Yet AGAIN! J. Reiko Callner, Esq., and Felice Congalton, Esq., under pressure for their criminal conduct.

On February 4, 2014, Cameo C. Massey filed papers with the Kitsap Superior Court to “intervene” as intervenor plaintiff, with Scheidler, in his complaint against the unlawful conduct of Felice Congalton, Esq., Associate Director, WA State Bar.

READ the charges at this link Cause quo warranto v Callner Congalton (1)-signed

Ms. Massey, as 1000’s of other victims of attorney misconduct, had her ‘grievances’ against attorneys dismissed.

Thank you Cameo C. Massey, for your courage, your support, and your tireless quest to hold attorneys accountable to their Code of Conduct and THE LAW!

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  1. I want to Thank Bill Scheidler and Corrupt WA, for giving me hope in having my voice heard. We cannot expect Attorneys to uphold the law, if the persons who are supposed to hold them accountable, are fellow Attorneys – who are just as corrupt if not more so!

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