1. Spread the word to all public citizens so that all shall rise up and demand the letter of the law, or jail forthwith.
    My son was just served a fraudulent restraining order at 8 AM this morning from his estranged wife, who abandoned him with their baby 3 months ago and moved to Bellingham. She filed in Whatcom County even though they lived in Pierce County. She is a basket case and slugged me, (I’m 70 y.o., punched holes in my doors, and otherwise went nuts. He is in for a horrific experience because there is NO truth in our courts today. He was stolen from me via corrupt courts, for six years, before they finally returned him to me.
    The general public deserves the truth, or we need to overwhelm our courthouses and legislators with demonstrations.

    • Sharon, citizens are at the beginning stages of a major uprising in this country. The “legal establishment” has “ruined” our trust in our government. Just like Attorney General Bob Ferguson… he is all about protecting his lawyer friends from us, rather the protect us from his corrupt friends.

      The true horror is in the reality that the “legal establishment” has constructed their house of cards and they will do anything to anyone to keep their ‘fraud’ intact. This is why we have “lawyers” in every major government office… to protect their “legal enterprise” of raping citizens.

      • I respect and honor the younger generation because they have the courage to challenge our evil government. Indeed, we are in great need of a huge uprising against these horrendous criminals. I filed a complaint against Felice Congalton at AVVO today, but they emailed me and said it will take 72 hours for approval. These fools! We all know that’s a lie and we know that they will not publish the truth because they do not know how to make an honest living and must resort to lies, treachery and destruction against the general public. My most sincere prayers are with each and every one of you who are working to correct the courthouse and government heinous and evil crimes that is destroying our families and innocent children. Is anybody aware of just one person that feels justice has prevailed in their case? Never!

  2. The Attorney General also released my father from a Mental Hospital, after he was committed there by the courts, The reasoning? Well if they ask the patient if they plan on hurting themselves or someone else, and they answer NO, then they must legally release them back on the street within 72 hours. My father was in and out of jail and mental hospitals for a couple years as his dementia got worse and he became more violent. He had multiple restraining orders against him by Judges, Police Officers, Lawyers, Doctors, Family Members, and others that he had either physically assaulted or threatened to kill. Last time they released him he beat up a young woman and put her into a coma. Despite it all being on video tape, and the fact that he was arrested by police while trying to drag her naked body back into his apartment – my father had no recollection and denied knowing anything about it. Didn’t matter, Attorney General couldn’t seem to comprehend, that my father had a ‘mental illness’ he wasn’t ‘insane’….but he was a danger not only to himself, but society as well.

  3. Washington politicians set themselves above the law a long time ago. Washington State is an oligarchy. If a powerful politician is not elected, the ballots are recounted again and again until the count giver the victory to the one who is supposed to win. During her eight years in office, former Governor Christine Gregoire received about 4 million dollars each year from the Department of Labor to provide special employment services to veterans. Because she was spending the state into bankruptcy for failed construction projects, she simply fired the state-paid employees of the Employment Security Department and let the federally-paid veterans’ specialists do all the work for the agency. Naturally, the specialists had no time to serve veterans, and they stated that when veterans asked for assistance. I filed a complaint with the present governor and U. S. Attorney General Holder that former Governor Gregoire had misappropriated $32,000,000 while in office. Nobody in authority feels like investigating this matter. Gregoire did everything possible to ruin the lives of veterans. Before becoming governor, Gregoire successfully argued a case before the state Court of Appeals in Seattle to have the Washington State veterans’ preference law declared unconstitutional, even though the law had been declared to be constitutional in 1955. Having veterans’ preference declared unconstitutional has been attempted before the U.S. Supreme Court and the courts of many other states, always unsuccessfully. Gregoire succeeded where all others failed in order to keep veterans from finding jobs in the state civil service. The Supreme Court of Washington has continually refused to review this decision, letting the appeals’ court decision stand. When you see a veteran begging at a freeway exit, that is the doing of former Governor Gregoire, who takes money from the fed for veterans and uses it for other things, including paying state lawyers to keep veterans from working for the state.

  4. Wow. Just spectacular but at the same time a very puzzling statement made by an Attorney General from the State Of Washington. Who does he think he is to say that. So since government officials can violate laws, why can’t citizens also do the same. Maybe the Attorney General from the State Of Washington needs a little wake up call and bring his ego down to a minimum. How would he like it if someone went into his home and just destroyed it, He has no say about it.This country is a disaster and the “so called leaders” of the United States Of America has appointed to create justice is nothing more than a Joke. This Attorney General needs to be removed from office immediately. He is despicable pathetic leader that cares about nothing other than fake colleagues surrounding him. When the citizens of the state of washington are feed up with all the BS from their state officials. Officials need to remember that they created their own destiny and the road they chose.. I wish that attorney general is removed ASAP. He is not a leader.

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