Scott Ellerby, Esq., POSTER CHILD of the “legal establishments” downfall!!

Scott Ellerby - Crooked Dirty Attorney
Scott Ellerby, Esq., poster of all that is wrong with the legal profession

In all started back in 1998, when my attorney, Scott Ellerby, lied to me so he could withdraw from my case against a corrupt county assessor, James Avery.Jim-6-7-102 Ellerby claimed he had to withdraw because the corrupt county assessor’s lawyer, Cassandra Noble, required his withdrawal due to a “conflict of interest”. This has now been proved a lie because Ellerby now claims no such conflict required him to withdraw. When I learned that my lawyer, Scott Ellerby, lied so he could abandon me and thereby save this corrupt county assessor, I asked for a refund of the ~$2300 that I paid Ellerby. That is when he lied again, this time to his boss Larry Mills, Esq. The lie he told to Mills to keep the $2300 was ‘he didn’t have nor did he withdraw due to a ‘conflict’, rather he claimed that I had asked him to withdraw.

Long story short… I sued Scott Ellerby, Esq., for the lies he told. To read the complaint against Ellerby click this link.Complaint against Ellerby Scott Ellerby hired his defense team from Lee Smart PS Inc., headed by Jeffrey Downer. jpd Long story short, Jeffrey Downer lied to Judge Russell Hartman in order to get a sanction of $132,000 and the dismissal of my case against his client, Scott Ellerby.

Long story short …. I appealed the dismissal of my case and the $132,000 sanction against me to the Court of Appeals. Justice Joel Penoyar,

Justice Penoyar is so slick not even the truth will stick.
Justice Penoyar is so slick not even the truth will stick.
along with Justices Johanson and Alexander, reversed the $132000 sanction as “manifestly unreasonable” but refused to reverse the dismissal of the lawsuit against lawyer Scott Ellerby. The reasons for one being “manifestly unreasonable” (the ~$132K) and not the other (the dismissal of the case) is another example of lying about the facts to get an unjust result. To read about this matter click this link to read my latest brief on this issue. Opening Brief v3 nov 2013

Long story short…. completely fed up with the dishonesty of these lawyers I filed “grievances” with the WA State Bar and with the Commission on Judicial Conduct. And as the tradition goes… the WSBA and the Commission on Judicial Conduct dismissed these grievances.

AND that brings us to the present. I sued Associate Director, WSBA, Felice Congalton, Esq., and Executive Director, CJC, J. Reiko Callner for “official misconduct”. To read the complaint click this link Cause quo warranto v Callner Congalton (1)-signedReiko If OUR REGULATORY AGENCIES do not REGULATE their respective professions… We Citizens will be nothing more than the play-toys of the “legal establishment”.

So this makes Scott Ellerby, Esq., “THE LAWYER,” who by his lies, has TARNISHED EVERYONE this case has touched. Now the jobs of Congalton and Callner are in the hands of a jury… because of Ellerby!

Latest Court filing: Click icon for
Scheidler’s motion to strike defendant Callner and Congalton’s motion to dismiss.
Hull's ruling for reconsideration


  1. Excellent motion! In my personal opinion they made a huge mistake by involving the AG and then evidently trying to stand pat on the assumption that such would project enough power all on its own to trump all matters of fact and law. Kinda lends creedence to the allegation in the lawsuit, i.e. serves as EVIDENCE to support the very allegation being made.

  2. The problems I read on these pages are exactly why I suggest people create paper trails. That includes letters of confirmation of what the attorney said. With email, it’s even easier to verify the communication was received.

    When using hard copy documents of things like instructions to the attorney, I always include two and have the attorney or his/her representative stamp and sign my copy.

    If more people did this, there would more hits on attorneys’ Omissions and Errors Insurance, and a greater likelihood qui tam type actions would be successful against public defenders.

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