One Down, One to go! Justice Joel Penoyar retires after a little more than one year into his term

It appears that Justice Joel Penoyar has called it quits. In 2012 Penoyar ran unopposed for position one of the Division II Court of Appeals. Now he has called it quits according to the

I’d like to think “public pressure” from those reading Dirty Slick Joel Penoyar had a lot to do with it, but we will never know.

But just in case…. MY THANKS to those who took action to bring about Penoyar’s exit.

Judge Hull…. maybe you should be worried.

AND close behind will be Judge Jennifer Forbes.


  1. I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I do recall doing a Google search on “Penoyar resignation” several weeks ago and not finding the article in question. Regardless of whether it has been backdated as a way to save face or it really did take place last November, I find the result to be extremely, extremely appropriate and hopefully many other folks will now be spared the heartaches of the consequences of having an individual performing the function of a judge who was so severely challenged by the task.

  2. There’s nothing about him also resigning/retiring from the WSBA as far as I can see. Kinda seems sort of like a plea bargain because of that – he is on record ruling that folks with even unrelated ethics problems should have their professional licenses forcibly revoked for essentially the sake of the reputation of the profession itself (a case a while back involving a civil engineer who evidently was a sex offender, don’t recall the details but it I saw it on the Internet). There are several possible ways to interpret its retention. The negative is that it leaves the door open to possible future meddling, hopefully that’s not the intent.

  3. From:

    “He was elected to a six year term in 2006. He left the Court of Appeals in 2104 to accept appointment as the Chief Judge of the Quinault Tribal Court.”

    This illustrates perfectly the problems folks have with this guy pretending to be a competent judge. Firstly, a six-year term would expire in 2012. Then we evidently have an interlude of 2 years after which he “leaves” the position in order to accept the Chief Judge position with the tribal court. Secondly, basic competence in math and logical consistency are a necessary part of legal arguments and making judgements. Either the guy is mentally dysfunctional now or we have a five-year old speaking to what he perceives to be a large audience of much younger toddlers. Thirdly, resigning an elected position on the Court of Appeals to accept an appointment with the tribal court is not, I presume, generally regarded as a step up in the world by his fellow WSBA colleages – and the presumption that the general public would accept that as a rational explanation is simply laughable. That in turn does not make for the confidence and trust that the tribal appointment REQUIRES (Penoyar is from Michigan and not a member of the tribe as I understand it).

  4. No he is not a member of our tribe but I believe I read somewhere he is trying to be adopt in? I just recently googled his name because my mom, who is 83 Years old was charged with malicious mischief for anointing the door of the courthouse with olive oil. They put her in jail today for 24 hours. They also put her on house arrest twice! We have been asking for legal help but always turned down. Is there anybody that can help us? Bill Scheidler is right, Joel Penoyar is Dirty Slick as they come!

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