Bob Grundstein: lawyer, warrior … now, “VENDETTA”

I have known Bob Grundstein for some years and know of his utter disgust with his chosen profession — he is a lawyer but he would be the first to say that there is very little “law” in LAWyer.

A couple of articles published by focused on Bob’s efforts to address the “legal establishments” blatant disregard for the rule of law and how the “legal establishment” functions primarily to protect their grip on power.Now, Bob, in addition to his personal legal efforts still underway in the courts, has written about our corrupt judiciary and its mortal threat to our very society. The book is “VENDETTA”.


“Vendetta” tells the hidden story of an attorney who wrote an editorial critical of a Bedford Ohio judge, after which he was pursued across the country by several sets of police and banned from all Ohio court review. It exposes the sequestered and organized corruption of a politicized state judiciary that intentionally failed on an alarming scale from the local to the federal level. The failure not only represents a ruined structure, but the grass roots deterioration of American character. “Vendetta” shows how elected judiciaries fail and how judges, police, prosecutors and even court clerical staff turned institutions charged with maintaining ethical standards into criminal, personal interest groups.

For those who want to know a little about Bob Grundstein, asked Bob to answer a few questions … here is Bob Grundstein.

CorruptWA: Who are you and what makes you tick?

Bob: I’m a person who believed in supporting quality human relationships and that people want to do the right thing. I was proven incorrect.

CorruptWA: Of all your interests … music, real estate, construction…. why did you choose law?

Bob: My father was a professor of law and a scholar. We were interested in ethical systems and the tension between regarding humans as things of intrinsic value and their utility. The moral thing can be difficult because it can have social and economic costs.

CorruptWA: What area of law?

Bob: I became interested in federal and appellate law. Constitutional and jurisprudential issues. The judges tend to be better, (except in the 6th circuit which includes Ohio) and the arguments are more intellectually accountable. You can’t imagine the filth attorney’s offer to judges. In a partisan and politicized judiciary, a lot of it gets accepted. A person can’t go to court without an attorney on preferred terms with a judge.

CorruptWA: When did you first realize the reality of the legal establishment didn’t match the ‘ideal’? (since I’m battling the WSBA it would be relevant to the web site to comment on that association.)

Bob: There’s an entire chapter on the WSBA… My first encounter with the judiciary involved my mother. My father died in 2000 and she was very vulnerable. She missed my father desperately. For some reason she consigned some of our collectibles to a fine-arts consignee in Cleveland. I don’t know why. She had an ample pension and her house was paid in full. She didn’t need the money. At any rate, the consignee (Wolf’s Gallery Inc.) realized $25,000.00 on her antiques and gave her nothing. I filed on her behalf. The suit was dismissed on a procedural basis in Cleveland, Ohio and I appealed. I won the appeal and the case was remanded to EX judge Lillian Greene. Greene refused to hear the case. Opposing counsel never even filed an answer and Greene refused to grant Default Judgment. A propos to nothing, opposing counsel asked to have filing restrictions imposed against me and for an award of $10,000.00 in attorney fees. This can’t be done. Filing restrictions in Ohio are done pursuant to a statute, (ORC 2323.52) and require a new filing….a new Complaint, Summons and Service. It’s a new action. Greene imposed filing restrictions without a hearing or a Complaint. She had no jurisdiction to impose them. She also awarded attorney fees to opposing counsel. I appealed and the Ohio 8th District refused to hear an appeal. I had an appeal of right. The 8th District had to hear the appeal under the Ohio Constitution and State appellate rules 3 and 4. The appellate court just said it’s rules didn’t apply if they didn’t like you.

CorruptWA: So you wrote a book…. tell a little and where it is available.

Bob: Yes. I couldn’t stand the lies and violence that was being perpetrated across the county by a corrupt judiciary and the participating attorneys. I was ultimately silenced, excluded from all Ohio courts (that’s what happens when filing restrictions are imposed. You can’t file in any Ohio court without permission of the court that imposed the original restrictions) fined and put in jail for defending my newly widowed mother and exercising my First Amendment rights. In the end, this is my country and I have to protect it’s ethical character.

The book is available on any internet book site including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. It’s also available as a Kindle format.

CorruptWA: From your experiences, do you have any solutions to the troubles you see and is there hope?

Bob: I’m not sure. We’re a nation in decline. The deterioration of the American legal system is bad and it’s worst where the judiciary is elected. The gruesome failures weren’t just limited to Cleveland, which was raided by the FBI. It’s happening in WA state, Texas, Pennsylvania and other places in which the judiciary is elected. The idea of non-functional right and wrong has deteriorated and may not really exist to a significant extent. We’re into asset transfer. The legal system has become an interest group and a means to provide income for those who are a part of preferred relationships.

There are some things that can be done to improve elected judiciaries, one of which is to rotate judges from county to county every year. That way preferential and corrupt relations won’t be formed between judges who sit in a county for 30 years and local attorneys, civil administrations, prosecutors and appellate courts.

Vendetta 2

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  1. “Vendetta” shows how elected judiciaries fail and how judges, police, prosecutors and even court clerical staff turned institutions charged with maintaining ethical standards into criminal, personal interest groups”

    I know all too well now, this is true! I was studying to be a prosecuting attorney for WA State until the sexual abuse by an Everett (WA) Police Officer. Now I have NO DESIRE to be an Attorney (civil or criminal) I’ve seen first hand how CORRUPT the “Law” really is & I want nothing to do with it anymore. My dreams of becoming a Lawyer have been crushed, but at the same time, it was a blessing in disguise!

    The pure Hell I’ve suffered through trying to stop this abuse by our Police in our state has nearly taken my life many times over. Please feel free to find me at Miss Bren’s Law WA State 2014-ZERO TOLERANCE For ALL Police Sexual Misconducts- and you will understand what I am talking about.

    I think would enjoy reading Bob’s book….

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