Guardianship abuse: The stalking of the elderly by professional predators 03/23 by Marti Oakley | Family Podcasts

Guardianship abuse: The stalking of the elderly by professional predators 03/23 by Marti Oakley | Family Podcasts.

This exploitation is NOT done by family members or friends. It is perpetrated by professionals who operate under the protection of the BAR Association and facilitated by probate court judges. In less than 5% of the cases of exloitation is the involvement of family members. 95% of the time on average, it is by professional strangers to the victim and family.

As billions are stolen annually by predatory guardians and immoral attorney’s, our legislative representatives feign ignorance of the theft and exploitation. In a few cases, there appears to be some movement towards ending the exploitation… least by family members. The professional predators appear to be untouchable.

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  1. Member of the Washington State Board of Governors, Brad Furlong, is also attorney for Skagit Valley Hospital. Furlong is responsible for hospital legal matters overall. When a patient is unable to handle their own affairs Furlong hires Barry Meyers who rents office space from him to petition the court to be the patient’s guardian. Barry Meyers (and formerly James Dolan who was in practice with Meyers) then petitions the Court for a court appointed guardian ad litem to be appointed to investigate the need for a guardian. This person is more often than not Furlong’s wife, Eileen Butler. Butler does little if any, investigation and usually a professional manager is appointed who uses BArry Meyers to bleed the incapacitated person.

    WSBA investigated the person reporting these abuses and suspended the whistle blower without even addressing the reported abuses.

    This whole affair was investigated by the WSBA and resulted in suspension of Rosemary Kamb instead of investigating Furlong, Meyers, Butler and Dolan.

    So who is the bar association in Washington state protecting? Certainly not the public.

  2. Rosemary Kamb was the whistle blower. She should not be made the bad guy the way the WSBA did their investigation Dolan, Meyers, Furlong and his wife Eileen Butler all testified against Kamb so the bar would not listen to her side of the situation where she obviously was the only one helping to get the woman real care. That was verified by the care manager of the client’s nursing home, name of Norma Grey. Instead of Kamb’s name coming up it should be that rotten Eileen Butler who did such an awful Guardian ad Litem report

  3. I’m confused. Rosemary Kamb has just pleaded guilty to fleecing her elderly clients (no contest plea or not, it’s a guilty plea!) and is looking at up to four years in jail. Who are we to believe? If only Rosemary and “Sunny” somehow knew each other and could enlighten us OR if Rosemary could possibly let us know…*

    *Most prisons will let you have access to the internet for a half hour or so a week so use it wisely Rosemary.

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