letters to the so called “Oathkeepers” so as to educate these “Oathkeepers” to be true to their oath. Darash has notified the New York Sheriffs of the coming wave of “indictments” filed against the individuals who are ultimately responsible for our corrupt justice system — the Justices of state Supreme Courts. Darash’s most recent ‘shot across the bow’ is a Quo Warranto to the NY Supreme Court Justices

Where is this headed? How will it end? History suggests no ‘tyrant,’ (and it is tyranny by the arrogant lawyers and BAR Associations) leaves without a fight. Here too, there are grassroots movements preparing for just that scenario too – a fight and it will be a tragedy.

If we are a civilized society then we ‘as a society’ must call for the “legal establishment” of lawyers and Bar associations to give up their stranglehold and return our JUSTICE SYSTEM back to the PEOPLE before it is too late!

UPDATE: The NLA issued an email to all their members…. this is what we have been provided and am posting as a courtesy to the NLA.

On April 7th, in New Your Supreme Court, the Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury is indicting four NY judges on high crimes including treason. We need a big showing of support for these very serious charges against these supposed stewards of the people’s trust.

On Monday, March 24, 2014 at 1:25 PM EST in Columbia County, New York, the Common Law Grand Jury filed a “Writ of Quo Warranto” upon the New York State Unified Supreme Court Judicial Executive Officers, who are responsible for the on-site management and supervision of trial courts and agencies.

WHAT: An official hearing will be held and decisions will be decreed “by the People” in a formal open court hearing, Coram Nobis (before the People themselves), proceeding according to common law. Where the accused will be required to give account of their stewardship and answer charges of RICO, conspiracy, high treason and felony rescue.

WHEN: Monday, April 7, 2014 at 9:30AM

WHERE: New York Supreme Court, Columbia County, 621 State Route 23B, Claverack, NY 12534; – NO SIGNS!!!

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? End spying on the people, end agenda21, end safe act, end Obama care, end abusive government, and much, much, more, in short save the Republic.

We need everyone within a 100 mile radius to set aside work and other necessities of life and attend the hearing to let them know We the People are watching. Please let us know you are coming to the court by sending an email to and tell us how many people are traveling with you.

We need everyone across the nation to fax 518-851-7615:, call 518-267-3150 and send snail mail to New York Supreme Court, Columbia County; 401 Union Street; Hudson, NY., 12534, telling them We the People Across the Nation (and in NY) are watching, and we want our country back. To learn more listen to Monday nights call –

Call your friends, neighbors, local liberty groups, face book, local news, etc … because –

ONLY THE PEOPLE CAN SAVE THE REPUBLIC, but only if they STAND-UP NOW! Time is about to run out.

Support National Liberty Alliance, give $5 a month or more —>

John Darash
(845) 233-6560


  1. The only problem is with the legal establishments ability and willingness to come to grips with this, and to differentiate the difference between now and “too late” is: their whole operation revolves around the control, corruption, inconsistent select self serving application of the Law. The perversion of statute and the death grip hold on the monopolized ability to retain all of the aforementioned. Ultra compounded by the fact that they have been getting away with ever increasing levels of this for so long, that it has become the norm to them. So their severely biased outlandish conduct and related Orders & Rulings are viewed as what is referred to by annalists as “Normal Biased ”

    And unless the survival of all the aforementioned is achieved, then they are acutely aware of the fact , that to them, it marks the “end” and as being once lost, it is “too late” So the difference of correction via peaceful evolved want and need, to them produce the same results as total collapse and revolution, revolt of the mass’s and tremendous loss & destruction.

    So they are down for this, because either way, it produces the same exact results in their narrow minded short sighted self prioritized interpretation of the world, this country, including its people. Which the people it and they were meant to serve first and foremost, come in dead last and are the very least of their concerns. Practically light years from any valued and recognized list of their priorities.

    This being the fuel for the ridiculous & hopeless statement by Miss Schimpff (?) in regards to the judicial system being terminally infested with corruption, and as to how that was just out of the question. Basically providing her with the confidence and ability to attempt to convince us all that night is really day and I am really a full blooded Chinese man, and you Mr. Scheidler are really Putin’s personal advisor and just fool around with this site in your spare time when your not personally helping determine the fate of all Russia, the Ukraine etc etc. .

    • You’re right, what we have, or been duped into believing, is in an illusion of “justice” … but in reality it’s a house of cards… doesn’t matter who removes the first card, only that once it is removed the whole house will collapse.

      This is no different than the ‘too big to fail’ fiasco that the wizards of wall street inflicted upon the rest of us.

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