WA State Attorney General says “Goverment Officials” can violate the law and citizens have no say about it!

It’s official WA State Citizens are simply Government’s play-toys.

This story relates to Charges filed against J. Reiko Callner and Felice Congalton, who are two lawyers and happen to hold high government office. Is it any wonder that our states highest lawyer, Bob Ferguson, a state official, wants these two lawyers to get off with their crimes.

Scheidler filed “criminal charges” against both Felice Congalton (a lawyer) and J. Reiko Callner (a lawyer) for “official misconduct”. Both lawyers, Congalton and Callner, hold important offices of state government. Congalton is Associate Director of the WA State Bar, who is supposed to hold attorneys accountable to their Oath and Code of Conduct — She doesn’t! Callner is Executive Director of the Commission on Judicial Conduct, who is supposed to hold judges to their oath and to the law — She doesn’t.

In response to Scheidler’s complaint alleging “official misconduct” and other crimes committed by Congalton and Callner, clearly issues of substantial public importance — that is if you want an honest justice system, both Callner and Congalton claim the following:

1) They are immune from all charges of criminal conduct.
2) Scheidler doesn’t have a right to have a court address crimes committed by Callner and Congalton against Scheidler… only a “prosecuting authority” has such power.
3) Because of these claimed immunities and prohibition in Scheidler filing his case of criminal conduct, Scheidler’s case must be dismissed and monetary “sanctiones” imposed upon Scheidler to pay Congaltons legal fees.

Of course the laws contradict these outlandish claims. In fact, our WA State Constitution, Article 2, Section 28(16) prevents the passage of any law that imposes “limitation of civil or criminal actions.” So they are not immune as they claim.

And then there are constitutional and statutory rights of action against “criminals” who occupy governmental offices.
ARTICLE 5, SECTION 3 REMOVAL FROM OFFICE. All officers not liable to impeachment shall be subject to removal for misconduct or malfeasance in office, in such manner as may be provided by law.
And the cause that grants Scheidler his day in court is RCW 7.56 that is clearly a citizens right to file “criminal charges” against “any officer” who unlawfully exercises his office.

The sad fact is…. if laws and constitutional rights mattered, this web site would not be necessary. It is only because the “legal establishment of lawyers and Bar Associations,” by commandeering our judicial branch and their habitual and blatant violation of law, citizens have begun to rise up and demand “JUSTICE”.

Congalton’s motion to dismiss and Callner’s motion are both scheduled for

HEARING: Friday, February 7, 2014, at the Kitsap County Courthouse,
614 Division Street, Port Orchard, WA.

Doors open at 9AM and the case will be heard between 9AM-12PM.



  1. A terribly weak defense that evidently relies entirely upon a decision of a member of the WSBA sitting in the roie of a judge.

    Also, as I understand it, “civil rights” – which include “due process rights” are guaranteed by the Federal Government. That kicks the case into a realm not controlled by the WSBA.

    • The entire legal establishment has utilized their “good-ole-boy” fraternity for two simple reasons — power and wealth! If the “law” ever meant anything it has been replaced by the legal profession’s greed and corruption. The reality is these lawyers have had ‘decades’ to work to commandeer the “justice system;” and are in the same process of putting lawyers in our Legislature, (the executive br is already inhabited by a WSBA lawyer) and on state boards, commissions and in state agencies. Soon our Government will be a function of the WA State Bar and citizens will need to go to the streets to reclaim our institutions from the grip of the legal enterprise. Such a revolt is in its early stages, UNLESS people become aware of the dangers that the legal profession has brought upon us and VOICE their concerns loudly and constantly!

  2. The WSBA & the CJC have abused the Public for so long with errors of Law, fact . Distorting the purpose and intent of their even, being, regarding addressing their function’s at both agencies. Consistently ignoring the facts, the truth within these grievances / complaints filed.

    So accustomed to dismissing them for invalid/ untrue reasons, they obviously have exceeded the point of severe biased miscarriage of justice so far and for so long, that it is perceived as being their Right to continue to do so .

    Since it has been allowed and condoned by other Lawyers and Judge’s consistently for this many years and cases, would clearly demonstrate the undeniable need to champion this cause. To realistically achieve the deep cleaning that is so desperately needed within the Judicial System, here in Washington especially.

    Having no Judicial Ombudsman has been very helpful to their cause, no one with any authority to represent the defrauded & injured public after another ignore the Truth Session and Standard Dismissal.

  3. Well isn’t that interesting, that our attorney General would find it within his scope and jurisdiction to become involved in matters concerning the WSBA and the CJC.

    I say this because when I personally contacted the Attorney Generals Office and attempted to ask for assistance concerning the blatant Fraud committed towards me by Elizabeth Turner in the Lawyers Fund For Client Protection. Whereas Robert Welden who was intent on denying my application to the Fund, even though my application fell well within the Funds set guidelines for successfully receiving a gift from the Fund, which states clearly on the Funds printed brochure that if a lawyer stole money from you or and an illegal act by this lawyer directly caused you to lose money, then that was the purpose of the Fund to replenish this unjust illegal forced loss.

    Grahn was suspended from practice on 2 separate suspension spans during my divorce that Grahn & Cross drug this divorce out covering 2 1/2 years while they methodically fleeced every real estate asset from me plus additional cash I had. Which included our 2000sq. ft beach home that was sitting on 1/2 an acre right on the beach in Gold Beach Oregon. All freshly remodeled with new carpet, new English tile floors , argon filled triple pane windows, new roof , deck and paint inside and out. I had put a little over $75,000.00 down on the place 5 years before the divorce and had paid the payments, insurance and taxes during the 5 years, done all the upkeep and completely re-landscaped the entire property, but outside of a few house Payments that were made from the sales proceeds for the family home up on Lk Whitman, I never saw a dime of that money, the attorneys got it all . They also got the money out of my 2/3rds of a city block of commercial property in down town Gold Beach that I had put $52,000.00 down on and paid the payments, taxes , insurance and done the up keep for over 2 yrs. In the end I saw approx. 8k . The attorneys also purposely botched my 1031 reverse exchange for the other large commercial property right across hyw. 101 from the other that I owned in down town Gold Beach. The exchange property was another Lake Front home with Mt. View on Lk. Whitman here in Wa. State that I had bought years before, remodeled, hauled in 2500 yds of fill dirt, put in a new engineered Septic System and well, so I had at least another 45k out of pocket invested in that place with a lot of hard work. But the attorneys did not want to see my money leave the state of Wa. and get tied up in the commercial development that I had just worked 14 months on in gold Beach that was fully permitted , financing approved and ready to break ground on as soon as the 1031 exchange money arrived at the accommodator of the exchange in Oregon. But even though I was due to receive a check for $400,000.00 upon breaking ground in Gold Beach representing my previous 14 months of hard work, multiple permits through Army Corp. of engineers, Fish and Game, Curry County, City of Gold Beach. State of Oregon Dept. of Hyw’s , all the architectural drawings for the complex and the site, and part of this 400k was representing my exchange lake front home & me overseeing all construction until completion at which time I would own the complex valued at a conservative $1,250,000.00. Great plan and the city & county wanted the project to be completed but the attorneys did not. So they told my ex to just not sign the Sale papers and the money would stay here from the other lakefront home and she would get a separate check for 1/2 the proceeds. Banking on she was greedy enough, vindictive enough and saturated in vodka enough to go for this , and bingo! she was. But da, we are in a divorce, so the last day to qualify for the exchange , she is calling the title company for her check for 1/2 the sale proceeds. The gals at the escrow office finally got it through her head that no body was getting a dime now that she blew the exchange, and all that money was going to the attorneys trust account , exactly as they had planned. I never saw a dime and neither did my ex, the attorneys got it all.

    Grahn had refused to allow me to use my own money to pay the payments on the family lakefront home here in Wa.State on Lake Whitman also. This was during the divorce and placed our home into default with over $60,000.00 of my money sitting in their Trust account that I could not use to get the payments made on a loan his client and myself were both responsible for making the payments on. With that damaging my good hard earned credit and costing me another $10,000.00 to get the loan re instated that time. Then Grahn & Cross along with cooperation from my ex, defraud my kids & I out of our right to receive child support in excess of another projected $30,000.00 which is totally illegal , fraud or not. No one can strip from innocent children their right to receive child support from an able bodied parent. No judge,, no court , no attorney, no parent, no one. but did not matter, a Superior court Judge signed the illegal Order any way clearly against Wa. State Law. At this same defraud party these attorneys had, they defrauded me out of my deed release to the family home , stole another $1500.00 of my money from the trust account, withheld the deed release to intentionally cause me to lose my new fully approved and affordable mortgage loan, causing the home to slip into default and ultimately into foreclosure and into a illegally forced bankruptcy. I filed motions to superior Court for contempt of court and a emergency motion to save the family home and to prevent having to file a totally unnecessary fraudulent bankruptcy . The Superior court never responded to these filed time & date stamped motions. I could not understand why, I was going crazy with stress watching myself be financially destroyed. But at that time I had no clue that Grahn had become suspended from practice of law , or that while he was suspended from practice , that the Superior court had allowed him to continue to practice law totally unlicensed to do so multiple times. In the motions I filed to the Sup. Ct. I had notified the Sup. Ct. of these 3 felony crimes that had been committed towards me by the attorneys and my now ex wife that were happening right in front of the courts face. Still no response to any of it. I could not believe what was happening , but needless to say, if the Superior Court would have responded and helped stop these ongoing felony crimes and produced the defrauded deed release, it would have exposed the truth about the Sup.Ct. gross unprofessional negligence allowing Grahn to practice Law multiple times unlicensed, and the sup.Ct’s total liability for all of it. So the Sup ct. just sat back and allowed the felony crimes and for me to be illegally forced into bankruptcy, destroying my credit, my career due to now not being able to purchase a bond that was necessary for me to be legally licensed in Wa. State.So the bankruptcy , foreclosure , fines and fee’s and high % rate all cost me $288.712.36 out of pocket because of the attorneys and the Sup. Ct which was all documented illegally forced loss.

    So long story but when I applied to the lawyers fund and provided all my documentation to back all of this up including the motions filed ,, everything. Robert Welden about came unsoldered thinking that their piggy bank was going to be 300k lighter, he was determined not to Fund.

    So he tries to deny it for untimeliness but that did not fly because there was no time limit. So he tells me that he is going to send it over to another attorney for a second opinion. Which only amounted to handing it over to the desk next to his , and his assistant Elizabeth Turner. So Miss Turner changes all the facts in my application around 180 degrees to read the exact opposite to what in truth had really taken place. Now saying that I had lost my home years ago and that I did not agree to release $1500.00 of my money upon delivery to me the signed and notarized quit claim deed release to the family home. So based on this blatant fraud Miss Turner had just committed to swindle me out of my right to have my application funded for the $288,712.36, she denies the application based on they do not fund for Fee disputes nor do they Fund for consequential damages . She then signs her name to this blatant fraud on her own letter head and sends a copy to me at the address of a home that she had just said I had lost years before!!

    So I go to the Attorney General Office with all of this, they tell me too bad, they can not touch anything to do with the Judicial System so good bye Bruce. Also that if I would want to pursue this matter further, for me to contact the Clerks Office at the Supreme court. I had already done that, and on the same day the Attorney General tells me that they can not become involved (LIKE the LIARS ARE IN THIS CASE RIGHT NOW) The superior court Clerk and WSBA Task Force Agent Ron Carpenter responds to my notice to his Office about their Bar Association and the blatant Fraud perpetrated against me by the assistant to the General council and Mr. Welden, Miss Elizabeth Turner.

    I had provided Carpenter of a copy of the signed fraudulent document used to deprive me of the 288k . Plus copies of the filed motions to sup. ct. that were never replied to. Carpenter being the head Clerk and task force agent, tells me that he nor his Office are concerned with the conduct of the Officials of the WSBA , so too bad. Which of course would naturally leave no one at all, so like the WSBA did not already know that the Supreme court was going to cover for them committing this blatant felony Fraud right in front of everyone and signing it on their own letterhead. NOTHING LIKE A LITTLE RIDING WITH RICO AND COLORING THE LAW TO THE SHADE THAT RICO LIKES BEST!!

    So I write an email to Julie Shankland who is the PR for the disciplinary board at the WSBA, telling her that I had some suggestions for them to possibly incorporate into their next quarterly meeting that would really streamline their entire program. That once done, it would just about guarantee to eliminate all future grievances , because according to what the disciplinary Board had just got done dismissing in all 3 grievances I filed with the WSBA, that apparently my suggestions were already being used anyway.

    Which my suggestions consisted of under the Right to practice rule, the right to steal money from the client, right to retain unaccounted for funds, right to conspire with opposing council to defraud your own client, right to practice law while currently suspended from practice(UNSTOPPABLE!!!) That once these rules were Officially put in place , it should make it just about impossible to file any future grievances against one of their outstanding members, due to there no longer being any grounds for doing so.

    I told Miss Shankland that it was hard for me to believe that someone hadn’t already beat me to the punch on all of this, but if not, to please distribute this email throughout your entire operation. So as to get everyone geared up for the next quarterly meeting . Apparently when Miss Shankland shared my helpful hints with the executive officials , they popped out of gear,and filed a grievance for me against Miss Turner with out my knowledge or consent. Based on this email only, nothing from my enormous file up at the WSBA, just the one page email. Sent it down to the “Cant get involved Attorney Generals Office” to an attorney named Mosner for him to be an unbiased Judge of this 1 page email grievance that I did not even know about. Which of course Mosner denies the grievance and writes me a letter basically accusing me of looking for free money when it was my money that had been illegally forced to lose which only amounted to a drop in the bucket to what this BS had really cost me. I tell Mosner that the only thing I had ever been involved with concerning free money and this State, was when I had attended a school meeting up at Eatonville where my kids attended school and it had been announced that they were fearful of hardly any students being able to attend science camp that year due to bad economy and struggling parents. So I gave the school one of my front line used cars for the kids to raffle off and everyone attended science camp that year and they got 3 new computer labs and all new computers with the rest of the $$ left over ,I never heard a word back from the Cracker__s Mosner. The WSBA finished defrauding me and trying to cover their tracks and wow , what a great Bar Association and Lawyers Fund. A Lawyers Fund you can go to and get defrauded, lied to and cheated practically worse than the attorneys who brought you to the Fund in the first place!!! What a crew, nothing like all ganging up on one victim at a time!

    • Bruce, I had a similar issue with Mr. Cross (who has also represented me before) once years ago in a divorce proceeding. A new version of a Subchapter S income tax statement that had already been filed with the IRS suddenly appeared instead in the evidence submitted in the divorce proceedings later on in the year with an altered ownership structure that could only have been legitimized, if at all, by backdating in the offices of Mr. Cross – it was really blatant. When I was growing up we called it “cheating”, not sure what it’s called now.

  4. The AG’s line of reasoning evidently wants to see civil suits for damages concerning denial of due process rights and/or these same charges refiled against the entire set of judges on the supervising committee instead. Hard to discern without more info. Ultimately, it’s all about folks with official positions anyway.

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